fight lizard

Level 4 Monk

Name: Ura Kha
Age: ~50

HP: 44/60
Ki: 7/9
Armor Class [Type]: 19 (Unarmored)
Physical Defense: 19
Mental Defense: 17
Initiative: 9
Recoveries: 4/8
Recovery Dice: 4d8+3

Attribute Stat Mod Mod + Level
STR 8 -1 +3
DEX 20 +5 +9
CON 16 +3 +7
WIS 14 +2 +6
INT 8 -1 +3
CHA 10 0 +4
Attack Type Hit Damage Miss
Jab +10 vs AC 4d6+6 N/A
Punch +10 vs AC 4d8+6 Half
Kick +10 vs AC 4d10+6 N/A
Ranged +9 vs AC 4d6+5
+1 die step vs. non-squishy things



One Unique Thing

"I have occasional visions of another spirit realm unlike anything any shaman has described—and the inhabitants are neither hostile nor even upset."



Melee attack - Quick Action - At­-Will (once per round)
Special: If you use this when the escalation die is below 3, you only deal half damage on a hit.
Target: One enemy
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: JAB + Dexterity damage
Miss: —
Adventurer Feat: You deal full damage with Flurry when the escalation die is 2.

Leaf On Wind

Once per battle, you may take another move action as a free action.

You may always balance yourself on precarious and/or narrow structures. You are also considered to be weightless when it comes to determining if something can support you. You never take damage from falling from heights less than 100 ft (30 meters) and always land on your feet.

Phoenix-Touched (0/2)

You gain a +2 bonus to saves while you’re not staggered.

Twice per day when you are staggered, you can heal using a recovery. You heal half the hit points you roll for the recovery, and one enemy engaged with you of your choice takes the other half in fire damage.


870 Gold
Uncle Coin's Wrath (+DB)
Halo of the Fallen Leaves (+Tier to MD) - Once per fight, when an attack misses you and a foe is adjacent to you, you may misdirect the attack to hit the adjacent enemy. It's as if your body leaves the corporeal realm for a split moment.

Magic Items

Advancement Tracker

Level: Talent / Form / Feat / Stats
Level 1: Flurry, Leaf On Wind, Phoenix-Touched / Panther, Mantis / Flurry / -
Level 2: - / Guardian / Panther / -
Level 3: - / - / Ki / -
Level 4: - / - / Phoenix / Dex, Con, Cha
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:

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