Italian Village (And Surrounding Environs)

This is your base of operations for the foreseeable future. It is a small Italian village in the middle of a thick wood.

You can see that the northern mountain range stretches all the way to the east and the west as far as the eye can see.

Mew has used his psychic powers to give you a more complete overview of the area. There are two points of interest that he can't quite get a handle on. One to the northeast and one to the southwest across the bridge.

Over There Daily Schedule:

Your Training has at least prepared you for some basic survival skills. You are stuck behind enemy territory. Your CO would insist upon establishing a base of operations, and then spending time fortifying that base. You've got enough food to hold you over, and you are educated enough to know that most pokemon do not like to cross open country during the day. You figure that most of the attacks will come at night. That leaves you with the morning, noon, and evening to work before the next attack comes at night.

So, in each slot, morning, noon, or night, you have a few things that you can do to help out. Here are some options:

Once you've decided which building or area of town will be your base, you may want to fortify it. You scavenge materials from the nearby buildings, such as scrap wood, furniture, or pieces of the houses themselves to build a barricade. To make an effective fortification, at least 3 people must work for 1 timeslot, or 1 person must work for 3 time slots, or 2 people for 2 time slots.
Fortifying the base will ensure your safety for at least a few days. Small attacks will be turned aside completely, but larger attacks will tax your barricade. You may want to…

With a barricade well in hand, one person can spend two timeslots to repair the Barricade. This strengthens your defenses and ensures that you won't be taken by surprise in the night. However, remember that sufficiently strong pokemon might be able to simply bust your wall down…

Pick a direction. You scout around in that direction. You may declare one, two, or three timeslots on this, and this will allow you to scout farther. You will be able to gather information and map-data about what's in that direction. Be careful, however. You are heading into enemy territory. If you can't be stealthy, or at least strong enough to take care of yourself, it may be better to stay in camp. There is safety in numbers, naturally, but you cover less ground that way. After however many timeslots you've declared, you return to camp and explain to the others (Or you don't. I don't know your life) what you saw, if anything.

Pick an area and head out that way to hunt. You can either hunt pokemon for food, or, perhaps, capture pokemon to bolster your ranks. However, those pokemon you captured don't look too happy. But will all pokemon mistrust humans? Celebi seems to like you guys, perhaps there are other allies you could find…? You require one timeslot to do this.

Scavenge for supplies in the town. Pick a building you haven't explored and spend a timeslot exploring it top to bottom. This will give you access to whatever is left in the town.

There are Trubbish, Koffing, Grimer, and Gulpin in these buildings! They seem happy to see humans, since they are species that thrived off of human pollution and garbage. Perhaps they'll want to help you.

This is war. If you find out where one of the four "Generals" are, or where you can find an ally of theirs, you can gather your posse and attack. You can attack with as many players as you like, but it might be smart to make sure all five of you are available.

Your set traps outside of camp to deter larger swarms. Lowers the size of that evening's swarm, but they have to be reset every day. The hunting lodge only has enough for 10 days from when you found them on day 2.

With the exception of Mounting an Attack and Scouting, and perhaps Hunting, these are functions of gameplay. They don't generally need to be role played beyond "And then you repaired the wall and it took all morning." While out hunting or scouting, you might be asked to make stealth or survival checks, and mounting an attack will cause the story to progress no matter what you end up attacking.

Other options may become unlocked as you go along. Explore, Defend yourself, and come out of this nightmare alive.

Safe Areas

You've done fairly well securing large sections of the map so far. A few areas are now designated "Safe" areas. Naturally, this doesn't mean you can wander through there willy-nilly. It simply means there is no military presence by one of the generals there. There could still be wild pokemon, of course, and stragglers from the defeated armies, but you won't be in active danger while wandering those areas.

Current Safe Areas:

  • The Town
  • Town Ruins
  • Fishing Shack
  • Terrakion's Cave
  • Virizion's Grove and surrounding forest
  • Shaymin's Grotto
  • Western Woods

Current Unsafe Areas:

  • Horror Beedrills
  • Far-east woods

Side Quests

Day 5

COMEPLETETown Ruins: Did that tree just shiver?
While there was no attack in the night, you did notice some movement to the east in the ruined town. However there's nothing but trees out there. Investigate?
Time: 1 time slot
Reward: Experience, and perhaps a new friend?

Fishing Shack: Repair the Old Bridge
The ruined bridge by the fishing shack looks like it's been purposefully destroyed. Perhaps there's something past it. However, there's no telling whether whatever destroyed it will come back.
Time: 4 time slots (They don't have to be consecutive)
Reward: Experience, a new area?

COMPLETETerrakion's Base: Clear out the Paras infestation
The Paras' and Parasect hoard is guarding those mushrooms. According to Karsten, the mushrooms could be invaluable to teaching pokemon new abilities.
Time: 1 time slot
Reward: Experience, TMs

Shaymin's Grotto: Everyday's Great at Your…
Shaymin is friendly, or at least civil. However, he did just lose his friend. He may be lonely, or have stuff for you to do.
Time: 1 time slot
Reward: a little experience, more quests?

