Jonah "Fuzzy" Dashing

Available days: Wednesdays/Thursdays

Character Info

Loves: Explosions, Books, Fire, Rockets

Hates: Cats, Cold Weather, People putting his fires out, The Man, Not Explosions

Instrument?: Drums

Motivation: He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and be a rocker.


Jonah Dashing was born to Margret and Dan Dashing circa 25 years ago. His father was a musician, and the lead guitarist of the Arceus Lizards, while his mother was a Librarian. His father was known for his wild antics while playing, and giving him the nickname "Dynamite" for his crazy antics and explosive personality. Due to his name, fans called him "Triple DDD's." Jonah's Mother tried to raise him to avoid the his father's antics, and for the most part it was successful until the ripe old age of 4, when his father set up a … few fireworks for his birthday party. There was an error, and BANG! Explosion that singed most of the hair on Jonah's body. Jonah realized that he had an odd infatuation with fire soon afterwards; almost an affinity to it. This also was where he got his nickname, because the hair that grow back was short, making him feel like a peach.

As he grew up, he began to notice he could do odd telepathic things, which surprised his parents at first. Tragedy struck when he made 15 years of age. His father, after a long night of partying, was killed in a car accident. His father left him a pokeball; a voltorb he had dyed red. Taking his voltorb with him, Jonah made a rag-tag band he called "Nocturnowl." Though not really making it to the public eye, the did hold a venue in the desert. It was cold, and the band had a horrible turnout. Jonah did attractive one real fan though; a numel. Jokingly, Jonah named it "Mr. Humpy," then soon after found out it was a girl. It has followed him ever since then.


Jonah is a prankster. He is known for his crazy antics, involving blowing up his drums, or other band mates' instruments, or even the speakers. This has barred him from staying at most hotels in Hoenn (His region of origin). He is a bit crazy; maybe it was the fireworks incident, maybe not. But whatever the case, he seems to be a bit unstable. Though he normally has a calm, cheery demeanor, he hides an explosive temper with some alcoholic tendencies.

Trainer Info

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