Legends And Myths

This is a list of known "legendary" pokemon, extremely powerful pokemon, some of whom may not even exist. They are favorite stories among people of the Galaxy.

A powerful species of Earth, thought to be long-extinct.
STATUS: Extinct

An early product of genetic experimentation and cloning by humans. Powerful and intelligent, but rendered completely sterile.
The creation of new Mewtwos is forbidden by treaty, but the Mewtwos that do exist find work voluntarily working for this or that government or military, or are incarcerated if they are too violent.
STATUS: Artificial Pokemon; 14 of the original 20 accounted for (Seven deceased, three incarcerated, four rehabilitated), with six unaccounted for.

An artificial pokemon created before the Mewtwo incident perfected the process. Relatively common compared to Mewtwo, but still not used often by civilians. Powerful and moody, but not so much that they cannot be trained or are dangerous to train. The creation of new Type:Nulls still occasionally happens, but pokemon rights advocates have fought against it tooth and nail, and Type:Null "Rescue" and advocacy groups are pushing for the ban on Mewtwos to be extended to Type:Nulls.
STATUS: Artificial Pokemon. Still commonly in use.

A top-secret Xects'es experiment in cybernetics. Led to numerous deaths and was “Deactivated.” Essentially immortal, it is being kept on a research station somewhere, and officially, does not exist.
STATUS: Artificial Pokemon; Probably just a rumor…

A Chythhrak pokemon which lives inside active volcanoes. Has a life-span of eons and is extremely difficult to kill. Many legends have popped up around this pokemon.
STATUS: Endangered


A group of endangered pokemon from Earth. Because they were so dangerous, overhunting to keep humans safe has rendered these species with only a handful of members each, and they are in an egg group to themselves (The five Birds can breed amongst themselves, and the dogs can breed amongst themselves), meaning they cannot breed with other pokemon to bolster their numbers. They reside exclusively in Zoos and research centers, and private posession of one of these creatures is a class A galactic felony anywhere where Human law reigns supreme.
STATUS: Extinct in the Wild


A set of unique pokemon from Chythhrak. They do not breed sexually, and instead create new Regis by budding once every few thousand years. Upon death, they begin the process of budding to save the species. They are non-aggressive and are in fact occasionally cooperative with the Xects'es, and because of this they are beloved as symbols of Chythhrak strength and patriotism.
STATUS: Vulnerable


Artificial pokemon created recently by a coalition of Human and Deoxyn scientists. The aim was to try to investigate the evolutionary link between humans and pokemon by incorporating human DNA into pokemon and seeing if the embryos rejected the process. Four pokemon survived, proving that humans, at least, share at least some compatible genetics with pokemon. These specimens are kept in a secret location.
STATUS: Artificial Pokemon; Unknown status


Extremely dangerous creatures from Peaceful Firm Land, known to the Deoxyns as the “Memory Thief”, “Soul Thief”, and “Life Thief”. They have extremely potent defense mechanisms where they can strip another pokemon of their memories, emotions, or movement. Thought to have gone extinct when Peaceful Firm Land became uninhabitable.
STATUS: Extinct

TORNADUS Incarnate Forme
TORNADUS Therian Forme
THUNDURUS Incarnate Forme
THUNDURUS Therian Forme
LANDORUS Incarnate Forme
LANDORUS Therian Forme

A strange set of pokemon. It is unknown which planet they come from. They have been sighted flying through space without aid of a ship or space suits, a feat thought impossible. The truth is that they carry around their own pocket atmospheres with them, within which they control the weather absolutely.
STATUS: Endangered


While they look cute and fuzzy, these pokemon are actually extremely tough. They live in the upper atmosphere of Ragnarok and attack anything that tries to land on the planet. They hunt by dive-bombing smaller creatures off of the surface of the planet. People who observe it liken it to like how Swanna or Pelipper hunt fish, where the Latis “Float” on the upper layers of the atmosphere like the surface of a pool and then dip down to hunt.
STATUS: Least Concern


A creature from the deep oceans of Earth. They have a structure much like bees, where the Manaphy “Queen” lays a school of Phiones to serve her. Only one Manaphy school exists on a research colony on New Europa. They tried to introduce this species to the Ocean of New Europa, but the chemical composition was not exactly right and they all died out.
STATUS: Extinct in the Wild

