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Ace Trainer Capture Specialist
Skills: Command
Main Role: Passive Pokemon Support

A generalist battler that makes the most of Training Features and downtime training to ensure their Pokémon are always in peak condition
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, Survival, Perception, Guile
Main Role: Travel and Investigation

Gotta catch ‘em all! An expert at using Poké Balls and other capture tools to their maximum potential
Commander Coordinator
Skills: Command
Main Role: Active Pokemon Support

A leader and expert at using Orders with efficiency to coordinate their allies on the battlefield. They may stand in the back of a fight, but they definitely take an active role in ensuring their party’s victory.
Skills: Charm, Command, Guile, Intimidate, Intuition
Main Role: Active and Passive Pokemon Support

Pokémon’s not just about battles. Coordinators take to the stage in Pokémon Contests to show off their companions in exciting and fabulous ways, but they can hold their own in a battle as well.
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