Lorelei Baker

Game: Oran Valley

Info and Stats

Name: Lorelei Baker
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 103lbs
Birth Date: Summer / 19
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Gifts: Berries and Poffins
Favorite Spot: None (Yet)

Immediate Family: Father: Roal Baker, Mother: Cynthia Baker, Brother: Jacob Baker, Sister: Daisy Baker
Extended Family: Great Aunt: Grandmama Baker, Uncle: Tom Baker, Aunt: Joanna Baker, In Law: Cress Widdershin

Appearance: Lorelei is a young girl in her early teens with a very light brown hair with an almost pink tint to it and soft green eyes. Like many teenagers she is slender and active, often garbed in an Apron of white decorated with Strawberries. Her regular clothes though are a polkadot white and cream top that goes to her elbows and a knee length matching skirt, as well as a pair of comfortable shoes. She is almost always smiling and likely due to her profession often smells of various sweet scented pastries and fruits.



Money: 3500

Type Effect
Wooden Spoon Blunt 1d8 + 4 + WIS
Cookie Star Throwing 1d10 + 15 + INT
Armour Apron Strawberry Print
Strawberry Hair Clips Lv 10 Grass +1 Dex Checks



Pokemon Information

Name Mai
Species Mawile
Level 25
Experience 16220
Gender Female
Type Steel
Nature Jolly
Ability Hyper Cutter

HP: 52/52
Phys. Evasion: 2
Spec. Evasion: 2
Spd. Evasion: 2

Weight Class: 2
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 4, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 4


Stat Base Added Total
HP 5 4 9
ATK 9 5 14
DEF 9 5 14
SPATK 4 0 4
SPDEF 6 5 11
SPD 7 5 12


Move Type Damage Frequency Accuracy Range Effect
Ice Fang Ice 1d12+16 EOT 3 Melee Freezes or Flinches on 19 Accuracy, Both on 20
Astonish Ghost 1d6+2 EOT 2 Melee Flinches Target on 18-20 Accuracy
Fake Tears Dark 0 EOT 2 Ranged Lower the target's Special Defense 2 Combat Stages
Bite Dark 1d10+5 At-Will 2 Melee Bite Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.
Sweet Scent Normal N/A Battle 2 Ranged Sweet Scent creates a 5-meter Burst. For the remainder of the encounter, when targeting any Legal Targets that were hit by Sweet Scent, you need -3 to hit that target during Accuracy Check.
Vice Grip Normal 1d10+5 At-Will 2 Melee N/A
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