An odd creature that has been sighted in the pre-space records of all three Cradles of Life. It seems to resemble most a creature from PFL, and the Deoxyn government has “Claimed” this pokemon as under their jurisdiction, but it is notoriously slippery. In the records of space exploration, it has since been sighted on colony worlds, despite not having been introduced to the environment by the settlers. Occasionally, it even appears on worlds unsuitable for being Cradles of Life before Terraforming even begins. A mysterious pokemon.
STATUS: Officially recognized, Unknown Status

An unknown, space-faring pokemon. It seems to survive flying through space by putting its body into a form of stasis, resembling cryogenic sleep. Its body is surprisingly tough, able to survive planetfall. Only one encounter has been recorded with a Jirachi, by a Mr. Ichiro Jirachi, a hydroponic farmer on a human colony world who investigated a meteor and found the creature instead. Having discovered the pokemon, he was allowed to name it. Soon after, it escaped from the research center under mysterious circumstances. Ichiro Jirachi has since gone on to become one of the most successful businessmen in the hydroponic farming industry, with a net worth ten times that of his peers, and his farm has been replaced by an ostentatious Japanese-style mansion. The rumor is that the Jirachi creature grants wishes has been roundly rejected both by Mr. Jirachi and the science team which researched the creature.
STATUS: Officially recognized, Unknown Status

An artificial pokemon created on Star-Crusted Forest and Seas. It is called the “Planet buster” pokemon. It is a friendly, amiable pokemon, which nonetheless has a strong, in-born instinct to burrow down into the center of whatever planet he finds himself in. When he reaches the molten core, the extreme heat begins a chain reaction within the pokemon and within the center of the planet, transforming the core into a giant nuclear reactor. This reactor begins to use the surrounding material as fuel, destroying the planet. Not only does the Victini destroy the world, but the new-born sun it leaves behind completely destabilizes the solar system, creating a new, unexpected gravity well and source of extreme energy, scorching surrounding planets and throwing all satellites in the neighborhood into new, erratic orbits. While it has never gone this far, it's theorized that a Victini-created sun and the system's native sun could then collide, causing an explosion that could destroy or damage not only that system, but any system within the blast radius. Needless to say, almost as soon as the first test of the Victini's destructive capabilities were performed on an isolated asteroid well away from any system, the treaties were written restricting its use as a weapon. The sun it created is called “VS-01”. Three other Victinis exist, well taken care of on top-secret space-stations well away from planetfall.
STATUS: Artificial Pokemon; Four Accounted for (One deceased to create the artificial sun VS-01, Three in captivity)

SHAYMIN Land Forme

An Earth pokemon. Its use is controlled by the government of New Europa, because it is a useful tool for Human Terraforming. It was discovered that on the Shaymin's back are seeds and soil samples from Earth, and that the pokemon was capable of planting and accelerating the growth of these plants. All it needs is oxygen, CO2, water, and sunlight. In human terraforming, it's common to expedite the process of readying a planet for human use by doing the usual atmospheric conditioning, and then releasing a swarm of Shaymin onto the surface of the planet. Within five years, huge swaths of the planet's surface will be covered in grass, with forests full of young trees sprouting around the Shaymin's burrows. One caveat is that terraformers must beware of Gracidea flowers. If these flowers begin to sprout, the Shaymins may metamorph into their Sky Forme, the form that signals that the Shaymin has reached maturity and is ready to breed. This form is notoriously uncooperative and is no longer useful for terraforming. Terraformers usually lose a percentage of Shaymins to this process. The only thing they can do is recapture the Sky Shaymins and place them back into the breeding stock.
STATUS: Least Concern


A unique pokemon beloved by the Deoxyns as a symbol of intelligence, creativity, and learning. It was a benevolent but uncontrollable pokemon native to Peaceful Firm Land. Thought to have gone extinct when the planet became uninhabitable.
STATUS: Extinct

A creature once thought to have gone extinct when Peaceful Firm Land became uninhabitable. However, attacks have been confirmed across Deoxyn colonies and settlements. An ethereal creature which feeds on sleeping psionic pokemon and Deoxyns.
STATUS: Critically Endangered

A creature once thought to have gone extinct when Peaceful Firm Land became uninhabitable. The Darkrai's only known predator. An ethereal creature, like the Darkrai, who apparently followed the Darkrai's escape from the ruined planet.
STATUS: Critically Endangered


Massive, dangerous pokemon who live on the planet Ragnarok, contributing to the unpredictable weather patterns on the planet's surface. Rayquaza lives in the lower atmosphere, Groudon lives underground, and Kyogre lives in the oceans. Their migratory patterns are one of many reasons why Ragnarok is unsuitable for colonization, but very popular to Poke-watcher enthusiasts on Sleipnir.
STATUS: Least Concern


