Level 14 Ranger / Commander In Sengoku

Atsuko doesn't really look like he has much of a place making war; a young man with a somewhat delicate frame, and the face of a child. Those whose eyes descend upon him will most likely be drawn to his hair, which is quite well-kept and colored an obviously unnatural silver, save a single… Strand? Bundle, would it be? Either way, it's a rather thin thing of his own naturally black hair that drops down from behind to just a bit below the waist, and looks like Atsuko went out of his way not to care for it properly. Wouldn't quite call it a ponytail, but… Well, you get the idea! Tacked onto the oft-present calm demeanor he sports, and an ever present smile devoid of any real emotion, Atsuko probably doesn't look like he'd belong anywhere near an army, let alone in any position of authority. … Well, that's just the kind of thing that happens when the plot demands it … No, that's not right… when the clan you serve under is just that strapped for human resources … Closer, but still not right… When the only other person who had expressed any interest in becoming the Daimyo was Sean Connery in Slowking form, with a senility exponent of eleventy four.

Atsuko hails from House Koketsuna, which… Doesn't really mean much of anything to anyone that isn't him. The biggest joke amongst the noble families in the Suruga Province since his ancestor, Kokestuna Masahiro, was first given rank by the Emperor, House Koketsuna really should have lost any and all influence it possessed by now. However, with the current state of affairs and the death of… Yoshimoto, was it?, the situation's turned dire, such that even members of the mess of a family like the Koketsunas were able to come into positions of power within it. Now, don't get me wrong, Atsuko has a great deal of pride in the land that he was raised in, and is honored to have a chance to serve meaningfully under it, but at the same time he and his siblings have been given a chance to restore honor to the long besmirched name of House Koketsuna, and he isn't going to allow the opportunity to simply slip away.



Reppu the Lv30 Drifblim - Companion
Kinpaku Jirou the Lv15 Nuzleaf
Fuko Tera the Lv33 Castfromhp [Only 20,000 more experience and then this thing is gonna be a MURDER MACHINE. … This is gonna be a long, PAINFUL voyage, isn't it?]
Hariken the Lv29 Vibrava - Companion

5 Owned (Castfromhp, Drifblim, Drifloon, Nuzleaf, Vibrava)

Former Companions (Lazing Their Asses Off in Castle Koketsuna)

Faurenba the Zorua
Chouwa the Girafarig

Atsuko exists in Sengoku era Japan. Like a baws!

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