Isabella Ferrocerva

Level 14 Fashionista/Martial Artist

Name: Isabella Ferrocerva
Age: 30
Height: 5' 10" (in heels)
Weight: >:|

HP: 119
AP: 7

Defensive Trainer

Hit Points: 114
Attack: 27
Defense: 17
Special Attack: 4
Special Defense: 17
Speed: 4

(Accuracy and Attack, +1 to Defenses)

Initiative: 4
Movement: 5
Evasion: +4
Accuracy: +3

Qualities and Traits

Charming: +8
Focused: +5
Insightful: +4
Intense: +2

Skill Traits New Money, Tailor, Heartbreaker
Movement Traits -
Special Traits -

The Beautiful Executive: "This world will become more beautiful… even if I must dirty my hands myself to prune it."

Status Menu

Orders / Moves / Feats
Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect) 1d6+1+22

Amnesia - Psychic Status - At-Will - Target Self - Buff
Effect: The user gains the Amnesia Buff. While they have Amnesia the user gains a +6 bonus to their Special Defense and +2 bonus to Save Checks. The user may expend this buff as a free action at any time to cure themselves of a Mental Status Affliction.

Karate Chop - Fighting Physical - At-Will - AC 3 - DB 3 - Melee, 1 Target
Effect: Karate Chop is a Critical Hit on 17+. 3d6+3+22

Roughhouse - Normal Physical - EOT - AC 3 - DB1 - Melee, 1 Target
Effect: After you resolve Roughhouse, you may initiate a grapple, push, or trip maneuver for free. 1d6+1+22

Counter - Fighting Physical - Scene x2 - Reaction, Trigger
Effect: Counter may be used as a Reaction when the user is hit by a damaging attack from an adjacent foe. Resolve the Triggering Attack, with Counter’s user resisting the attack one step further. After the attack is resolved, if Counter’s user was not Fainted, the triggering foe then loses Hit Points equal to the amount of Hit Points lost by the user from the triggering attack. Note that Counter is Physical, and while it cannot miss, it cannot hit targets immune to Fighting-Type Moves.

Submission - Fighting Physical - EOT - AC 5 - DB 2 - Melee, 3 Targets - Recoil
Effect: If you target two foes with Submission, it gains a +1 DB Bonus. If you target only one foe with Submission, it gains a +2 DB bonus and Smite. 2d6+6+22, 3d6+3+22, or 4d6+4+22

Mega Kick - Normal Physical - Scene x2 - AC 5 - DB 6 - Melee, 1 Target - Smite
Effect: The target is Pushed 2 meters away from the user.

Fauststurm - Fighting Physical - Scene x2 - AC 3 - DB 6 - Melee, 1 Target - Smite
Effect: Both the user and the target take a -10 penalty to damage rolls for 1 round.


Ability: Discipline
Scene x1 – Free Action
Effect: The user may activate this Ability at any time to cure themselves of Confusion, Infatuation, Rage, Sleep, or Suppression. If the user removes one of these afflictions, they gain a +2 Bonus on their next Accuracy Roll.

Features and Traits

Runway Director - Base Talent
At-Will - Order
Target: Your Pokemon
Effect: Choose a Accessory Item you have equipped. The target gains the effects of the chosen Accessory instead of you for the rest of the round.
Bonus: Your may wear and benefit from two Accessory Items at once. However if both items grant the same type of bonus, they do not stack and only the highest applies.

Members Club - Base Talent
Effect: Your Pokemon cannot have their Accessory Items disarmed or disabled by foe’s Moves, Abilities, or other effects. Additionally, you gain 1 Accessory Credit each downtime. Accessory Credits can be spent as Wealth to purchase Accessory Items.

Fashion Fury - Capstone Talent
1 AP – Order
Target: Self or your Pokemon
Effect: The target gains the Fashion Fury buff. This Buff grants a +1 Bonus to Evasion, and can be expended at any time to double all Bonuses and Penalties the user is receiving from a single Accessory Item until the end of the following round. (This does does stack with the Move Deluxe Sweep).