Massive, dangerous pokemon who live on the planet Ragnarok. Owing to the massive amounts of energy they fling around at will, these pokemon were briefly captured by researchers, and were used in the creation of both the Victini and the Kyurem.
STATUS: Least Concern

KYUREM Zekrom Fusion Form
KYUREM Reshiram Fusion Form

Kyurem is an artificial pokemon which was created by combining DNA from Reshiram and Zekrom. However, this mix caused something unexpected to happen. Instead of generating massive amounts of energy as planned, Kyurem instead dissipates energy at such a rate that it flash-freezes the surrounding environs. It is currently in stasis, while researchers study it to find out what went wrong.
STATUS: Artificial Pokemon; In Captivity


Massive, dangerous pokemon who live on the planet Ragnarok. Dialga seems to have some connection to the temporal continuum, and uses this advantage to hunt by essentially time travelling to a time when its prey is vulnerable. Palkia, on the other hand, has the ability to warp space. It is the only creature that seems able to travel faster than the speed of light without the aid of teleportation.
STATUS: Least Concern

GIRATINA Origin Forme
GIRATINA Altered Forme

A creature whose existence is disputed. A black hole at the edge of explored space once gave strange readings to a science team studying it. Soon after, the team went mad and began killing one another. The only survivor wrote a barely legible scientific paper describing the existence of a creature which lives at the center of black holes, and preys upon anyone unlucky enough to fall into its domain. He gave it the name Giratina and, when the scientific community did not publish his paper, calling it nonsense, he instead released it over the internet and committed suicide. Giratina has been a popular urban myth ever since, and all research in the neighborhood of that black hole have been ceased indefinitely.
STATUS: Probably a rumor…

A creature whose existence is disputed. Said to be an omniscient cluster of energy which travels around the galaxy. Apparently a trade-ship encountered this cluster of energy, described as a “Shimmering curtain of light and shadow” and were visited by a presence. It is unclear what happened while the trade-ship was inside this curtain of light, but when they emerged from the other side, many of the crew were missing, and the rest of the crew spoke of a pokemon called “Arceus” who resides in the center of the galaxy and sends his presence sweeping across the known universe. The missing men were said to have “ascended” because they were deemed worthy. It is thought that the survivors were stricken with space-madness and shot the missing crew members into space in a religious fever, but there was never enough evidence to convict. Most of the surviving crew became ascetics, and a small cult has grown up around the urban legend of “Arceus.”
STATUS: Probably a rumor…


A trio of pokemon from Earth. Specifically the region of ancient Scandinavia. Xerneas and Yveltal were symbols of death and fertility in ancient human mythology, while Zygarde is said to herald the end of days for the world. True to the creature's reputation, it did indeed make its presence known in the last days of the Earth. While Xerneas and Yveltal were evacuated and moved to a New Europa zoo before the solar flares scorched the Earth, Zygarde wasn't even known to exist until a few years before the planet was destroyed completely, when it burrowed its way up to the surface and seemed to call the moon to rain destruction down on the world. The creature was caught and sent to a research station for analysis, before it was sent to the same New Europa zoo. It had to be moved to another location halfway across the world, however, as Xerneas and Yveltal were dangerously upset by the presence of the third creature.
STATUS: Extinct in the Wild

HOOPA unbound forme

A pokemon of unknown origin which appears wherever sapient races congregate. It seems to enjoy kidnapping people and teleporting them to random locations, sometimes entirely different planets, seemingly for no reason except it finds it funny. This Hoopa is a jolly prankster, but there is apparently another Hoopa in the universe, who is far more malicious, teleporting people away, only to be discovered later floating in space, or on the surfaces of uninhabitable worlds. It's unknown what causes which Hoopa to appear.
STATUS: Officially recognized; unknown status

A pokemon of Chythhrak who is beautiful to behold, but also extremely dangerous. It creates precious stones wherever it lives, but also protects those stones jealously. Any creature that gets too close may find themselves at the mercy of a storm of diamond dust ripping their skin to shreds.
STATUS: Endangered

A pokemon of Chythhrak related to Heatran. However, while Heatran inhabits land volcanoes, Volcanion inhabits underwater volcanoes.
STATUS: Least Concern


