Name: Lecia Lina Asami
Age: 14, from 2054

This is what we have images for. For the rest, she's 5'4", and given that she's not wearing anything incredibly heavy, is 112 pounds. Her hair is slightly brighter colored in the dream world, but her physical appearance is pretty much the same! Her appearance in the dream world is as the image tells it, but in the real world she tends to dress the way her parents want her to. After all, they give her super robot stuff! (Of course, that includes shirts and costumes, which she does get to wear from time to time! Dressing up as Valsione~)

Personality/Background, 'Because your experiences shape who you are, and an in-depth background of a rather simple life isn't THAT important':
Lecia is the super-robot fangirl. Done.

…At an early age, she discovered the super robot genre. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now, she still thinks it's the coolest thing ever. If she gets the chance to fangasm about them, she will. Beyond everything, she reveres them. At least, the heroes. The villains, she…kind of reveres as being cool, too. In that antagonist kind of way, anyway. As such, Super Robot Wars is her wet dream come true!

But moving on. Due to her being raised with the need to get good grades and do all the super robot stuff, her actual real life friends are low in number. If not fangasming, she's probably going to be the upbeat girl that definitely values any friends she has (and will, as most super robot pilots would, fight for their safety!), but if she is…she'll still value them, yes, but she's probably too far in her own world to do much of anything else!

Thanks to her RICH PARENTS giving her stuff only when she works hard, she…well, works hard! Instead of being spoiled and always getting everything she wants even if she doesn't work for it, anyway. Her idea of things is still up in rich person land, so mistakes about what people can and can't get with real money is still a thing.

And perhaps due to this super robot overdose, she does not fear things quite so easily. If it's all real seeming it's totally kinda scary, but in THE FUTURE (or at least a bit in the future), vidya things looked a bit more real. As such, she's seen the EVIL GODS/EVIL ROBOTS/so on, and will thus only panic when friends are in danger, because that's totally a thing.

Her lifelong dream (hee) is to successfully construct a super robot. (Simply magicking one up won't do. Maybe the materials to an extent, but definitely not the entire thing. The free time she doesn't use watching/playing super robot stuff, she's learning about how one builds them! …And sometimes it counts towards her studying hours (which aren't free time, she's working hard), so all the better!)

Dream World:
Lecia isn't much different in the dream world, save that she's doing a lot less super robot watching and a lot more being the super robot (kinda). It's fun!


Equipment Folder


  • Lv13 Judgment Silversword ( Slash Weapon ) - A sword forged from both the fiery depths of hell and the light of divine grace. This weapon can reveal the true nature of a person's soul… By cutting it right out and exposing it.


  • Lv13 Crystal Dress - An elegant dress, adorned with all sorts of minerals and gemstones, that shines radiantly in the light. Both fashionable and functional in a fight, people will wanna think twice before punching the girl wearing this fashion statement.
  • Lv12 Butterfree Wings - Thankfully, it's not just the wings. They come with a fun, purple dress! Of course, it's the wings that do everything. Cruise the skies with grace!
  • Lv8 Gundam Cardboard Cutout - A giant cardboard box with the word "Gundam" written across it that some crazy kid wore to a convention as a cosplay once. You can only aspire to be as bold and shameless as he.
  • Lv8 Black Luv Scale Mail - An armor made of hundreds of tiny little Luvdisc THAT ARE STILL ALIVE, all of them taking on a midnight black coloring. Please don't Zoopathy or Empath communicate with these. Please, just… Don't.

Trainer Moves

Name Freq AC Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Drill Run 4/Day 3 3d10+12 ATK Melee, 1 Target Crits on 18-20 Cool - 3d4 - No Effect
Meteor Mash 1/Day 4 4d12+16 ATK Melee, 1 Target, Dash Spirit Surge: Increases ATK by 1 Combat Stage on 15-20 Cool - 2d4 - Round Ender
Bullet Punch 5/Day 2 1d12+6 ATK Melee, 1 Target, Interrupt Nin nin Smart - 2d4 - Quick Set
'A rather strange Metang Metagross…like thing.. It acts in an extremely proper way, aside from how it condescends its enemies for their weaknesses. It's already more keen on doing it's own thing than to listen to Lecia's orders, and it's intelligence threatens to compete with Lecia's +10 huge INT mod! On the bright side, it's close enough to at least not do anything stupid, which Lecia also avoids! …And currently, she really can't go wrong, with it only having two moves and all. Does not get along with Cybuster, but most of that comes from Cybuster itself.'
Name Metagross
Level 36
HP 75/75
EXP 40000/42500
Type Steel/Psychic
Nature Adamant
Ability Clear Body
Height 3' 11" (Medium)
Weight: 446.4 lbs (6)
Name Activation Effect
SUPERIOR Trigger – The Pokémon with this Quality deals Super Effective damage. An additional STAB is added to the damage before applying Defenses.
EGOCENTRIC Static If the Pokémon with this Quality does not feel that the Command issued by its Trainer is ideal, a d20 will be rolled; if the result is equal to or less than its Intelligence Capability, it will act in accord with what it believes to be the best course of action instead.
FAST LEARNER Static The Pokémon with this Quality learns moves at an increased pace; generally, this means the Pokémon learns moves a level earlier per move.

