Level 2 Seeker

Name: Castor Isengrim
Age: 21

HP: 28/28
Armor Class (Light): 17
Physical Defense: 14
Mental Defense: 13
Initiative: +8
Recoveries: 8/8
Recovery Dice: 2d8+1

Attribute Stat Mod Mod + Level
STR 8 -1 +1
DEX 19 +4 +6
CON 12 +1 +3
INT 13 +1 +3
WIS 15 +2 +4
CHA 8 -1 +1

Weapon Attacks

Attack Type Hit Damage Miss
Prototype Rifle +6 vs AC 2d10+4 2
Cavalry Saber +1 vs AC 2d6-1 0


Background Description Value
Seeker "I gotta find out who killed me Da." 5
Survivalist "Please don't eat that." 4
Nobility "Not int'rested in all that rot though." 2
Mage-Technician "Yeh, schoolin' didn' quite work out." 1
Shaman "All us Khin know the basics. It's important." 1


Icon Description Value
Jin Empire "The Empire was Da's deal, not mine." Conflicted (2)
Demon King "They ought best stay away…" Negative (1)
Unique Thing: "Me Da' left me a blueprint. Of what, I don't rightly know."

Trick Shots

Precision Strike (Even Miss)
Effect: Reroll the triggering attack roll and use the higher result. If the attack still misses, you deal no damage.

Twinned Shot (11+ Hit)
Effect: Deal half damage to the target, and the same amount to another enemy in a group with the original target.

Follow Up Strike (16+ Hit)
Effect: Make another basic attack against the target, dealing half damage on a hit.

Spirit Magic (2/2)

Cloak of Thorns: When not engaged, gain a +4 bonus to AC/PD until the end of the battle, or until you start your turn engaged.
Keen Hunter: After you hit with an attack, one target you hit is vulnerable until the end of your next turn.
Bloodletting: After using a recovery, gain a +2 attack bonus until the end of your next turn with your Bond Weapon.
Unending Search: Reroll a skill check that uses the Seeker background when you roll a natural 5 or lower.
Vengeful Spirit: After your quarry hits you, gain a bonus to damage equal to your level times 2 and the times it has hit you.
Paint the Bullseye: After resolving Precision Strike, allies gain a +2 attack bonus against the target until your next turn.
Timber: After using Twinned Shot, a third enemy in the same group also takes that damage.
No Mercy: After using Follow Up Strike, you can reroll each damage die once, taking the higher roll.


Magical Items
1 - 6 -
2 - 7 -
3 - 8 -
4 - 9 -
5 - 10 -
Gold 385g

Feat Tracker

Seeker of Truth: Seeker of Truth, Seeker is also relevant on checks to detect deception of any kind (including illusions, magical otherwise), lies of omission, and blatant falsehoods.
Cunning Stalker: Your bonuses against your quarry increase by +1 if no ally has attacked it since the start of the round. Your quarry cannot hide or take cover from you, short of becoming invisible, and even then you always have at least a general sense of its location.

Talents and Abilities

Survival of the Fittest: At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result.
Bloodbound Weapon: Gain various effects related to your Bonded Weapon.
Seeker of Truth: You gain the Seeker background at +5.
Cunning Stalker: Once per battle you can designate one non-mook as your quarry. Your crit range increases by 2, and you gain a +2 bonus to attacks against it. While your quarry is present and conscious, you have a -4 penalty on attacks that don’t target your quarry.

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