A Quartet of related but distinct ancient species of animal hailing from Deoxyn-controlled worlds. Rare, and with great mythological significance to the Deoxyn people, Tapus are usually introduced to Deoxyn controlled ecosystems, and carve out territories amongst themselves in a complex four-way dance. Their usual behavior is to protect any people or pokemon living within their "Borders," and Deoxyn colonies tood advantage of this behavior while colonizing the universe to keep free-floating deep space structures and ill-protected planets safe from invaders or pirates. A Tapu's territory can be spotted quickly by the presence of aggressive auras which can give the land itself interesting properties. Because of this, Koko is a strictly regulated species in space travel, as its Electric Terrain will interfere with flight instruments in space ships and on free-floating space colonies, but the other three are quite useful.
STATUS: Least Concern


A mysterious pair of pokemon of unknown origin. First observed by Deoxyn space-settlers near the beginning of galactic expansion, Solgaleo and Lunala were one of the first major challenges to Deoxyn settlement. These two pokemon, apparently partially mechanical or inorganic in nature and capable of functioning in the vacuum of space, have taken residence in a certain unexplored solar system with an array of planets which have not yet been surveyed. Any attempt to explore this solar system provokes an attack from these two pokemon. Aggressive in nature, and highly dangerous, the Deoxyns wrote off this solar system as a lost cause after copious losses, and left the two pokemon to their own devices. Very few excursions to observe and study these pokemon and their "Nest" have been made since, owing to the extreme danger inherent in getting close. It is unknown as to whether there are more than one of each of these pokemon, or what their life cycle appears to be. Possibly related to the Ultra Beast phenomenon.
STATUS: Least Concern

A space-bourne pokemon of unknown origin. Appears near the "Nest" solar system of the Solgaleo and Lunala. Battles have been sighted between Necrozma, who uses its ability to manipulate and bend light to hide itself among the stars as if hunting, and the Solgaleo and Lunala patroling their home system. It is theorized that Necrozmas are ambush predators, and the interplay between these three pokemon is evidence of a larger galaxy-wide ecosystem. Necrozma's prey is unknown, but seems to live on planets protected by its rivals. Possibly related to the Ultra Beast phenomenon.
STATUS: Least Concern

An ancient pokemon from an unknown civilization which was found, long dead, when a joint-species research team explored a planet that had long ago entered its sun's hot zone and died out. The people of this planet were technologically advanced, but apparently never made it off of their homeworld to explore the stars. They did leave behind many automatons; the Magearna. Magearna are a collection of automaton pokemon who are the only apparent survivors of their ancient civilization. Very few still function, and the broken-down corpses of several others are being studied in secret labs. The ones that are 'alive' apparently have complex functionality, but it is difficult to understand what they can do, since they apparently only understand whatever dead language spoken on their homeworlds.
STATUS: Endangered

A pokemon that is spoken of in whispered tones on the space station abyss, and is either completely unheard of or not believed to be real elsewhere. The superstition goes that there is a creature that hitched a ride on the space station as it was lost in the darkness of the galactic rim for centuries. Mysterious murders would occur to those at the top of the mafia food chains, and there would be no suspect to blame. When this happens, as still happens from time to time, superstition dictates that Marshadow appeared and purged the space station of its worst and most violent. Most figure this to be a convenient story the new regimes tell the people to justify the fall of the old regimes, but at the same time, enough sightings have been reported that the status of Marshadow as a legendary pokemon is at least plausible and since Abyss is outside of all government jurisdictions, and is generally crime ridden and violent, no one is in a hurry to go test the veracity of these claims.
STATUS: Probably a rumor…

The pokemon Deoxys does not exist in this setting. Instead the process of Evolution that would have led to Deoxys has instead led to the race of creatures called Deoxyns.
STATUS: Non-canon

A classification of creature which are genetically similar to pokemon, but have no terrestrial origin. Most of them are bizarre creatures with unknowable motivations, and encounters between space explorers and UBs have almost always ended badly for one or both parties. Confirmed sightings and known nests of UBs are treated seriously by all government bodies in the system, and the capture and trafficking of UBs is strictly prohibited. Commonalities among them include the ability and desire to live and thrive in the vacuum of space, and a common genetic makeup which marks them as pokemon-like, but also something else. Theorized to be creatures from outside of the galaxy which have colonized and invaded inhabited space.

Below are the government classifications and common "laymans" name for each type of Confirmed Ultra Beast.

