Name: Juri
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Refuses to comment
Hometown: Navi Town
Starter: Serene, female Ralts


A somewhat short, shy 16-year-old girl, clearly unconfident, nervous, and clumsy. Hair and eyes are a dark blue, and wears a lab coat when on the job at Professor Ascella's lab. Usually not seen without her thin-rimmed glasses.


Juri, a 16-year-old native of Navi Town, works as a research assistant at the local lab headed by Professor Bethania Ascella. Usually shy, she has dreams of going out on her own and excelling as a Trainer, though her lack of confidence keeps her from so much as asking for permission to leave.

As the daughter of a former Trainer of some renown, Juri was nearly pushed to leave home by recollections of her mother's stories of furious double battles, heated Gym matches, and experiences at the thrilling Asteri Conference and Corona Championship, though her fears held her back. Her mother insists that her child is a unique snowflake, resulting in Juri's strangely-changed name, and her father died when she was young, with her mother rarely speaking of him.

Despite her lack of initiative, Juri is quite smart and perceptive for a girl her age, and is actually fairly knowledgeable about Pokemon due to both time spent as one of Professor Ascella's assistants (mostly for Pokemon behavioral science) and an avid watcher of Pokemon-related events, specifically when gauging the battling capabilities and special moves of species.

Perhaps she'll soon stop fantasizing, staring endlessly at the posters of powerful Pokemon and skilled trainers within her room, paying close attention to the battles on radio and television - and eventually act. Maybe then, the heat of battle will melt away those spectres - and there's definitely a hidden spark ready to light that fire.


Class/Level: Researcher 1 (Intended path: Researcher/Ace Trainer)

EXP: 165
HP: 55/55

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 8

Pokemon indexed: 16
Pokemon caught: 2


Walking Encyclopedia: Researcher Feature
Target: Anything related to knowledge you are allowed to look up.
Effect: You know Pokemon data, relating to Pokemon in your Pokedex, about move sets, type, type advantage, evolution methods, abilities, height, weight, and location. You have immediate access to all information a Pokedex would grant.

Frantic Research: Researcher Feature
Daily – Every 5 levels gained, you may perform this Class Feature another time per day.
Target: Any Pokemon.
Effect: Roll d20 and add your INT and WIS modifiers to the roll. If you roll higher than 15, you learn what level the Pokemon is.


1910 cash
Poke Ball (2)
Great Ball (1)
Potion (3)
Attractant (1)
Running shoes
White box

Book (2)


Vincent - lent 10P for book



Ralts - Female

Level: 9
Experience: 760
HP: 33/33
Stab Dice: 1d4
Ability: Synchronize (undecided)
Nature: Modest (+2 SpAtk, -2 Atk)
Physical Evasion Bonus: 1
Special Evasion Bonus: 1
IVs: 1 HP, 0 ATK, 1 DEF, 2 SPATK, 1 SPDEF, 1 SPD
Spacing: SpAtk > SpDef > Speed > HP > Def > Atk


HP 3 (1) +1 5
Attack 1 (0) 0 1
Defense 3 (1) +2 6
Sp. Attack 7 (2) +2 11
Sp. Defense 4 (1) +2 7
Speed 4 (1) +2 7


Ability Value NOTES
Land Speed 3 6 m/round, 10 mph
Sky Speed 0 can't fly
Burrow Speed 0 can't burrow
U. Water Speed 0 can't swim
Surface Water Speed 2 3 m/round, 4 mph
Jump 2 6 ft
Power 1 10 lbs
Intelligence 4 Normal - can build, use tools

Miscellaneous Capabilities:

Telekinetic: Telekinetic Pokemon can move objects with their mind. They can lift things that are lighter then their level multiplied by 5 pounds or 2.5 grams. They can target objects up to X meters away, where X is the Pokemon’s level.

Telepath: A Telepathic Pokemon can read the minds of people and other Pokemon. If a person is Telepathic as well, the Telepathic Pokemon can project their thoughts to said Telepath. The Pokemon can only read surface thoughts. The Pokemon cannot read the minds of another Pokemon whose Intelligence is two ranks below or two ranks higher than their own.

**Ability: Synchronize:
Trigger - Hourly
When a foe Paralyzes, Freezes, Burns, Poisons, or puts the pokemon with Synchronize to Sleep, the foe is given the same Status effect they inflicted.
Overworld - Cast - Daily
A wild pokemon’s Nature is changed to match the user’s Nature, permanently.

Natural Moves:

Name - Type - Frequency - Dice - Range - Effect/Notes

Confusion – Psychic - At-Will – 2 - 4d6 - Ranged - One target, confuses the foe on a 19-20 on the accuracy check.
Growl - Normal - At-Will - 2- Ranged - One target, reduces their Attack by 1 Combat Stage.

TM Moves:

Name - Type - Frequency - Dice - Range - Effect/Notes


Torchic - Male
Type: Fire

Level: 7
Experience: 345 (next level at 510)

HP: 29/29
Stab Dice: 1d4
Ability: Rivalry
Nature: Serious
Physical Evasion Bonus: 1
Special Evasion Bonus: 1
IVs: 0/2/2/2/1/2


HP 5 0 0 5
Attack 6 2 3 11
Defense 4 2 0 6
Sp. Attack 6 2 3 11
Sp. Defense 5 1 0 6
Speed 5 2 1 8


Ability Value NOTES
Land Speed cell-content cell-content
Sky Speed cell-content cell-content
Burrow Speed cell-content cell-content
U. Water Speed cell-content cell-content
Surface Water Speed cell-content cell-content
Jump cell-content cell-content
Power cell-content cell-content
Intelligence cell-content cell-content

Overland 2, Jump 1, Power 1, Intelligence 2, Sinker

Natural Moves:

Scratch - Normal - At-Will 2 - 2d10
Growl - Normal - At-Will 2 - n/a
Endure - Normal - Center None - n/a
Focus Energy - Normal - At-Will None - n/a

TM Moves:


In Storage


- Purchase book upon returning to Zosma.

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