COMPLETE The Town: New Stock Available
After last night's sleep, you get the feeling that you heard something strange in your dreams. It's probably Giratina. Perhaps he's got something for you to do for him?
Time: 1 time slot
Reward: New options in Giratina's store, Experience

Day 8

Horror Beedrills: Long Live The Queen
The Jewel Beedrills are breeding out of control in the east woods, owing to the fact that they've allied themselves with the Sacred Swords. According to Mew, He saw a Combee hive out in the east that appears to be in dire trouble!
Time: 1 time slot
Reward: Experience, perhaps some new friends?

Western Woods I Dunno!
There appears to be… singing… coming from the western woods. You can also hear bells, and you can see a preponderance of shooting stars in the sky at night. Perhaps there's something going on.
Time: 1 time slot (Evening only)
Reward: I dunno! :D


Unlike the above game play functions, I will not ask you to keep track of instances of Roleplaying. You can be assumed to make time to have conversations with your fellow PCs or with a friendly NPC (Like Celebi) as a free action and don't have to put it own on your daily schedule. However, even if you want the conversation to be private among you and another PC, I still need to see logs at the very least.

Giratina has… agreed to let some things go, but only in exchange for some useless items, such as those slips of useless paper perhaps? Buying from Giratina does not cost a time slot, but you can only buy one thing. Also, beware of spending too much.

Pokemon Up for Grabs

The following pokemon have become attached to the village. They will hang around, and are friendly towards you. If you want to own them, they are willing to join someone's team.

Cubone - Charlie caught a Cubone when he still believed that he was real. The Cubone and Charlie got attached. Now that Charlie is gone, the Cubone doesn't want to leave you guys behind. The Cubone is level 25, male, but will only answer to the name Hamlet.
Kirlia - (CLAIMED BY ELSA) A Kirlia you rescued from a Jewel beedrill's nest. She is female, level 25, and is thankful that you helped her. Elsa's pokemon saved her, so Elsa gets first pick if multiple people want her.
Gloom (CLAIMED BY KARSTEN)- A Gloom you rescued from a Jewel beedrill's nest. She is female, level 25, and smells a bit like a corpse. However, you know Glooms can be trained to smell better. Karsten rescued the Gloom, so Karsten gets first pick if multiple people want her.

Charlie's Bag of Rocks

Charlie left you guys a bag full of precious stones that he had gathered. First come first serve. Tell me which stone you would like if you want one.

Fire Stone (Claimed by Elsa)
Leaf stone
Sun stone
Dusk stone (claimed by Elsa)
Dawn Stone
Hard Stone
Oval Stone
Fire Gem
Water Gem
Flying Gem
Bug Gem
Fighting Gem
Grass Gem
Normal Gem
Ground Gem
Rock Gem
Dragon Gem
Poison Gem
Ice Gem
Electric Gem
Psychic Gem
Dark Gem
Steel Gem
Metal Coat
Soft Sand

TM Mushrooms

You have the following Mushrooms. Upon eating one, your pokemon will trip out for one hour, and upon waking, will know a random move from their TM or Tutor movelist of that type.

Normal x 5
Fire x 4 (One eaten by Karsten's Maus)
Fighting x 5
Water x 4 (One eaten by Cait's Aqua)
Flying x 4 (One eaten by Pidgeotto)
Grass x 5 (One eaten by mew)
Poison x 4 (one eaten by mew)
Electric x 1 (Three Eaten by Elsa's Jolteon, one by Rudiger's Drifloon)
Ground x 5
Psychic x 4 (One eaten by mew)
Rock x 5
Ice x 4 (One eaten by Mew)
Bug x 5
Dragon x 4 (One eaten by Rudiger's Char)
Ghost x 5
Dark x 5
Steel x 5

Time Magic

Mew, using the power of the Adamant Orbs, is able to use his limited time powers to bring forth one pokemon from the team of a Playable Character that existed in Wildwestmons, or will exist in SpoinksInSpace. I require you to have permission from the original PC to use their pokemon, and it's up to Aeros whether this has far-reaching consequences in the ongoing spacegame.

You may only summon them during the evening and night, so it might be good to summon them for a particularly difficult battle if you know it's going to happen in the evening. In the morning, they disappear.

Pokemon may not have experience applied to them and lost health does not carry over when they are summoned multiple times. Mew has ensured that they will be at least loyalty 2 by explaining the stakes to them. They are exactly as their trainer left them. They may or may not retain memories of the night they were summoned, but multiple summonings will cement the memory further.

Your choices are:

Bruce: A wounded, hotheaded scotsman (Happymancer)
Edmund: A young man collecting pokemon for his family's collection (Aeros)
Charlotte: A vaudeville performer with a hidden past (Anise)
Twig: A native american mystic with a knack for storytelling (Paradox)
Rex: A Texas Ranger with an unerring sense of justice (Kain) - everyone's up for grabs though your mileage may vary.
Viktor: A German ghost ace and paranormal expert in the process of negotiating his soul with Giratina (DamienLunas)
Leo: A serious young medic conscripted into a futuristic army (KamenWriter - Permission granted) -
Sam: A trainee ranger who is unsure of herself (Happymancer)
Teresa: A glamorous psychic with a mean streak (Gorbash)
Kazuma: A hotheaded boy with a love of machines (Anise)
Tom: A career military man caught between his duty and what he feels is right (DamienLunas)

If you are one of the above PCs, please compile your pokemon into a pastebin and put it by your character, and give a little word as to whether players are allowed to take advantage of your pokemon.

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