Using Metang as an example for Fast Learner, HYPER BEAM AT 40 WHAT THE FUCK

Capability Value Capability Value
Overland 2 Burrow -
Jump 1 Sky 7
Surface - Underwater Sinker
Power 4 (100 lb., 45 kg) Intelligence 6
Magnetic Groundshaper
Base Added Total
HP 8 +6 13
ATT 22 +16 38
DEF 13 +7 20
SATK 2 +0 2
SDEF 9 +6 15
SPD 7 +0 7

Natural Moves

Acquired Move Type Frequency AC Range Damage Details Contest
LV1 Take Down Normal EOT 5 Melee, Dash, 1 Target 3d12+14 Recoil 1/4 Tough - 3d4 - No Effect
LV20 Metal Claw Steel At-Will 3 Melee, 1 Target, Pass 2d10+8 Spirit Surge: Increases ATK by 1 Combat Stage on 18-20 Cool - 2d4 - Incentives
LV22 Pursuit Dark EOT 2 Melee, 1 Target 1d12+6 If the target is escaping, Pursuit can be used as an Interrupt to this action, shifting at most 25 meters (ignoring Speed Capabilities) to land the attack. When used in this manner, it does 3d10+12 damage. Smart - 1d4 - Good Show!
LV24 Miracle Eye Psychic At-Will - Self, No Target - It's Foresight for Psychic types, against Dark types! Cute - 1d4 - Good Show!
LV26 Zen Headbutt Normal EOT 4 Melee, Dash, 1 Target 3d10+12 Zen Headbutt Flinches the target on 15-20 during the Accuracy Check. Beauty - 2d4 - Round Ender
LV28 Bullet Punch Steel At-Will 2 Melee, 1 Target, Interrupt 1d12+6+(STAB*2) Nin nin, (Power Boost Lv2) Smart - 2d4 - Quick Set
LV30 Scary Face Normal EOT AC Range - Lower target's Speed by 2 Combat Stages Contest
LV32 Agility Psychic EOT - Self, No Target - Raise Speed by 2 Combat Stages. Cool - 2d4 - Quick Set
LV34 Psychic Psychic Battle 2 Ranged (10), 1 Target 3d12+14 The target is Pushed 5-meters in any direction. Psychic lowers the target’s Special Defense 1 Combat Stage on 17-20 during the Accuracy Check. Grants Telekinetic. Smart - 2d4 - Round Starter
LV36 Meteor Mash Steel EOT 4 Melee, 1 Target, Dash 4d12+16 Spirit Surge: Increases ATK by 1 Combat Stage on 15-20 Cool - 2d4 - Round Ender
LV38 Iron Defense Steel EOT - Self, No Target - Raise Defense by 2 Combat Stages. Tough - 2d4 - Hold That Thought
LV40 Hyper Beam Normal Center 4 Ranged (15), 1 Target, Column 7d10+28 Hyper Beam creates a Column 1 meter wide. On Miss, Hyper Beam deals the user’s Special Attack instead to all possible targets. Exhausts user. Cool - 2d4 - Seen Nothing Yet

Unnatural Moves

X1 Pin Missile Bug EOT 4 Ranged (10), 1 Target 1d6+1 Scatter, Pin Missile Burns the target on 18-20 during any of the Accuracy Checks. (Searing Shot Lv1) Cool - 2d4 - Reliable
X25 Psycho Cut Psychic EOT 3 Ranged (6), 1 Target 3d8+10 Psycho Cut is a Critical Hit on 16-20 during the Accuracy Check. (Fatal Strike Lv1) Cool - 2d4 - Round Starter
X40 Superpower Fighting Battle 2 Melee, Dash, 1 Target 5d12+18 Superpower lowers the user's Attack and Defense by 1 Combat Stage each. The target is Pushed 6-meters and it takes an additional 1d6 if it is Pushed into Blocking Terrain. If the target is pushed into another Legal Target, instead, both take 1d6. Tough - 2d4 - Round Ender
Rainy Earthquake Ground Battle 2 Ranged (5), No Target, Burst 4d12+16 Earthquake creates a 5-meter Burst. Earthquake can hit targets using the Move Dig. Tough - 2d4 - Round Ender
Ye Grande Progression
Level 0 Pin Missile
Level 25 Psycho Cut (Egg)
Level 40 Superpower (Tutor)


Campaign: Pokaesop

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