Angry Spider Noises

Name: ~Angry Spider Noises~ AKA Anger Point
Age: Iunno, he's a baby spider, probably a few months old?
Species: Joltik
Type: Bug/Electric
Height: 0.4'' / 0.1m (Small)
Weight: 1.3 lbs. / 0.6kg (1)

Level: 8
EXP: 0/10

Evasion: +5 (+7 melee/+9 Ranged with Blender Active)

Acrobatics Adept (4) Intimidate Untrained (2)
Athletics Adept (4) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Untrained (2) Survival Adept (4)
General Master (6) Pokemon Adept (4)
Medicine Untrained (2) Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Untrained (2) ~     
Perception Expert (5) Guile Untrained (2)
Charm Untrained (2) Focus Pathetic (1)
Command Adept (4) Intuition Untrained (2)
Brave Explorer: Got the crash course in Archeological Adventure by a parent tired of his shit.
Adept: Survival Novice: General Education 
Pathetic: Focus 
Overland 8 Swimming 4
High Jump 2 Long Jump 2
Power 6 Throwing 8
Naturewalk Grassland, Forest
Threaded Threaded has a range of 6 meters. If you target an unwilling Pokémon or Trainer with threaded, Threaded requires an AC 3 Status Attack to use.
Stealth While Shifting, unless they purposely want to, Stealth Pokémon do not make any noise. Unless a Pokémon with Stealth has used a Ranged Move during the current round or the round previous, Ranged Moves may not target them if the line of sight drawn goes through Rough Terrain or if the Pokémon is on Rough Terrain.
Blender As a Shift Action, they may increase their Evasion by +2 against Melee attacks and by +4 against Ranged attacks until the end of their next turn. This Capability may be performed At-Will.

Name PP AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Spider Web 3 None Bug None Range 5, 1 target Target Stuck and Trapped
Thunder Wave 3 None Electric None Range 6, 1 target Paralysis
Giga Drain 3 -2 Grass BP8 Range 6, 1 target Drain 1/2 of damage
Electro Ball 3 -2 Electric BP6 Range 10, 1 target The user gains a bonus to damage with this attack equal to their speed ranks and the defender gains damage reduction against this attack equal to their speed ranks.
Camouflage 2 None Normal - Self Forests and grassy areas change the user into Grass- Type. Watery areas change the user into Water-Type. Caves and Mountains could change the user into Rock- Type or Ground-Type. An icy terrain would turn the user into Ice-Type. A building may change the user into Steel-Type or Normal-Type. Weather affects what Type the user becomes. Use common sense, if you are having difficult determining what type the user should become, consult the GM.
Signal Beam 2 -2 Bug BP8 Range 6, 1 target Confusion on 19+
EXTRA MOVE (Can be used through Inspired Tactician)
After You 3 None Normal None Range 6, 1 Target, Priority (Limited) After You is a Swift Action. The target takes their turn for the round immediately after the user finishes their turn, ignoring Initiative. After You may only affect a target that has not yet acted that round and can only affect willing targets.
Compound Eyes Static +3 bonus to all accuracy rolls
Unnerve At Will - Swift Action Target: A Foe within 6 meters. Effect: The target cannot gain positive Combat Stages or trade in Digestion Buffs for 1 full round.

Status Menu

HP: 47/47 PP: 20/20 Fainted: 0
Stat Base Rank Base Die Added Rank Added Die
Hit Points 2 1d6 3 2d6
Attack 2 1d6 1 2d4
Defense 2 1d6 2 1d6+1d4
Special Attack 3 1d8 5 2d8
Special Defense 2 1d6 2 1d6+1d4
Speed 3 1d8 5 2d8
Modest Nature Training


Equipment Effect
Held Item 1 Big Root Double HP drained from draining attacks.
Held Item 2 Safety Goggles Immune to Powder Keyword moves.
Body - -
Money 100P

Key Items
Consumable Items
Caltrops x 2
Pester Ball x4 (Confusion)
Vitamins Used

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