v2byVOx.jpg Sandy Winters
Age: 18
Info: An active, clever, and excitable girl with an interest in geology and penchant for getting into trouble due to her insatiable curiosity. Her battling style is fast-paced and centers on strategically swapping Pokémon to her advantage. She's also a skillful artisan when working with crystal Shards and makes potent items for her Pokémon to use in battle.

Sven Lundquist
Age: 17
Info: Sven Lundquist loves coffee. He really loves coffee. He also likes feeling smart and like he's part of an exclusive group appreciating something most people cannot. In short, he's a hipster. Sven prefers Normal-Type Pokémon, viewing them as underappreciated by other Trainers and thus allowing him to feel a warm sense of smugness at his team choice. He's a pretty nice guy, despite all this.

His family lives in Dahlia now, where they run a small record shop and cafe called the Wailing Whismur, and they have a strong rivalry with their cousins who run the most famous brewery in Littlerose City - and the Pokémon Gym there as well!

NfxI9sF.png Naomi Sharp
Age: 17
Info: Naomi is cripplingly shy; she lets her brother Noah do most of the talking. Despite her withdrawn and fragile nature, she's a committed Pokemon Trainer that is hoping to compete both in the League battles and the Dueling Club. Despite her personality, her battling style is pretty outgoing and brutal - she relies on an all-out offense! The Attack and Special Attack of her Pokemon are through the roof! She's Noah's twin sister.
Noah.png Noah Sharp
Age: 17
Info: Where Naomi is shy and withdrawn, Noah is cheerful, emotive, and flamboyant! Extremely flamboyant. Like his twin sister, he's a dedicated Pokemon Battler; unlike her however, he uses a defensive style to outlast his opponents!
QLtyEZJ.png Rake
Age: 18
Info: Who is Rake, really? No one very important. Yet. But oh, he's determined to be! He doesn't have much in the way of social graces, or intelligence, or personality, or kindness, or…. well, the point is what he DOES have is an uncrushable will and a high tolerance for pain. He pushes his Pokemon partners hard, and pushes himself even harder - he'll do anything to achieve his goals.
1CwTzGY.jpg Mr. Jenks
Age: 51
Info: Gregory Jenks is a very, very eccentric man. After retiring from a long career as a voice actor, and putting all his kids through college, he started competing in the League seriously. He had always been a contender on the side, always making sure to renew his badges when their expiration dates neared, but he'd never taken it really seriously until the last few years. Now, he is often found traveling the roads of the region, looking for cryptids and honing his skills for upcoming championships.
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