Name: Ivan Ivanovich
Age: 17
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135lbs
Likes: Reading, Learning, Meeting New People,
Dislikes: Geniuses,


Aspect Defense Hit Points
Combat 1 4
Social 1 5
Magic 1 5
Command 0 3

Skills: Necromancy, Forbidden Knowledge, Princely Disposition

Origin: Predominance

It doesn't pay to be second best, and few know this fact quite as well as Ivan. Named after his famous ancestor, Ivan was groomed from birth with the understanding that he would eventually come to claim the family's Magic Crest for his own and to that end was burdened with the task of proving the Ivanovich name to the magical world at large. Ivan was not the first son bore of his father's loins but rather, the first one to survive. Confident and charming, Ivan accepted his duties with a grace befitting a Magus family's heir, assured that his every endeavor would place him closer and closer to his family's goal.


Assassin of Red


Name: Koschei the Deathless
Source: Russian Folklore


Parameter Rank
Strength B
Endurance A+
Agility D
Mana B+
Luck D
Noble Phantasm -

Skills: Disengagement, Living Corpse, Theft

Noble Phantasm(s)

Smert' Koshcheya
The Death of Koschei the Immortal
Smert' Koshcheya, The Death of Koschei
Assassin has removed the concept of death from his own existence, sealing it in the form of a golden needle. As long as the needle exists, Assassin cannot truly be killed. Whenever Assassin or his Magus would be reduced to 0 or fewer Combat Hit Points, their Combat HP is set to 0 and Assassin is removed from play - his Magus loses access to his Skills and abilities. Further Combat damage sends the duo into the negatives but does not kill them. The next day, Assassin returns to play and the duo recovers a number of Combat HP equal to their max plus 1 for every Magic HP spent at the same time. If they are still negative, the needle breaks and Assassin dies.

The Treasured Sword of Steel
Also known as the Hidden Sword of Heroes. When attacking an unware target, spend 1 MP to ignore the target's Defense. If an NP is activated in response to Kladenets, Assassin still deals at least 1 Damage.

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