Leo Blume

A bare bones page for Leo Blume just so there's some record of his basics.

Level 33
Class: Breeder/Medic/Chef/Tag Battler
Strength 14
Constituion 18
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 22
Charisma 15

2 starter levels
14 from seen
1 from owned (19 owned)
5 normal badges
1 silver badge
1 Freya
1 Desmond
1 Sophia
1 Iris
1 Mewtwo
1 Mistress
1 Desmond rematch
1 Legit Badge
1 from AVA
1 from N

++Class Feats++

Egg Factory
Natural Edge
Team Spirit*
Treat Minor Wounds
Calming Herbs
Energy Boost*
Soul Food

++Normal Feats++

Home Cooking*
Tender Loving Care
Chosen One
Taking on for a friend
Taking on for a friend+
Treat Wounds*
Treat Major Wounds*
Won't Die On Me
Won't Die on Me+
Sugar Rush*
Vile Cook
Workout x 3
Dual Wielding*

++Special Snowflake Feats++

Newtype Sense
Newtype Poketrainer
Healing Power*
Newtype Healing Hands*
TRE Dossier (Free)


Jenny the Meganium
Defense and support oriented.
Her son is owned by Dr. Turtle.

Zero the Reuniclus
Hits like a special trick with a thick hide.
Draws pictures.

Alphonse the Girafarig
Physically based speed demon.
Baton Passer in a pinch.

Maestro the Clefable
Can learn fucking everything. Defensive nightmare.

Eileen the Parasect
HP tank parasect? How can this be?
Supportive, but also high physical attack.
No exploding allowed.

Elizabeth the Miltank
Dreamworld Pokemon
Straightforward physical attacker.
Pretty okay status healer.

Proteus the Bibarel
Dreamworld Pokemon
Moody. Generally physical.
Simple? Fugettaboudit.

Rudolph the Crustle
Dreamworld Pokemon
Defensive, physical, but full of weaknesses.
Fuck your shit, Stealth Rocks.

Nectanebo the Yamask
Ancient, old soul
Status, defense, shut you down!
Will never out-gun any kind of sweeper.

Leo also has a journal:
leo's Journal

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