Karsten Blum

Meet the Medic

Name : Karsten Blum
Age : 19

Level 32 Medic/Botanist/Chef

The Story So Far: Born and raised in the West German town of Solingen, Karsten comes from a tight-knit family of four, including his father, Erich, his mother, Heidi, and his 15 year old sister, Klaudia. A bright-eyed and enthusiastic young man, he's always had a passion for nature and its various wonders, which, if the war hadn't broken out, would have likely lead to an interest in starting his own farm. The men in his family have a history of serving in Germany's imperial army, and Karsten is no different, having been called into the draft. Though he worries about his mother and sister now that no one's there to watch over them, he's proud to serve his country in some way, even if he is a bit of a coward at heart. He's determined to save as many lives as he can with the help of the medical training he received during basic. Poor bastard's in for a shock. He knows conversational Italian due to having relatives in Italy that his family often visited before the war broke out, and a bit of a talent for cooking.


Medic: Has a Kit with (3x400) worth of medical supplies. Can pull out a Bandage, Potion, Antidote, Paralysis Heal, Awakening, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, or Revive from this kit and use it on an ally without forfeiting their next action. Only Karsten can use his kit.

Current Stock: 2400/2400

Improved First Aid: As a Standard Action, Karsten can spend 1 AP to heal an ally an amount of HP equal to a Medicine check.

Medical Care: Allies in care heal twice as much HP during rest, heal injuries twice as fast, and they can heal an extra injury per day.

Botanist: Can grow Tier 1 and 2 Plants (Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry, Oran Berry, Persim Berry, Razz Berry
(and similar), Apricorns, Lum Berry, Sitrus Berry, Figy Berry (And similar), Liechi Berry (and similar), Enigma Berry, Lansat Berry,
Micle Berry, Tiny Mushrooms, White Herbs, Power Herbs, and Mental Herbs ) in a Portable Grower or Fertilized Soil.

Chef: Can create Candy Bars for 50, Sweet Confections for 200, Enriched Water for 40, or Super Soda Pop for 65.


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body: Great (3)
Acrobatics: Untrained (2)
Athletics: Novice (3)
Combat: Adept (4)
Intimidate: Pathetic (1)
Stealth: Untrained (2)
Survival: Novice (3)

Mind: Good (2)
Guile: Pathetic (1)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Edu: Untrained (2)
Edu: Medicine: Master (6)
Edu: Occult: Pathetic (1)
Edu: Pokemon: Master (6)

Spirit: Average (0)
Charm: Expert (5)
Command: Master (6)
Focus: Untrained (2)
Intuition: Adept (4)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 176/176
HP 34
Attack 6
Defense 15
Sp. Attack 6
Sp. Defense 15
Speed 6

Injuries: None

Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (AW AC4, Normal DB4: 1d8+5, melee)

Capabilities: Overland 5, Underwater 2, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 6
Abilities: Lunchbox
Action Points: 10/10

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 5/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Third Language (Italian), Bonus: Novice Poke Edu
Level 3: Improved First Aid (May use First Aid as a Standard)
Level 4: Basic Cooking (Can create Candy Bars for 50)
Level 5: Chef (Lunchbox Ability, Sweet Confection, Light Refreshment)
Level 6: Adept Medicine, Bonus: Adept Command
Level 7: Field Medic (1 AP - When you use First Aid, you can also use a Med Kit item)
Level 8: Expert Medicine
Level 9: Medical Expert (Can now pull out Super/Hyper Potions, Full Heals, and Full Restores)
Level 10: Novice Intuition
Level 11: Seed Bag (Can harvest Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, and Poison Powder)
Level 12: Combat Training (+1 to all Stats), Bonus: Expert Command
Level 13: Stay With Us! (Chance to save a dying target)
Level 14: Master Medicine
Level 15: Tier 3 Berries
Level 16: Adept Intuition
Level 17: Culinary Research 1 (Dry Wafer, Fruit Preserves)
Level 18: Adept Combat
Level 19: Lord of Leftovers
Level 20: Novice Command
Level 21: Sunlight Within
Level 22: Master Command
Level 23: Cheerleader
Level 24: Adept Pokemon Edu
Level 25: Now's Your Chance!
Level 26: Expert Pokemon Edu
Level 27: I Believe In You!
Level 28: Master Pokemon Edu
Level 29: Motivate
Level 30: Novice Charm
Level 31: Adept Charm
Level 32: Expert Charm


Sergeant Stripes (Terrakion down!)



Head Helmet (+15 Damage Reduction against Crits, Resist Headbutt, Zen Headbutt, can't be flinched by them.
Body Heavy Armor (10 Damage Reduction to everything, -1 Speed CS)
Main Hand Rifle?
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a


Homemade Bracelet - A simple dark green cloth bracelet with KARSTEN etched into it and some patterns resembling Pachirisu. A sort of good luck charm made for him by his younger sister, Klaudia.


A small knife
A Fork, tin plate, and a cooking pot
Strong Rope
German Uniform
Can Opener
Trench Shovel
9 days of rations
1.00 Mark
9 Pokeballs
3 Cheri berries
1 Persim berry
1 Pecha Berry
Sweet Confection x9 (Berry Jams)
Leftovers x3

Med Kit: (2400/2400 in stock)
Portable Grower (Pecha)

Basic Info, Stats and Capabilities

Timid Male Venusaur Stat Base Added Total Notes
Confidence HP 8 12 18 109/109 Max
Chlorophyll Attack 6 0 4
High Ability Defense 8 7 15 3 PhEva
Dry Wafer Sp. Atk 10 15 25
Level 45 (2875) Sp. Def 10 5 15 3 SpEva
9/9 Tutor Points Speed 10 15 25 5 AllEva
0/10 Injuries Loyalty 6 Ooh, I hope everything's gonna be okay…
Overland 6 Burrow -
Surface 3 Underwater -
Sky - Jump 1/1
Power 3 Intelligence 3

Special Capabilities: Naturewalk, Alluring

Name Specs Keywords Effect Contest

Sweet Scent, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, Solar Beam, Poison Powder, Petal Dance

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