Martial Artist - Base Talent
Effect: You gain the Combat Training Feature, and the Discipline Ability. You also learn Moves based on your Tier. Unlike Pokemon, Trainers may know any number of Moves.
Tier 1: Amnesia, Karate Chop, & Roughhouse
Tier 2: Counter & Submission
Tier 3: Mega Kick
Tier 4: Fauststurm

Smash Sisters - Base Talent
Effect: Whenever your Pokemon uses a Standard Action, you may spend a Minor Action to gain the Focused Buff. Your Pokemon may use a Minor Action during your turn to trade spaces with you (if adjacent) or with an adjacent Marked foe.

While you have the Focused Buff, you gain a +2 bonus to Critical Hit Range. You may expend the Focused Buff when you hit an adjacent foe with a damaging Attack to Mark and Provoke that target for 1 full round.

Tag Team Beatdown - Capstone Talent
Scene x2 - Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokemon hits a Marked Foe with a damaging attack
Effect: You may Disengage 1 and then use Roughhouse against the Marked foe as a free action. If the attack hits, the combat maneuver you initiate with Roughhouse automatically succeeds.

Scene x1 - Minor Action, Interrupt
Effect: You Wink at a target that can see you. They gain your choice of 1 Boon or 1 Bane to their next d20 Roll.

Sudden Sabotage Prerequisites: None
2 AP - Special
Effect: Your Pokemon may activate Sudden Sabotage to either use a Status-Class Move with Priority, or during their turn to use a Status Class Move as a Minor Action instead of a Standard Action . A Pokemon can activate Sudden Sabotage only once per Scene.

Flashback Purchase
Effect: At the start of each Downtime Phase, you get 3 ‘Supply Points’. You may spend Supply Points at any point as if they were Coin to “purchase” Travel Items of your choice from the Medicine and Combat Consumables categories, and declare you’ve had them all along.

Innovation Prerequisites: Tier 2
Effect: Each Camp or Downtime phase, you may select one of your Pokemon and one of their Moves. Apply an Innovation effect to the chosen move from the Innovation chart. A Pokemon may have only one Innovation Move at a time; choosing a new Move removes any previous Innovation effects. Rename the Move after applying innovation, though mechanically it still counts as its base move.

Ephemeral Training Prerequisites: Tier 3
Effect: Your Pokemon may learn 6 Moves instead of 5.

Not Yet! Prerequisites: Tier 2
Scene x1 – Free Action
Trigger: Your Pokémon becomes Fainted
Effect: Your Pokemon takes one more turn before collapsing. After this bonus turn resolves, they immediately become Fainted (even if during this extra turn your Pokemon was able to heal).

Guidance Prerequisites: Tier 3
Effect: Your Pokemon may learn 6 Moves instead of 5.

Combat Training
Effect: You gain +5 HP and +2 to Attack (or Special Attack). When you level up, you gain +1 more to HP and Attack (or Special Attack); this is retroactive.

New Money
Effect: You gain the “New Money” Trait, which reflects a recent uplifting in the upper echelons of society. You know how to fit in and talk to the rich and powerful, and may have access others don’t.

Effect: Each Downtime Phase, you gain either +1 additional Wealth or +3 additional SP.

Effect: You gain the “Heartbreaker” Trait, which allows you to excel when you flirt and seduce others or when you just need to look beautiful.
Friends of Friends
Effect: Each Downtime Phase, you can automatically find a contact of yours to do you a favor - this can be gathering information about a topic, spreading news through the region, setting up an event for you, etc.