UB-Symbiont, "NIHILEGO"
A free-floating, nearly immobile creature. Translucent, phosphorescent, and quite beautiful, this creature is also incredibly dangerous. Upon sensing warmth, the Symbiont will begin to propel itself through space towards the object, and will settle onto it, digging its venomous tentacles into whatever body it grabs hold of. The venom does not kill, but instead paralyzes the victim, whereupon the Nihilego will attempt to consume whatever it has caught in its bulbous head. However, this process is not eating. No digestion or nutrient-gathering occurs. Indeed, often the Nihilego will simply let its prey go and go about its business. Victims of this process are, however, changed by the experience. In the very few cases which have occurred, people and pokemon who encountered Nihilego were afflicted with an obsession for the creatures on the milder end of the spectrum, and became violently insane or catatonic on the more extreme end. For an unknown reason, other Nihilego are attracted to infected creatures, and will travel far to gather around the infected, often infecting more in the process. Luckily, Nihilego colonies hiding among space debris have been well-documented, and are often marked on star charts as areas to avoid.

UB-Absorption, "BUZZWOLE"
An itinerant, mosquito-like creature which migrates around deep space. A highly social animal, apparently, communicating entirely through body language. Attempts have been made to communicate with colonies of Buzzwole, but none have been successful. Most who try are overwhelmed and left for dead. Victims of Buzzwole attacks are characterized by dry, emaciated husks of people and pokemon, speared on the creatures long proboscis and sucked dry of all of their fluids. Rather than use the blood for sustenance however, the creatures store the liquid in sacs all along their arms and thorax, for an unknown purpose.

A solitary creature which migrates through deep space. One of the more dangerous of the UBs, because it actively seeks out colonies and settlements of people. When it arrives, it almost immediately exudes a pheromone which causes all creatures around to become dangerously obsessed with the UB. Communities with a Pheromosa begin to revolve around pleasing and defending the Pheromosa, which is in truth quite fragile, even if it is powerful. These communities eventually become cultish and insular, and people will begin to disappear to an as-of-yet-unknown fate, until the community is either destroyed from within or without, or the Pheromosa is chased off or killed. People can recover from exposure to Pheromosa's toxins, but their memories of what they did while under the creature's control will be hazy at best.

UB-Lighting, "XURKITREE"
An odd, inorganic creature, apparently made of a substance not unlike copper wiring. It is, nonetheless, mobile, although it tends to stay in one spot for its entire life-span, never moving. It puts down its "Roots" in whatever solid ground it finds itself on and begins to leech any energy it can get, converting all of that energy directly into light from its filament-like hairs. If it happens to land on a spaceship, that ship will find itself quickly leeched of its power. If it happens to make and survive planetfall, it can be disastrous to whatever environment it has encountered as it kills off all of the local plant life. Xurkitrees are the "Friendly" UB, in that they are non-aggressive towards people and pokemon unless provoked, however, this does not make Xurkitrees at all safe.

Apparently made up of inorganic materials, but in a configuration that makes it almost like a plant. Celsteela is one of the more overtly destructive varieties of UB, as it will use the internal gasses it builds up within its rocket-like arms to blast whatever comes close, not caring whether what it hits is animate, inanimate, or whatever. It fires indiscriminately, even at others of its own kind, and seems to simply want to float alone in space undisturbed.

Small and almost indistinguishable from common space debris, the danger of Kartana is not an active one, but a passive one. It simply does not react to any outside stimulus. It floats in space, completely motionless. However, its entire body is nanometers thin, deadly sharp, and strong enough to cut through solid steel. The danger of Kartana isn't that you might see one. The danger is when you don't see it, and the creature slices right through your ship's hull without either you or the UB realizing it. Its bizarre anatomy seems as if it has no internal organs, and appears to simply be a living piece of ultra-sharp paper.

UB-Gluttony "GUZZLORD"
One of the most dangerous of the UBs, but also one of the rarest. There has only ever been a single Guzzlord sighted and its behavior was thus: It took up residence on a large asteroid, using its two black, toothy tongues to shove rock into its massive maw. It did not react to any other presence while it was eating, but did eat anything and everything within reach of its tongues. Soon, the creature had stripped all of the rock and metal from the asteroid. It then moved on to the ship of the observers. They escaped, crippled, but lived to tell the tale. From observation, it seems like it ate uncontrollably, but did not actually process or digest the matter it consumed. The matter simply disappeared. Guzzlord will not bother anything until it has finished its meal, but when it is done, it immediately will begin to search for its next source of food.

Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, and Marshadow might have Ultra Beast traits, and their classifications as UBs is being considered. A lack of information about the creature's life-cycles (In the former three's case) and whether or not they actually exist (In the case of the latter), keep researchers from pinning them down with a specific classification.

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