Hoshimachi Yuutaro

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs

Profession: Volunteer Rescue, Kamen Rider Gaea
Birthdate: Sept 19
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A+
Sexual Preference: Straight
Signature Move: Tri-Attack "Hakka Daishiran"
Contact Details: 555-9112

Description: Yuutaro normally appears wearing a white shirt, faded blue jeans, and white rubber shoes. He also wears a green jacket over his shirt. The young man has short, brown hair, mostly combed to the right, and dark brown eyes.

When in Empty Form, Gaea's suit is primarily white in color with the armor plates and helmet colored red. The colors are similar to that of a pokeball.

Personality: Yuutaro is a hard-working and serious person, doing his best to keep any promise he has made. Having lived most of his life in the country, he is still adjusting to the bustle of the city life. He may come off as naive and simple at times, but pulls off with his tenacity.

Powers: Gaea can tap into different elemental energies, manifesting themselves from "essences" of kaijuu that have resonated with him. He is able to combine two of these essences to manifest a special form featuring the best aspects of both essences and covering some of their weaknesses.

Belt: Gaea's Master Belt has a main circular interface at the center of the buckle, and two drive slots to the left and right of this interface. Simply shifting these drive slots together (clockwise and counterclockwise respectively) will result in transforming into Gaea's Empty Form. By inserting essence drives into these slots and connecting them together, Gaea can change into his various combination forms. He can also unlock and remove one of the drives to replace it with another essence drive, changing either his base or support essences this way.


Goals: Ensure the safety of the citizen of Diamond Eye City, as well as that of others visiting the city. Minimize or even nullify the casualties caused by attacks as much as he can.

Likes: ramen and warm tea drinks, wide open spaces
Dislikes: crowds, loud noises, stuck-up people

Quote: "As long as I live, I will give hope to everyone!"

Rider Affiliations: None

Theme: http://youtu.be/WTqn2jcD-oI

Insert: http://youtu.be/LGOh8boG-xg

Gives the armor a green color, with leaf-shaped armor plates on the chest, arms, legs, and shoulders when used as the base essence. The helmet has large brown eyes and covered with leaf-like scales. Only the leaf-like plates remain when used as the support essence.

Grotle Lv25
Half Damage: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water
x2 Damage: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison

Nature: Relaxed (DEF+2, SPD-2)
Ability: Leaf Guard (Trigger. Sunny- heal of Paralysis, Burn, Poison, Freeze, or Sleep)
Capabilities: Overland 5, Jump 1, Power 2, Intelligence 3, Sinker, Sprouter

HP 64/64
XP 15650/17600
Evasion: +3 vs ATT, +2 vs SATT

Base Add Total
HP 8 +5 13
ATT 9 +4 13
DEF 11 +6 17
SATT 6 +2 8
SDEF 7 +7 14
SPD 2 +0 2
Move Acquired Type Frequency AC Range Damage Effect Details
Withdraw Lv5 Water At-Will - Self - No Target DEF+1 CS
Absorb Lv9 Grass At-Will 2 Melee SATT 1d6+3 1 Target User gains HP equal to half damage dealt
Razor Leaf Lv13 Grass At-Will 4 Ranged 10 ATT 2d10+8 1 Target 18-20 AC: Critical Hit
Curse Lv17 Special EOT - Self - No Target If not Ghost type, SPD-1 CS, ATT and DEF +1 CS
Bite Lv22 Dark At-Will 2 Melee ATT 2d10+8 1 Target 15-20 AC: Flinch
Wide Guard Egg Rock Center - Self - Intercept If hit by a Move that affects multiple Targets, negate Move
Protect TM17 Normal Center - Self - Intercept If hit by a Move, negate Move

Rider City

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