Lost Region Npcs
GZYHrcI.jpg?1I#1 Conan A. Doyle
Age: 52
Info: Conan Doyle has been the premier in pokemon research as it relates to fossils and reanimation for the last twenty years. In his early years he lived in Unova, growing up in Castelia city. As a grad student he studied the Relic Castle and other archaeological digs. His gruff demenor and rather forward way of addressing people has not earned him many friends in the scientific community, or sponsors for his research. He rose to the top of his field after he was able to 'perfect' his reanimation device. The finalized machine was in the pinnacle of science at the time. But was not without controversy among the ethical and moral quandaries there was one of ownership. His partner Dr. George Edward, who had work on the project but left before its completion was not credited at all during its unveiling. The last several years have not been kind to the Professor as he has made no headway in his research and his few expedition have lead to nothing, until now.
mDpR7XE.jpg Veronica Mullhalland
Age: 28
Info: Veronica has been with Prof. Doyle for several years. She was not with him during his last expedition much to her annoyance. She has functioned as his assistant since she was a child. Veronica's father and mother both passed when she was a child, passing into Doyle's care. While not sharing his passion for fossils she does have an interest in mechanical sciences. She has automated much of Prof. Doyle's day to day so that she doesn't have to. Her little helper bots are always following her or the Prof around. She even forced him to take one with him when he left. It was one of the few things he came back with. A little cleffabot.

Tori Tristof
Age: 19
Info: The youngest of the science crew Tori is a much needed addition to the team. She's the cartographer. The Map Maker. She was just a scribes apprentice before the Prof took a liking to her maps and paid for her training as a surveyor. After some gentle prodding her master he allowed her to go. Tori thought it might be fun to go off and explore and write it all down. But the last five years or so have been more of the same. Copying other peoples works and sitting in dusty rooms. She wasn't exactly enthused when she was informed she was to go with the Prof and crew. Just happy to finally get out.


Edmond Sovren
Age: 37
Info: One of the two Occult Experts brought along on the trip. The Prof. demanded that he at least have one. And the more the better. Out of the two Edmond is the one who takes it from a scientific approach, looking for variables and constants. How he can best measure the reaction in any given situation. And if he can't he is all the happier for it. If he can explain it then it isn't interesting enough. Though you'd never know it by looking at his dour face


Amelie Russo
Age: 33
Info: The second of the two Occult Experts, she is much more hands on, actively hunting down and experiencing the strange and unexplained. Often enacting and performing rituals herself. She respects Edmund for his dedication but does not agree with his methodology and practice. He is to detached from what he studies for her taste. She has been called a witch, a warlock, siren, hellbitch, voodoo woman, but she calls herself a scholar. Her family has been studying the occult and passing down the information orally for years. Her father and mother were the first two to start recording it.


Thomas Graves
Age: 35
Info: The last member of the science team. And the only non-scientist, Thomas is the only reporter that the Prof. allowed to join the official expedition. He asked the Timboldon Terrece for Thomas by name. It seems he has been keeping an eye on him. Out of all the candidates he was the only one not found wanting. Thomas to be frank is not thrilled. He was planning on getting married in several months to his fiance. But for the sake of his career and providing for his future wife he agreed.

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