Kamen Rider Rosé

*Kamen Rider Rosé*
Name: Anton Von Guillermo Poirot Esteban
AKA: Antonio, Tony, Anthony
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 150

Profession: Bon vivant, Gadfly, Cad, Man-about-town
Birthdate: September 24th
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: O
Sexual Preference: The ladies
Relationship Status: ,':3 Ask me that again.
Accent: Obscure and un-placeable
Signature Move: Sweet Scent
Contract Type: 2, so keep an air of mystery, yes?

About Me:

Enchanté, Signoras et señors. I am Anton ou Antonio Von Guillermo Poirot Esteban. The winds of victory, they smell sweet and pungent, like myself, yes?

While I am new to this, this "Diamond Eye City," I am already a child of the city. The sounds, the rhythms, the aromas, they move me. I have come to this city, with the promise of the Riders fresh upon the lips of my benefactors. The Rider group, she sees my potential, yes? She accepts me with arms wide. They see how powerful I am, how powerful I may become, and all of the people who will swoon to see me waft by on the passing wind.

I appear when needed, when no one else will appear. My calling card the beautiful petals of the rose. The only evidence of my passing, the rank stench of defeat. Evil-doers may come, and they may go, but even they may swoon upon meeting me. Especially the ladies.

So! Mes Freres! Por favor. Give me your hands in trust and adulation. I shall be the guardian the city needs. The one she deserves. The one that will hold her through the night, keep her warm, until she is safe once again.

Kamen Rider… Rosé.

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