Jojo's Bizarre Pokemon Adventure


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga series that's been written since 1987 by Hirohiko Araki about awesome people (and not-people) taking down supernatural evil beings. You, along with other chosen few, have the power to manifest a supernatural power known as Stand by psychic Specialist, while scientific researchers refer them as Pokemon.

It is scientifically unknown as to why Stand users are attracted to each other, psychic prophet would declare it is their destiny to play a major role in the world. As such, you and your companions are tasked by Professor Zap to travel across the land to find more users to help fill out their Pokedex and gathers more data on this newly emerged phenomenon. You might come across bizarre situation and possible dangers, so make good use of the unique utilization and empowerment of your stand to survive to the end!

The game focus on adventure and bizarre encounter. Not every event will end in battle, but your moves list and capability will be utilized to help resolve the situation. Trying to pull off a crazy plan requires good amount of wits and knowledge, but solving things by punching with raw prowess is also acceptable, assuming you can pass the physical check.

Pokedex lore entries are canon in this world, and expect a lot of physically impossible posing.


- We play with the PMD sourcebook homebrew found here..

- The players will start off at Pokemon Level 10 Career Level 3 with one egg move. They will have 5,000 poke to spend on equipment to start.

- You control one human, and you can manifest a guardian-like spirit known as Pokemon instantaneously. Mechanically, you play your character like a pokemon with fluff on how you do it in a human body or from your Pokemon. You will be using the Pokemon's stat as if you are the Pokemon. Any display of non-human capability will be attributed to your Stand's manifestation of power. For example, your Sky movement capability of 3 might be due to your Stand lifting you up, while a Sky 8 could mean you got wings.

- I need to have a chat with you on what extra ability you get base on the Pokemon's lore and how you will fluff your power. Your power should be consistent with the rules you and I decided. For example, if you can use flamethrower from your human side, then we need to decide if the flame come from your mouth or elsewhere.

- Rename Aura to Hamon. It's an natural energy that provide alternate power beside stands. They can do wonderful things if you bother to master it.

- All classes in 1.05.

- Expect stuff to change over time with updates and bug fixes.

- Everyone starts with one free [Training] Feature.

- Contest will be fluffed into boss-battle like mechanic. It will be explained when the time come.

- Bonus team XP on appropriate use of "HOLY SHIIIIIT!", "OH! MY! GOOOOOOOOOD!", or other proper exclamation per session.

- As with the series, Rule of Awesome overrules physic and game rules at GM discretion. Bleeding and external wound might be greatly EXAGGERATED.

- No spoiler beyond the current anime episode (Stardust Crusader). I am still watching it.

Time and Place

- I am available 7pm - 12am est from Tuesday to Sunday. Actual time will be decided by players' availability.
- This is an IRC game with occasional Roll20 or Maptool.

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