Important NPCs


Cysk M'kkhat
Species: Xects'es
Occupation: Chief of Police
Planet of Residence: Xyxxyc
Age: 52
The Chief of the UPDD. She has been at this for years. Occasionally she is sick of it. However, she's devoted her life to keeping the peace in the galaxy. Unfortunately, keeping the peace in the galaxy means juggling at least seven solar systems. Needless to say, she's taken up smoking. Her main pokemon is a Steelix, which runs wild underneath the barely-habitable planet surface of Xyxxyc.


Warm Gale on a Wintery Plain
Species: Deoxyn
Occupation: District Chief, Odin System
Age: 43
Warm Gale is the District Chief of the Odin System, and your immediate superior. He sees himself as cool and calculating, and is fond of speeches. His subordinates tend to call him “Hot Air” behind his back. He is in charge of the district's main acquisition, a Mewtwo.


Noble Creature with Grand Mind
Species: Mewtwo
Occupation: Navigator, Strategist, Nuclear option
Age: 13
Noble is one of only about twenty Mewtwos that exist in the galaxy, most of which have either been destroyed or put away into stasis. Noble is peaceful, and has turned to meditative martial arts to keep himself centered. His main function is to act as an analyst of information, and, in case of emergency, he can be fielded as a combatant. However, this is a last resort. He is a pleasant conversationalist, and generally, between him and Warm Gale, he is probably the smarter one and occasionally runs the show if Warm Gale makes any silly decisions. See Legends and Myths for more information on Mewtwos.

Chin "Chin-High" Goldstein
Species: Human
Occupation: Chief UPDD Prosecutor, Slepnir
Age: 30
Mr. Goldstein is a lawyer who prosecutes UPDD cases. His jurisdiction is the terraformed moon or Ragnarok, Slepnir. An angry guy, very short, balding at 30 and with a big dumb comb-over. He is always drinking stuff for his ulcers. Is a fierce prosecutor, and has a definite human-bias.

Everyone Else Left in the Wake of His Greatness
Species: Deoxyn
Occupation: Chief UPDD Prosecutor, Far-Away Resort in the Stars
Age: 25
Considered a genius in his day, it stands to reason that this early graduate of one of the most prestigious schools on the planet Star-Crusted Forests and Seas would choose for himself such an ostentatious name. He lives up to it, however, as he has so far never lost a case that went to court. He and Goldstein are usually at one another's throats, especially over the legal status of the Terraformed moon Slepnir.

Other Officers:

Angela Feige
Species: Human
Occupation: Detective
Age: 31
A woman who has bounced around the galaxy. She had a rough upbringing as a kid pickpocket on the space station Peace. A kindly officer in the UPDD took her under his wing and made sure she had access to the kind of help that her family needed to survive. She managed to get her father off the bottle, and they both got over the death of her mother. When she came of age, her record was expunged, and, with Officer Kkhakat's glowing recommendation, she joined the UPDD herself. She worked her way up the ranks and is now a Detective. Rough-edged, but, in the memory of the officer who gave her a second chance, she is always looking to do the right thing.

Billy Takkhch
Species: Xects'es
Occupation: Detective
Age: 34
Angela's partner. Unlike Angela, he had a charmed life, and is fond of the finer things. However, his family was implicated in an insurance fraud, where his father was grifting suckers for millions based on vague, space-bourne threats that didn't exist. His father was kind to him, but still went to jail for most of his older childhood. He hated police for a long time, until he was sought out by one of the men his father screwed. After the attempt on his life, he came to a realization about what his father was doing, and that he had been living off of those spoils. He left home, and joined the UPDD in order to make good. His actual name is “Vrrl” which is very difficult for humans to pronounce. Therefore when he joined the academy, he called himself “Bill” instead, which very quickly became Billy.

Peacekeeper Effervescent Libation
Species: Deoxyn
Occupation: Records-keeper
Age: 52
Peacekeeper has been around for years. He's old fashioned, overweight, crotchety, and hates letting people peruse his files. Mostly dislikes everyone.

