Kimi Miyama

Basic Info

Name : Kimi
Age : 20
Height : 1.6 meters
Weight : 7.5 stone
Birthday: October 21st

Arcana: Fortune
Persona: Heimdall
Potential: 1

Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 5
Initiative: 6

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-1 -2 -3
Willpower: 1/5
Resonance: 6/14

Violence Stress
Hardened: • o o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Unnatural Stress
Hardened: • • o o o o o o o o
Failed: o o o o o

Self Stress
Hardened: • • o o o o o o o o
Failed: • o o o o

Helplessness Stress
Hardened: o o o o o o o o o o
Failed: • o o o o

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed


A young adult Japanese woman with short black hair, glasses, and a rather lean frame, Kimi tends towards extremely modest, covering clothes that show off very little skin.

Character Theme: Romancing Saga 1 - Horrible Shadow


Intelligence • • • • o
Wits • • o o o
Resolve • • o o o
Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics • • o o o
Computer • • • • o
Crafts • • • o o
Investigation • o o o o
Medicine o o o o o
Occult • o o o o
Politics o o o o o
Science o o o o o

Skill Specialties: Computer: Hacking, Game Modding. Craft: Cooking


Strength • o o o o
Dexterity • • • o o
Stamina • • o o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Athletics • • • o o
Brawl o o o o o
Drive • o o o o
Firearms o o o o o
Larceny o o o o o
Stealth o o o o o
Survival o o o o o
Weaponry o o o o o

Skill Specialties:


Presence • o o o o
Manipulation • • • o o
Composure • • • o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken o o o o o
Empathy o o o o o
Expression o o o o o
Intimidation • • o o o
Persuasion • o o o o
Socialize o o o o o
Streetwise • • o o o
Subterfuge • • o o o

Skill Specialties:



Name: Heimdall
Arcana: Fortune

Power • • • • o
Finesse • • • • o
Resistance • o o o o


  • Zio
  • Stigmata
Boneyard o o o o o
Caul o o o o o
Curse o o o o o
Marionette • o o o o
Oracle • • o o o
Rage o o o o o
Shroud o o o o o


Glasses (Heimdall's powers of perception were very important indeed in his role as a sentinel. Thus, Kimi's glasses became linked to Heimdall's legendary eyesight and hearing, and gained the power to improve her Investigations.

Merits and Flaws

Area of Expertise (Hacking) •
Eidetic Memory ••
Fast Reader •
Language (Japanese) •
Patient •
Parkour •••
Professional Training (Freelance Network Security Consultant, Contacts ••: Dorian Hamilton)


Dorian Hamilton - Member of the Met who's on temporary transfer to Glassdell to work with the police there. Kimi met him while doing penetration work for the government and actually helped uncover malicious software. Now, with Hamilton in Glassdell he's touched base with Kimi to have a contact in the city. Willing to exchange information on cybercrime.


Embarassing Secret


Rigel Laptop (Dual boot Backtrack | Windows XP) with graphics card (gaming) and onboard wifi. Along with a ridiculous amount of data encryption on the computer itself, cracking software, keyloggers and other assorted bullshit, quite a few of it having been written by Kimi herself.

Dark navy purse, containing: (Some of these might be in a jacket pocket instead)

Loose money and debit card - Not very much on hand. Like seriously, she might can grab a meal or two at McDonalds and still have subway fare, that's it.

Blackberry Electron - Pretty nice smartphone that her parents got her in 2005.

Nintendo DS (and flash cart!) - Check it out, this bitch has pirated Pokemon Pearl in goddamn Japanese.

Mace (Illegal) - Works off either a Dex+Athletics roll or a Dex+Firearms roll, with a +1 bonus in normal wind conditions, and each range category is measured in one yard. A character struck gets the Stun tilt (loses next action and halves Defense until they can next act) and takes a -3 penalty to all actions. This penalty can be reduced by one for every turn spent rinsing the eyes with water. Commercial chemicals designed to clean the eyes will fully remove the penalty after a turn. (I guess it lasts a significant amount of time if you don't flush your eyes - careful with this shit) This stuff is illegal to carry around in England but Kimi's parents live near the worst part of town. Never hurts to be prepared. Probably safe to say this only works on humans.

Persona Keyring (Zio USB, Stigmata USB (16 GB each), Velvet Room key?) - She's added some normal keys to this now. Dorm room, parents' house, back entrance to Chanoma, bottle opener.

