Ranger advanced class
While the Warlords stand on high directing the battle and the Samurai fight their honorable duels one on one, the Kashira is the one out in the trenches fighting the good fight. They are natural leaders whose charismatic influence draw people towards themselves. He is beloved by those who call him “Sir,” and he in turn protects and strengthens those in his little fighting troupe.

Stat: +1 CHA
Prerequisite: Ranger, Have commanded men into battle
Base Features: Small Army, A Father To His Men

Small Army S Illegal
Effect: You have 3 NPC followers who are unerringly loyal to you. They will follow your directions without question. They do not have classes or class features, and each have HP equal to your HP minus 30, to a minimum of 30 HP. If they fight, their damage is Base damage 3. For each follower, choose two stat modifiers to place at +1. The rest of their modifiers are -1. Your followers may be given pokeballs to capture pokemon, but these pokemon remain un-statted and with blank movesets, useful only for their Capabilities. In combat, Followers and Follower's pokemon always go last. Even if more people follow you, only three people at a time count as your “Followers” for the sake of features. You may order one follower to attack per turn.

A Father To His Men TA Illegal
Daily – every 5 levels
Effect: You may make a speech to your followers as a trainer action. After your speech is done, you may choose one Stat modifier and raise that Stat modifier for all of your followers by +1 for the next two hours or the span of one encounter, whichever comes first.


Recruitment Drive Static Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Have at least one NPC more loyal to you than your current followers.
Effect: You consider one more NPC loyal to you to be one of your Followers for the purpose of features. May be taken up to three times.

Odd Jobs TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira
Daily - once for each Follower you have.
Target: A town
Effect: You may send your followers out into a town to earn some extra money for the war effort. Each follower finds a Job related to his highest stat and rolled 1d20+his highest stat modifier. Multiply the resultant number by 100. Your follower earns that much money for that day and brings it back to you.

Become Stronger TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Have at least one follower with a pokemon.
Daily - Once for each follower you have that owns pokemon.
Target: A Town with a Gym
Effect: You send your NPC companions to each challenge the Gym. You lose access to them for 24 hours unless you also challenge the gym. Roll 1d100 for each NPC companion and subtract each of their pokemon's current levels. If they roll under 40, they earned the badge at the gym, and you may raise one of their stat modifiers by 1. This does not count as you earning the badge at the gym. You may use this feature only once per Follower per gym.

The Boss Needs Help! FA Illegal
Prerequisite: Have successfully used “A father to his men” at least three times.
Daily - every 10 levels
Trigger: You are making a check.
Effect: You may have any or all of your NPC companions contribute their relevant stat modifier as a bonus to your check.

Everyone, Charge! TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Have four Followers
Target: An enemy trainer.
Effect: On your follower's turn, each of your followers will charge the target you specify. This attack only takes one accuracy check and has an AC of 5. Each follower you tell to attack will roll the damage of their Arms feature on a successful hit. Their pokemon do not participate in "Everyone, Charge!" This counts as a “Command” the same way giving a pokemon a command does, and therefore you cannot command a pokemon and use “Everyone, Charge!” in the same round.

Larry-san, Curly-kun, and Moe-chan TA Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, The Boss Needs Help!
Daily – Every 10 levels
Target: The Battlefield
Effect: You send three of your followers into the frontlines. They will clumsily bumble around, disrupting pokemon attacks and trainer actions. Every enemy on the field must roll 4 more to hit with any attack that requires an accuracy check for the rest of the encounter. However, if that attack misses by the 4 number margin from this feature, it will hit one of your followers instead. When one of your followers faints, the other two hustle him off of the field, this feature comes to an end, and you lose access to these three followers until the end of the encounter.

Cheering Section FA Legal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Larry-San, Curly-San, and Moe-Chan
Daily – Every 12 levels
Trigger: You or your pokemon make an attack.
Effect: Choose one mental stat(Int, Wis, or Cha) from each follower. Add these stat modifiers together. This number is X. Roll Xd6 and add that much onto the final damage of you or your pokemon's attack before weaknesses and resistances are applied. This feature cannot be stacked with “I Believe In You!”

Puppies of War FA Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Larry-San, Curly-San, and Moe-Chan
Daily – Every 12 levels
Trigger: You faint
Effect: Choose one Physical stat (Str, Con, or Dex) from each follower. Add these stat modifiers together. This number is X. When their Kashira faints in battle, your followers jump into the fray and instantly deal Xd6 damage against the pokemon or trainer that dealt the blow or caused the status effect which caused you to faint. Do not apply weaknesses, resistances, or stats to this damage.

Better Armaments Ex Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Everyone, Charge!
Daily – 6000 py
Trigger: In a town with a store that sells weapons
Target: ONE of your Followers
Effect: You buy a weapon that is useable only by one of your followers. This weapon's base damage is 6. Flavor this weapon however you like.

Better Protectionn S Illegal
Prerequisite: Kashira, Costs 5000 py to take for each NPC companion.
Target: Your NPC Companions
Effect: You have bought better armor for all of your NPC companions. They now apply a damage resistance of 10 to any attacks that hit them and their HP is now equal to your HP minus 20 instead of minus 30. If a new companion joins you may apply this feature to him if you have the 5000 py to spare.

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