Name: Levina Bronte
Alias: DJ Thunder Bunny
Level 7 Psychic/Air Adept

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.


Cash Money: 600 Pok%C3%A9monDollar.png
Bag_Super_Potion_Sprite.png Super Potion x10
Bag_Antidote_Sprite.png Antidote x2
Bag_Awakening_Sprite.png Awakening x2


Species: Plusle
Type: Electric
Gender: Female
Level: 17
Nature: Modest
Ability: Plus
EXP: 4915

Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Zapper

Stats HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base 6 3 4 11 8 10
Added 3 0 0 6 2 5
Current 9 3 4 17 10 15

HP: 43
Evasion Bonus: Attack 1, Special Attack 2

Learned Moves: Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore
TMs: Volt Switch


Levina is an electronic music mogul in the peaceful Unova region. She is well known for her popular dance songs under her alias "DJ Thunder Bunny". She specializes in using her Psychic ability to manipulate the bytes and sound waves used in her music mid-set. She started from an early age, with her first album going platinum at age 11. However, as she grew older and matured, she began to feel that her music was empty and meaningless. She saw that her fans were more interested in her image than her music. She felt like more of a performer than an artist. Her PR agent had cast her in a commercial to benefit a charity supporting "those in need" in the Johto region. It may have been an exaggerated account of starving children meant to launder money for corrupt corporations, but the actual conflict going on intrigued her. "This is my chance to see what the world is really like. I'm tired of being pampered by dozens of butt-kissing employees of the record company." She took the Pokemon her company gave her and struck out to do some soul-searching.
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