Equipment Effect
Hand Reinforced Gloves Move: One-Two Punch - EoT - Normal - AC 4 - DB2 - Physical - Melee, 2 Targets - If you only target one foe with One-Two Punch, One-Two Punch gains the Double Strike keyword, and gets an additional +1 DB bonus if both attacks hit.
Accessory Expert Belt The user gains a +8 Bonus to Damage Rolls with Super-Effective attacks, but -4 penalty otherwise. These changes are calculated before type-effectiveness.
Accessory Knuckle Charm Knuckle Charm: The user may activate this item once per Scene when hitting with a damaging Fighting-Type Move to cause the next damaging attack against that foe to deal +2d6 damage.
Wealth 3P
=Accessory Credits 1

Loadout (2/2 SP)

Permanent Gear

Consumable Items

4 Potions

2 Camp Supplies


Overland 7
Skill Trait
Charming 9
Subtle 4
Quick 5

Peitho, Female Pheromosa Type: Bug/Fighting Held Item: Knuckle Charm (Knuckle Charm: The user may activate this item once per Scene when hitting with a damaging Fighting-Type Move to cause the next damaging attack against that foe to deal +2d6 damage. )
Level 14, Tier 4 HP: 100/100 Evasion: +7 Accuracy: +2 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect

Ability: Accelerate
Scene x2 - Standard Action, Priority
Effect: The user may activate a damaging Move to which they add STAB with Priority. If the Move hits, the user adds double their Speed Stat to the Damage Roll. If the Move already had Priority, the attack adds triple their Speed Stat to the Damage Roll instead.

Ability: Beast Boost
At-Will - Free Action
Trigger: You KO a foe
Effect: Gain a +3 to your highest non-hp stat for the rest of the Scene. This stacks with itself. If stats are tied, you may pick whichever to boost.

Beauty Aura (Peitho, the Anticipation of Beauty)
At-Will - Free Action
Trigger: An Ally misses an attack on an enemy.
Effect: The enemy is Flustered and takes a -10 to damage for the next round. Limit to once per round.

Balanced Mixed Attacker
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 14 + 16 30
Defense 5 + 11 16
Special Attack 14 +16 30
Special Defense 5 +11 16
Speed 5 +2 7

(Attack and Sp.Atk)

Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect

Power-Up Punch - Fighting Physical - At-Will - AC 3 - DB 1+1 - Melee, 1 Target
Effect: The user gains the Powered Buff. This Buff may be expended when rolling damage on a Physical Move to add a +10 bonus.

Bug Buzz - Bug Special - Scene x2 - AC 3 - DB 5+1 - Cone 2 or Close Blast 2 - Sonic, Smite
Effect: The targets become Vulnerable for the rest of the round.

Devil’s Bargain - Dark Versatile - Scene x2 - AC 3 - DB 3 - Melee, 1 Target - Smite
Effect: The user adds both their Attack and Special Attack to Devil’s Bargain, and the target subtracts their lower Defense. The user then loses hit points equal to the lesser of their attack or special attack stat.

Silver Ascent - Bug Special - Scene x1 - AC 7 - DB 7+1 - Burst 1 - Smite
Effect: If the user is Shaken when Silver Ascent is used, then the user cannot take damage until the beginning of their next turn.

Heart Stopper - Fighting Physical - Scene - AC 4 - DB7 - Reliable - Effect: The target becomes infatuated with the user. The user gains the Gorgeous status. The Gorgeous status grants +2 evasion and a +2 to crit range, and may be expended to use Power-Up Punch as a Minor Action.


Battle Song (Battle Cry) - Fighting Status - Scene x1 - Target: Self - Move Action
Effect: The user and up to two allies within 10 meters each gain a +8 Bonus to Damage Rolls and a +3 Bonus to Critical Hit range for 1 round.
Innovation: Game Changer. The first time this Move is used in a Scene, the user may then immediately use an At-Will Frequency Move as a Minor Action.

Deluxe Sweep - Fairy Physical - At-Will - AC 3 - DB 2 - Pass or Melee, 1 Target
Effect: When resolving this attack, damage, and all effects, the user doubles all bonuses and penalties gained from its Accessory Item that apply to the usage of this Move, if any.

Mixed Attacker: Whenever the user chooses between Attack and Special Attack for a Stat Advance, they take both.

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