Lawrence Xavier


Name: Lawrence Xavier
Level 40 Capture Specialist/Artificer/Fashion Designer/Tag Battler
Pokemon Exp Pool: 105380

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.

Active Pokemon:
The Dude


Units: 491

Bag_Fresh_Water_Sprite.png Fresh Water x3
Chocolate Brownies x4 (Heals 3d12+40 HP, but user's speed is reduces 2 Stages)
Revive x4
Bag_Antidote_Sprite.png Antidote x1

Equipment Folder


  • Lv16 War Axe ( Slash Weapon ) – An axe that burns with the flames of war. It is said that the flames are actually the still lingering souls of the departed that fell to it.
  • Lv16 Bone Scimitar ( Slash Weapon ) - A curved sword carved from bits and pieces of long deceased Marowak skulls. Detachable from the hilt, it can easily be thrown as a boomerang as well.
  • Lv13 Zoofthrower (Blast Weapon)


  • Lv16 Exoskeleton - The remains of a mighty insect that used to ravage the lands. Even without modifications, it seems to fit an average sized human perfectly.
  • Lv14 Bumpin' Headphones
  • Lv13 Sentient Wig


Level 40
EXP: 50000
Nature: Adamant
Abilities: Iron Fist (Static. Moves with "punch" in their names, Meteor Mash, Sky Uppercut, and HammerArm deal +1 STAB.)
Held: Program Code - Beat Down (Increases Attack 1 Stage when Pokemon is released from its ball.)


Name Activation Effect
EAGER Cast – Daily - The Pokémon with this Quality is sent out into a just battle. The Pokémon with this Quality has its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats increased by 1 Combat Stage each.
I WON'T HURT THE INNOCENT… Static The Pokemon with this Quality will not follow Commands to attack not-known-to-be-evil or not-obviously-evil people unless in self-defense.
ROCKET PUNCH! Static Moves that would be powered up by Iron Fist have their Range increased to Ranged (8).
TRUE HERO Trigger - You declare an attack on a foe that just used a Dark or Ghost type Move. The Attack and Special Attack of the Pokemon with this Quality increase by 2 Combat Stages each.

Capabilities: Overland 8, Sky 10, Jump 1, Power 6, Intelligence 4, Groundshaper, Sinker

Stats HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base 9 14 8 4 8 6
Current 17 40 10 4 10 7

HP: 101
Evasion Bonus: Physical +2, Special +2

13 Shadow Punch - Ghost
17 Iron Defense - Steel
21 Mega Punch - Normal
25 Magnitude - Ground
30 Dynamicpunch - Fighting
40 Curse - Ghost

Bullet Punch - Steel
Thunderpunch - Electric
Sucker Punch - Dark


Karate Chop - Fighting

Originally a strange, vaguely humanoid statue discovered by Lawrence's father, the Golett named Groizer was brought to life through the young man's curiosity. As such, he feels as though he owes his life to the artificer for bringing him back to the material world. He's a spirited (pardon the pun) fighter, who follows orders with gusto, especially when it involves taking down enemies who he sees as being "unjust". They will know the justice that is his crimson fist!

But the questions remain: What was he in the past? How did he get trapped in that lifeless state? And what, exactly, is the nature of the strange item Lawrence revived him with?


A young man fascinated by the fields of both archeology and engineering, he has spent much of his life finding a way to reconcile the old relics and magic of the ancient world with the ever-advancing technology of today. As such, he has taken to experimenting on any items he comes across, trying to find new and amazing ways to turn them into something their creators may have never imagined!

One day, his father, a Ruin Maniac, brought him a strange pair of artifacts from his latest expedition. A small statue, and what seemed to be some manner of large bracelet. Curious, he took to experimenting on them both, trying to see if he can make anything out of them. Eventually, he discovered that the bracelet was receptive to power sources. Not one to let such a discovery go to waste, he had tried attaching an experimental new type on miniature engine. And when he did, the bracelet came to life, and let out a bright flash! As the energies surged through his room, they all channeled themselves into the statue, bringing to life! Taking the form of a navy-and-red Golett, the statue now responds to the will of the owner of the bracelet (since re-fashioned into a unique Pokeball), joining him in his new journey of exploration as the Invincible Super Ro-I mean Loyal Pokemon Groizer (X)!


Chose +4 stat points as Mid-game bonus

Can make a level 20 pokemon for party member of his choice

To do: Discuss special feat with Botherer

Can now make Chocolate Brownies. Costs 5 Imagination per Brownie. Member's Discount applies.

Due to Miss Myuu's blessing, Lawrence has gained a new non-level-based Feat!

Considered as having a pokemon evolved through Metal Coat for the sake of taking Keepsake Builder.

Diamond type: Super Effective against - Diamond, Ground, Ice, Rock, Steel
Not Very Effective against - Electric, Poison, Water
Resistant to - Bug, Dragon, Fire, Grass, Ice, Rock, Steel
Weak to - Diamond, Electric, Poison, Water

Diamond Scyther has an alternate Abilities list to regular Scyther:
Natural Abilities: Swarm / Rough Skin / Illuminate
High Ability: Solid Rock

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