Strange Days in Kolisa

[22:53] <WanderingBeard> Hey Bacon Tomato. How goes your game?
[22:58] <BigTentacruel> Beard, goes well, I think
[22:58] <BigTentacruel> I'm not the one to ask
[22:58] <BlendedSolosis> i'd ask me bro
[22:58] <BigTentacruel> Anise is
[22:58] <BigTentacruel> Or Blendy

A Letter Arrives

A letter arrives addressed to you. Wrapped in an innocuous cream-colored envelope, the only sign that anything might be amiss is the red ribbon tying it together.

"…It began with trembling earth. The screams of so many- men, women, children, pokemon of all kinds- all reached out into the skies where they were met by… nothing. No one who could do anything came to them. No one who could help heard their pleas.

And one by one, each scream was silenced."

- From the annals of Arthur Hemlock, 5th Orator of Zhelat, Year 511, Solseason

Dear Recipient,

If you have read the enclosed quote from Mr. Hemlock, you may have thought there to be a mistake in the citation. This year marks the 440th Solseason since our region was split from the mainland. The event Mr. Hemlock describes in his vague, enigmatic manner is something my organization believes to be soon arriving, and we would like to assure you that the quote is very real. The Orators of Zhelat are a very powerful sect, following the Wish Pokemon, Jirachi, and using powers delivered from that creature to write history before it happens.

We do not know where or when this event will take place. It may not even be a singular moment. The quote might describe a natural disaster or coming army that cannot be stopped. There is no immediate answer. What we do know is that we must investigate. We implore you to go to the town of Furrowvale. We have selected you for a reason, and, should you choose to accept the mission, you will be handsomely rewarded.

Be warned, however, that we have made preparations to ensure your cooperation, and it would be very unwise to refuse this task. A contact at Furrowvale will be keeping up with your progress, should you choose to accept and will contact you in due time.

We await your arrival.


And then?

For whatever reason, you feel compelled to follow the letter's instructions, and one way or another, you soon find yourself train-bound to Furrowvale Town, located in the Kolisa Region. Given to you is a map of the Kolisa Region, an enormous area situated on three separate isles.

You know that Furrowvale is located in a primarily agriculturally friendly environment. Many of the locals lead simple lives with a variety of domestic pokemon. A gym is located there, you've heard, and the leader, Grainger Harcroft, is supposedly one of the easier gym leaders in the region. Many a new trainer has had their start against Grainger, including Kolisa's reigning champion.

Homebrew 'mons

Here they all are


Character Player Class Setup
Ein Wie ein Bauss Wild Child
Victor November Tango Charlie Ranger/Special Operations
Fei Lianhua Raisin Branise Capture Specialist
Amphitrite Gentsleman Psychic/Air Adept/Rain Waker

Linkin' Logs

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