Important Figures:


Joseph Wang
Occupation: Chairman of New Europa's Government
Planet of Residence: New Europa
Age: 43
Ruler of the planet New Europa, and champion of humankind across the galaxy. Joseph Wang is a strong leader, with a confrontational diplomatic style. His predecessor, Chairman Karim Hitachi was far more pacifistic, and became unpopular because of it. The welfare of the planet Jocasta is a large focus of his platform, as well as being tough about keeping denizens of the “Rogue” systems out of human-controlled systems and encourages the other major galactic powers to take the same platform. Joseph Wang is a widower of some years back, and all that is really known about his public persona is his almost unrealistically clean background. Fond of nostalgic rhetoric concerning the recently destroyed Earth, a planet he had never been to.

Karim Hitachi
Occupation: Former Chairman.
Planet of Residence: Sleipnir
Age: 78
Former chairman of New Europa. A staunch pacifist, with a successful administration. Even so, he became unpopular as it was revealed that Jocasta, the planet closest to New Europa, was about to enter the system's habitable zone and become a candidate for terraforming. Chairman Hitachi's policies were tested as the Deoxyn and Xects'es both made diplomatic overtures into the Tianzi system under the banner of shared cooperation. As it became clear that their goal was joint ownership of Jocasta, he was pressured to keep the solar border strong to keep out foreign influence, but he held firm in his policy of cooperation. He was voted out of office soon after, replaced by the younger Joseph Wang, who has been Chairman for five years. Currently works on Sleipnir fighting Land Speculators and hunters who want to have the no-flight zone over cradles of life containing no sapient life, like Ragnarok and Frontier SN-90876d, lifted in order to open them up to colonization and terraforming.

Henry Cliff
Occupation: CEO
Planet of Residence: New Europa
Age: 30
Son of the famous diamond mogul Saul Cliff. The Cliff fortune is built on farming evolution stones, Mega-stones, and other jewelry from the rain of Saturn. Henry, in his short time as CEO, has managed to purchase and begin farming operations on the formerly Deoxyn-owned planet “Deadly Diamond Rain,” doubling their profits. Cliff Jewelry is one of the largest corporations in the galaxy, and Henry Cliff is worth trillions.


Wise High Mind of the Star-Crusted Forest and Seas Contemplating Righteous Action
Occupation: High Mind
Planet of Residence: Star-Crusted Forests and Seas
Age: 70
Half religious leader, half king, the High Mind is the leader, both spiritually and politically, of the Deoxyns. The High Mind office isn't divine per-se, but is seen as connected with the universe at a basic level. It takes someone of great psychic fortitude to perform the duties of the office. Thus, knowing the capabilities needed, the High Mind chooses his own replacement. The current High Mind (Often called “Wiseguy” as a joke) lives up to that description, spending most of his time in deep meditation and the rest of it in political meetings with his advisory committee. Most people see him as a simple figurehead, with the real power being held by the High Advisor. It's well-known how old the current High Mind is, and the world is on edge to find out who he will name as his replacement.

Wending Through Life Gracefully
Occupation: High Advisor
Planet of Residence: Star-Crusted Forests and Seas
Age: 42
Wending is the de-facto leader of the Deoxyns. She makes all the political decisions, she brings issues to the High Mind, and she is the one who deals with diplomatic issues. She is a political shrew, savvy and dangerous, and is training her psychic powers to become the next High Mind. Also, the High Mind is her grandfather, and political nepotism is alive and well in the political machine.


The Senate living on Chythhrak:
Each senator is one of three representatives of the 5 inhabited continents on the planet Chythhrak. To make policy decisions, the fifteen senators must reach decisions by majority accord. The President of the Senate is an appointed position, who moderates senate debates and keeps track of the legal possibilities, but has no vote in decision-making. He may veto decisions that are patently unlawful, but cannot introduce new topics, nor can he cast his vote or add discourse to discussions on the docket.
There are 15 senators, and it is a rule that there must be an odd number of members to vote, so there can never be a tie.

Rrylk K'errkha
Occupation: President of the Senate
Planet of Residence: Chythhrak
Age: 32
Politically optimistic, kindly, and high-minded, Rrylk is the currently appointed President of the Senate. He accepted the position, hoping to be able to make a difference for ailing conditions in their rapidly emptying cities on Chythhrak where the economy is slowly deflating, but found that the President has no real power in the senate. While officially, he must remain neutral about Senatorial elections, he has very definite ideas about which senators should go and which should stay.


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