My foolish father
Thought that he could contain me
He was incorrect.

Appeal of people
Ill-suits nature's anchoret
The forest, my home.

Swordsmanship? Blacksmith?
Neither professions for me.
Nor even courtship.

Father interrupts
Spiritual solitude
Isolation ends?

How could this happen?
Him a sword? Impossible.
He is not so sharp.

And yet I must aid.
He asks me to swing him: strike!
My sore arm now aches.


Basic Info, Stats and Capabilities

Gender M Stat Base Added Total Notes
Nature Proud HP 7 14 21 95 Max HP
Ability Moxie Attack 9 11 20 22 w/ STAB
High Ability Not Yet Defense 6 Physical Evasion
Held Item None Special Attack 6 w/ STAB
Level 32 Special Defense 6 Special Evasion
Met At Lv0 Speed 6 7 13 1 Status Evasion
Overland 8 Burrow
Surface 1 Underwater
Sky Jump 3
Power 4 Intelligence 3

He is a chicken
Who burns with such intense pride
Too spicy to eat.



Name Freq AC Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Focus Energy At-Will Extend crit range by 3 Cool - None - Get Ready
Ember At-Will 2 1d12+6 8m Burn 18-20 Beauty - 3d4
Double-Kick EOT 3 1d10+4 Melee Can hit twice Cool - 2d4 - Reliable
Peck At-Will 2 1d12+6 Melee Cool - 3d4 - No effect

bulk up
quick attack

Brick Break EOT 2 3d10+12 Melee Destroy Walls Beauty - 2d4 - Round Starter
Shadow Claw EOT 2 3d8+10 Melee Crit 18-20 Cute - 2d4 - Round Starter
Swords Dance EOT +2 Attack Combat Stages Beauty - None - Get Ready

500 leftover exp
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