Lucian Lavarre

Game: Sequoia Region

Name: Lucian Lavarre
Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 173lbs (WC4)

Level: 40
Trainer EXP: 0/10
Badges: 8

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +6

Health / Status
HP: 162/162
Injuries: 0
AP: 12/12

Hit Points: 24
Attack: 21
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 5
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 30

Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Untrained (2)
Athletics Master (6) Stealth Pathetic (1)
Combat Master (6) Survival Pathetic (1)
General Novice (3) Pokemon Untrained (2)
Science Master (8) Occult Untrained (2)
Perception Master (6) Guile Untrained (2)
Charm Master (6) Focus Adept (4)
Command Master (6) Intuition Pathetic (1)
Overland 7 (8) Swimming 3
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 6 Throwing 10
Not A Doctor: "There are no breaks on the suffering train. Just numerous crashes."
Adept Skill: Science Education Novice Skill: General Education
Pathetic Skills: Intuition, Survival, Stealth

Status Menu

Move List
Rail Gun (AW AC4, LR 1T, Normal DB6: No effect)
Machine Aiming (EoT Self: Gain +1 Acc, double Damage Die, Steel damage, Scix4 damage)
Bleed (S2 AC3, LR 1T, Normal DB10: Target loses a Tick of HP on their next three turns)
Deadeye (AW, Shf: Next Ranged WA gains +2 Accuracy and Critical Range)
Critical Shot (S2, Full+Sw: At end of round use Ranged WA, roll Accuracy twice, crit with lower)
After You (S2, 6 1T; Swift: The target immediately takes their turn, ignoring Initiative)
Plan (Ext, Three Moves become Highlighted until Plan is used again)
Recreation (S2, Spc, Pokemon can use any Highlighted Move it can learn from LVL/TM/TR)

Sniper (Deal +3d10 additional damage on a Critical Hit)
Clear Shot (Deal +2d6+4 damage on flying foes, gain +2 Acc on Isolated targets)
Demoralize (Targets you Critically Hit are left Vulnerable)

Smokescreen (S2, Sw: Smokescreen after hitting)
Stun Gun (S2, Sw: Inflicts Stuck for 1 FR on non Elec Immune target after hitting)
Hope's Refuge (L) (1AP, Trigger: Pokémon gains DR equal to twice their Tick Value)
You've Got This! (S2, Trigger: Inspired Pokemon automatically triggers Effects that alter Stats)
Improvise (2AP, Trigger: A recently performed Move becomes Highlighted for the Scene)
Reliability (1AP, Trigger: Pokemon's Missed Move does not expend Frequency)
Patchwork Strike (L) (1AP, Combine: A [Damage/Range/Class] + B [Type/AC/Effect])

Battle Commands
Boost Training (AW, St/Sw; Your Pokemon's Training Effects are Boosted)
Cheer On (2AP, St/Sw; Up to 3 allies gain the Cheered Status)
Moment of Glory (L) (2AP, St/Sw; Up to 3 allies (self) gain 12 THP and reset negative CS)
Long Shot (S2, St/Sw; Double range of attacks, add distance as damage. Sniper Crits)
Assault Techs (L) (2AP, St/Sw; For the Scene, your Pokemon knows Rage OR Swords Dance)
Ultima Slash (L) (S3, Spe; Physical 1T Moves become Pass. Limited)
Reaping Time (L) (S2, St/Sw; Priority Only, your Pkmn rolls Acc against target foe twice.)
— Bonus (If damage reduces foe to 1 Tick of HP or less, it faints)
— Bonus (If damage KOs foe, Your Pkmn gains +1 Combat Stage in Any Stat)

Trick Shot (B2, St/Sw; While Bound, -2 Acc but +3 Crit for damaging ranged attacks)
Heedless Charge (B2, St/Sw; While Bound, Melee Moves may be used at the end of Sprints)


Equipment Effect
Head Aralia League Hat Gives access to the Order Inner Flame
Main Hand Science Gun Fine Long Range Weapon
Off-Hand - -
Body Ballistic Vest +5 Physical DR
Feet Running Shoes +1 Overland, +2 Athletics Checks
Accessory Potpourri Amulet Storing a Hyper Potion that activates at 0 HP
Money 1830P
Scrap 0

Combat Items
Great Ball x3: Catches Pokemon with a +2 Modifier
Hyper Potion x5: Heals 70 HP
Full Heal x2: Cures all Persistent Status Afflictions
Awakening x4: Cures Sleep Status
Holy Water x?: Witches hate it
Revive x3: Revives a Target with 20 HP
Paralysis Pester x2: Inflicts Paralysis on the Target
Poison Pester x3: Inflicts Poison on the Target
Burn Pester x1: Inflicts Burn on the Target
Rage Pester x4: Inflicts Rage on the Target
Confusion Pester x2: Inflicts Confusion on the Target

Pokemon / Storage

Overland 8
Swim 3
Burrow 9
High Jump 1
Long Jump 2
Power 4

Roy, Sandslash ♂ Type: Gro.png Evasion: +6/+4/+2 Edge Slots: 2/6
Level 50, 3645 EXP HP: 138/138 Injuries: 0 Size: Medium (3) Held: Sandslashite
Training Regimen: Brutal Training (+1 Critical, +5 Initiative), Boost: +2 Critical Digestion:
Ability Usage Special Effect
Rough Skin Static Enemies targeting you with Melee attacks lose a Tick of Hit Points.
Quick Curl Scene Activate Defense Curl as an Interrupt and gain +10 DR for 1 full round.
Dig Away Daily Activate Dig as an Interrupt to avoid an Move.
M: Analytic Static Deal +5 Damage against targets that have already acted in the round.
No Guard Static Gain +3 Accuracy but others gain +3 Accuracy against you.
Adamant Nature (+2 Atk, -2 S.Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points (+2) 10 +16 26
Attack 19 +19 38 → 43
Defense 12 +13 25 → 30
Special Attack 4 +0 4
Special Defense (+2) 10 +10 20
Speed 8 +2 10
Initiative 10 +5 15
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
4d6+1 3d6 4d6+1 4d6+1 3d6+1 3d6+1
Improvements / Edges
Top Percent, Innovation (Scatter), Surprise Delivery TM, Stone Edge TM, Attack Unlock, No Guard, Overland (E), Accuracy Training (E), Quick Curl (E), Dig Away (E), 5/5 Vitamins
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Weight of the Land At-Will 2 Gro.png Varies A.png 4, 2T Deals DB8 / DB9 / DB10 / DB11 / DB12 / DB13
Stone Edge (T) EoT 4 Roc.png DB10 A.png 8, 1T Critically Hits on 16+
Night Slash (E20) EoT 2 Dar.png DB7 A.png M, Pass Critically Hits on 17+
Surprise Delivery! (T) Scene x2 2 Fly.png DB5 A.png 8, 1T Priority - Has additional effects based on the user's Held Item
Gyro Ball Scene x2 2 Ste.png DB6 A.png 6, 1T Apply the difference between the user and target's Speed Stat as Bonus Damage
Endure (E30) Daily - Nor.png N.png Self Free: Survive a Damaging Attack with exactly 1 HP
Defense Curl (AC) At-Will - Nor.png N.png Self Gain +1 Defense CS and deal +10 Damage with Rollout or Iceball
Dig (AC) EoT 2 Gro.png DB10 A.png Burst 1 Groundsource - Set Up: Burrow 25ft underground. Resolution: Shift and use Dig
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