Kamen Lancer Game

You are the Special Weapons and Mecha Patrol team, defenders of the Earth… or you will be some day.


Earth, North America, 2087. The world has just begun expanding its reach out into the solar system. Several colonies orbiting the earth, and stations on Mars and the Moon have joined the world as political powers in their own rights. Mars, through hundreds of years of terraforming and atmospheric conditioning, has become a breadbasket to rival the earth. However, with the power spreading out over two planets and several colonies, the need for a new peacekeeping force is beginning to rear up, using the robust Mechanical Cavalier industry to protect their turf.

Your employers and handlers, agents from the United American Coalition, have decided to give your new organization a trial run by defending a typical American city and its surrounding environs. You don't know where you're going to be assigned, but you do know there are several teams being sent all across the country. There is no particular war going on. Mars is a welcome breadbasket world, with few major cities, while most of the Earth is urban, with some farmland strewn about. The colonies between the two planets rely mostly on one or the other planet to supply them and ensure their survival and protection. Eventually, that will be your job… if the United Nations can decide whether or not such a peacekeeping force is actually necessary in this time of relative peace. That is why you have been sent to your assigned location.


Your background could be from any number of possibilities. Perhaps you had a military rank, or you used to be a police officer - or a firefighter or EMT at that. Perhaps you're simply uncommonly skilled at some task adjacent to the task of piloting a giant robot. Perhaps you were an engineer, or a programmer. Perhaps you were a martial artist or other professional athlete. Perhaps you had some kind of connection that allowed you to be forced into the program, politically or financially. Perhaps instead you were born and bred for this task, and you're simply a volunteer who had the right stuff and was in the right place at the right time. You could be from Earth, from Mars, or from the colonies. You could be human, or almost human, as long as you're willing to take an oath to defend whatever patch of land you are given.

No matter your background, fighting mecha are still a recent and very uncommon thing to see. Construction mecha, especially in space, are common enough that you've probably got some idea in your head about awkward, slow robots with big claw hands lifting cargo boxes, or small, sleek power suits used in open space to repair the outsides of colonies. During your two months to two weeks of hurried training, you went through many simulators and training exercises in low-scale, low-impact training mecha, but you've had next to no training in real, armed Cavalier mechs. That's going to change as soon as you all arrive… wherever you're going. Your superiors haven't really told you where you're on your way to.

The World:

Countries still exist and control their portions of the earth, but when dealing planet-to-planet, the United Nations has split into five coalitions: United American Coalition, Pan-African Coalition, United European Coalition, East Asian Coalition, and United Coalition of Island Nations, each of which has an elected representative from within their region to deal fairly with Mars. This council of Representatives are known as the Earth Council.

On the other side, Mars is far more monolithic. There aren't what one would call countries, and more privately owned farming corporations, which are overseen by the Mars Ethics Committee. While the Ethics committee aren't formally a government body, they do regulate and enforce practices planet-wide to keep Mars' agrarian society fair and free of corporate corruption. There isn't a constitution on Mars, but there IS a standard for ethical practices, and corps must stay within those guidelines or face harsh sanctions. The people living on Mars are protected by these ethics in exchange for being employed by the big farming corps. Mars has a near 100% employment rate, although it's unclear how much of that number is fudged. The Ethics Committee is only so big after all, and they can't monitor a whole planet at once.

In between, the space colonies serve as in-between waystations. They were initially intended to be mere in-between locations where people would travel between the two planets, but the colonies have since expanded in scope to form entire cottage industries around this transit economy, and eventually as tourist destinations in their own rights. Each Colony is technically independant, but they are so dependant on the planets for their supplies and aid to feed their populations that they're essentially bound to one or the other, depending on which one they orbit around. Each one is led more or less by its own governmental presence, and colonies are not united with one another as a cohesive faction.

The Mecha:

Mecha are large, bipedal, mobile weapons, operated by a pilot, developed as the secret weapon of the brief Inter-Coalition war which occurred many years ago, which is shrouded in mystery. All you know is that there are five big mech weapon manufacturers, one for each coalition in the UN. GMS is the most basic and richest, based in North America. They mostly make construction and civilian sector mecha, but also have a line of very efficient but not very impressive mecha. SSC, based out of Japan, is the next largest, and then ISP-Northstar from China, Harrison from Germany, and finally, Horus out of Nigeria.

The Special Weapons and Mecha Patrol team is a joint operation between all five coalitions, not just North America, and so every company in the "Big Five" is essentially competing for your patronage, therefore when you have the right to earn licenses, you may earn them from any company you so choose. There are also a number of independant contractors who might fit into niches the big five don't, but they won't necessarily have the resources to directly market to you. Keep your eyes open for anything that can help the program take off.

Player Information:

This game will most likely run either Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, probably once a week if we can manage it. I'm willing to play as early or late as people need as long as you can make the day everyone else can make, but I will want to be considerate to the other players' time commitments of course. I'm on Pacific time, and I tend to be a night owl, so you all probably have to go to bed after me anyway.

I'm looking for 3-ish players, just so I don't overwhelm myself. We will play over Discord (Text only. Sorry, I can't do voice.) using Roll20 for maps.

Pilots have all become part of the same organization, but your introduction to that organization may all be different. You may be familiar with one another, or start the game already friends, or be perfect strangers. before the first session, I'd like to have a big pow-wow session where all the players talk at least a little about their concepts. This game is going to be fairly light-hearted, so plan your character accordingly. You're a ragtag group of individuals brought together to form a crack team of specialists, so don't be afraid to be a little odd.

In the beginning, your character will be built according to the current edition of the Lancer Beta book. Scrapper is unfortunately banned unless the dev team comes out with a fix for it in 1.5.

EDIT: Change of plans. You MAY use the license trees from the Super Robot Licenses homebrew found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/58ai3dvlch394ac/LANCER_HOMEBREW_-_Super_Robot_Licenses_V0.5.pdf

Blueprints are also available for the GM's use, so watch out for that!

1.) I want to spend a day where everyone just sits around and plans out their character. Talk about possible backgrounds, coordinate builds and trait paths, and just see what everyone comes up with.
2.) Everbody build your first shitmech. In-game, this first machine has been prepared for your use, although you've never used it before. You have gone through simulations, and your loadout is customized for your preferences.

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