Tarot Card/Invitation, tucked away behind a photo in a little slip of family pictures.

Folded up menu of Chanoma

Student ID/Driver's License/etc etc etc necessary documentation

Character Backstory

Kimi's parents weren't always dirt poor. Years and years ago, they were wealthy investors in Japan, but the arrival of the Lost Decade and unwise investment in real-estate caused much of their fortune to shrivel up. They took what they had and fled to England, where they managed a comfortable life for at least a bit, until their poor financial skills struck again and the dot-com bubble devoured the last of their assets. Kimi had been encouraged into 'learning computers' since moving to England, and it stuck even after the loss of their money and household. Now, her family lives on the west end of Wakefall District in a near-condemned apartment building near the edge of the Grove. She's had to learn a few different trades in order to afford her interests, and now she tries to pay her way through the expensive Konungswiche university's computer science program in hopes of reversing her family's fortune and making a healthy, wealthy salary. But life's hard, and she isn't quite making enough money to cover her tuition. What's a girl to do?

Her hobbies include video games, both playing and modding them. She's a somewhat active modder for western RPGs in particular, with the online monikor Emeral-chan; under which she submits her unofficial bug fix patches, retexts, and quest mods. The CANDY STAR arcade is her favorite locale, where she plays classics like Metal Slug, DDR, and the various racing games - though she usually avoids going during very active hours due to her crippling social anxiety - an affliction powerful enough to cause her to shun most social contact and render her mute in situations in which she must be around people. She, in fact, prefers people to think she is an actual mute, and has learned sign language in the meantime - though most of the time typing on her phone's keyboard and showing her thoughts suffices. She's also reasonably athletic, and enjoys learning free-running in some areas around the city. Sometimes, she even practices in the Grove, but is very careful to avoid agitating the residents there.

Her top skill is Hacking, a practice in which she's made quite a few pounds for herself already as a network penetration tester, but she also works at a bakery in Wakefall where she applies some practical skills like cooking and fixing the store's appliances when they break.

Goals and Aspirations

• Become filthy rich and live a comfortable lifestyle
• …Maybe do something about all that poverty in the area around my family.
• Why isn't there anyone I can bloody tolerate?
• Dig into the city's depths and navigate its mysteries. I'm looking at you, Glassdell Underground.

Explanation-Defying Situations

Social Links

Name Arcana Rank Notes
Czeslaw Maltsev The Fool ? Who are you? And… why us?
Ryoko The Empress I envy her. Time is money, after all, and she has quite a bit of money. Because of this, she has the spare time that lets her pursue all of her commitments, while I have to work hard just to make payments towards my tuition… I wouldn't say I'm -jealous- though. She's been a good friend, certainly more tolerable than most other people on this campus. I continuously find myself stupefied that she can't find time to relax. She should visit more often.
Jeff The Hanged Man Oh bloody dickens why did it have to be a jock? He seems well-meaning enough but he's… huge and intimidating and FRIENDLY, like the Great Dane my parents' neighbor keeps in his apartment (against regulations, I might add!). And of course, like said Great Dane, he doesn't realize how nervous he makes me - neither of them know any better. But we're all wrapped up in this, now… Easy, Kimi. You can get through this. Just stay calm and courteous, and hope he realizes eventually or improves.
Nicholas Justice He's… not -that- bad, is he? He's avoidant, I certainly respect that. I think he and I will get along just fine. He could use a little more -sense- in his head though. Honestly, it should have been our first instinct to flee, even with these powers. We don't know how to best make use of them yet and for goodness sakes we're college students, not Final Fantasy protagonists!
Poe The Hierophant He's a talking bird! A bleeding talking bird! And it's a raven that's been living outside of Chanoma, too. Did I really not catch he was out of the ordinary til now? Well-mannered, too…
Ramita The Devil An artist graphics designer who seems rather streetwise. Works at the sex shop everyone buys gag gifts at. She seems happy with herself, but I couldn't imagine living her life. Dealing with all of those… strange people who must go in and out of there on a daily basis? How does she… Well, either way she seems alright to me.
Cassie Strength An extremely friendly musician, a bit of a hippie I think, who was reluctant to say much about herself - either because she's secretive or just hasn't done much with her life. I'm not sure we really have anything in common at all but she was considerate enough to respect my personal boundaries when she realized my aversions, so she gets points in my book. Her attitude is something our group needs, I think, even if I'm not entirely comfortable around her myself. Wonder what she'll think of Nicholas.
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