Little Haven

Welcome to Little Haven!

The small headquarters and budding community of the Chroma Peace Alliance in the SuikoPokemon campaign, this scenic area is settled on top of ancient Sindar ruins overlooking the large Crystal Lake in northern Rivale.

War Funds: 28,000 potch.

Fortifications: An outer wall.


Post Office

Not far from the entrance to the base is this humble little office that serves as the resting and roosting point of all the airborne deliveries to and from the haven. Currently, Luc has the honor of dealing with all the mail, and the task of feeding, grooming and cleaning up after the birds kept in the many coops behind the building. He's rarely at his post when not cleaning up bird shit, however, instead preferring to hang in the Room of Sealing.


Dr. Zhin has set up here. Now recovering at base heals all injuries.

Ravall's Emporium of Miracles

The smithy's has been utterly transformed into a bazaar of unique looking weapons and armor. The quaint little smith shop has expanded into a large building made of smooth sandstone and thick glass panes, letting in light. Transparent containers in the back seem to hold liquid fire of some sort - different from lava in appearance. Hard to describe. Like molten red water? An anvil made of some silvery metal is in the forge here - something he brought over it seems. The rapid construction seems to have been made possible by the revival of the three Regis - now perfectly docile and ready to help out around the Haven. The place is littered with tables and display stands with works of art in them - mostly decorative pieces, but he insists that he can whip up whatever you like that you see!

The Dreaming Deerling

This is the tavern that you had built! A nice place filled with quite a bit of greenery and an energetic staff of sylphs, you eat, sleep, and plan your moves here at the moment. Food and drink are always on tap for the lot of you, at no personal cost. All you have to do is ask. The main Sylph of interest here is Paplixia, who seems to be an expert rumor-monger. Various side quests can be unlocked by talking to her at points.

The Underground

Tinker's Workshop and Forge of Creation

The ancient Sindar Forge of Creation lays here, under the watchful eye of its Forgemaster, Gizmo. Sentient golems and powerful artifacts can supposedly be built here, though an Alchemy Lab will be needed to make full use of the Forge. In the meantime, a lot of the room's empty space is being shared with the Tinker Workshop that Iltani, Aston and Elydia have erected. More complicated and intricate tools can be crafted here. Research is available, as well! Research costs in potch are deducted from War Funds. Research time can be sped up if more qualified staff are available or other certain conditions are met. Only one Research topic may be undertaken at a time at the Workshop, but you may switch to a different Research topic at any time.

Research Topic Cost Time Elapsed/Remaining Result
Knicknacks, Toys and Clockwork Novelties 2000 potch in raw materials (or copper mine claimed) 3 Days Increased castle income
The Broken Gadgets Gadget Parts (borrowed), 3 Yellow Shards 3 Days -
Utility Improvements Fine Gunpowder, 1 Violet Shard 5 Days Improved Smoke Balls, Caltrops, Toxic Caltrops, and Shuriken
Stronger Martial Weapons Warrior Rune, 3000 Potch 10 Days -

The Room of Sealing

The room where the five True Runes were originally kept. Seems to be steeped in arcane power of some sort. Some of the mages you've recruited have taken up residence in here, including Viki and Luc, both watching over their respective objects - a large, body-length mirror and the Tablet of Stars. An Aether Anchor is now present in the room, granting Little Haven a stabilizing aura that lets all of one's rune-bonded Pokemon exist in the physical plane at once. A full-fledged Arcane Laboratory has also been installed in this room, allowing access to many different avenues of research. Research costs in potch are deducted from War Funds. Research time can be sped up if more qualified staff are available or other certain conditions are met. Only one Research topic may be undertaken at a time at the Arcane Laboratory, but you may switch to a different Research topic at any time. Aether is only a total needed and is not subtracted as a cost. See: Lekha's Garden for Aether.

Research Topic Cost Time Elapsed/Remaining Result
Wards against Aethernapping Free Complete! See: Session
Long Distance Communication 2 Blue Shards, 6 Aether 500 Potch, Pink Pearl 2 Days -
Establish an Aether Anchor 1000 Potch, 6 Aether Complete! Gets an Aether Anchor at base, allowing more than six of your Pokemon to hang out around Little Haven. Requirement for Day Care
The Mysterious Nevermelt Strata Nevermelt Strata (Borrowed), 1 Fire Gem, Level 25+ Fire type Pokemon, Empty Rune Crystal 4 Days -
Other Properties of the Dawn Cluster Dawn Cluster (borrowed), 1 Red Shard, 1 Blue Shard, 1 Green Shard, 1 Yellow Shard, 1 Orange Shard, 1 Violet Shard 5 Days -
Stronger Arcane Weapons Wizard Rune, 3000 potch 10 Days -
Understanding the Beast in the Black's Ire 5 Orange Shards, 5 Violet Shards, 15 Aether, 2000 Potch, Cornell EX Level 2 15 Days -

A Room of Death Reborn - Lekha's Garden

Lekha didn't think twice about allowing the original function of the dungeon, and instead sought to convert it into a place of life.

The current day is bolded.

Crop Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Bloodmist Lily Nothing Nothing Nothing +1 Bloodmist Petals Nothing Nothing +1 Bloodmist Fruit
Crystanthemums +1 Aether Nothing +1 Aether Nothing +1 Aether Nothing +2 Crys. Petals
Magost Berry Plant Growing (First week only) Growing (First week only) Mature (First yield roll) Yield Roll Yield Roll Yield Roll Yield Roll

Backburner: 1 Bloodmist Petals, three Magost Yield Rolls

Aether Gathered: 6. Gardener may be applied once per Crystanthemum yield day to increase Aether by 1.
What is Aether? A generic term for the magic power that flows from the realm of the same name, Aether is a concentration of energy in the area. Some Occult-based or alchemic processes might require a certain amount of magic around.

The Balcony

Yet to be made into docks down to the lake.

Shops List

All Basic Restoratives and X-Items, now at a hefty, non-uniform discount!

Potion - 150p
Super Potion - 300p
Hyper Potion - 600p
Antidote - 150p
Paralyze Heal - 150p
Burn Heal - 150p
Ice Heal - 150p
Full Heal - 350p
Full Restore - 1150p
Revive - 200p
Energy Powder - 120p
Energy Root - 400p
Heal Powder - 280p
Revival Herb - 280p

Scroll of X-Stat - 250p
Scroll of Dire Hit - 450p
Scroll of X Accuracy - 450p
Scroll of Guard Spec - 550p

He's also inherited the Sylph shopkeeper's stock of Apricorn Balls and decided to stock them too. At probably a far larger discount than he should.

Basic Balls - 125p
Great Balls - 200p
Ultra Balls - 400p
Empty Rune Crystals - 200p

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