Lucian's Pokemon Storage

Lucian's PC Storage

Overland 8
Swim 8
High Jump 3
Long Jump 3
Power 3

Marisa, Greninja ♀ Type: Wat.pngDar.png Evasion: +1/+1/+4 Edge Slots: 4/5
Level 42, 2480 EXP HP: 109/109 Injuries: 0 Size: Medium (3) Held Item: Geist Badge
Training Regimen: Brutal Training (+1 Critical, +5 Initiative), Boost: +2 Critical Digestion:
Ability Usage Special Effect
Mud Dweller Static You resist Ground and Water-Type Moves by one step.
Protean At-Will Swift: Change Types to match the Type of the triggering Move.
Wash Away Daily Free: Before dealing Water damage, reset Combat Stages and remove all Coats.
Vengeful Static Gain +1 Acc and +5 Dmg against foes that have hit you with damaging attacks since your last turn.
Twisted Power Static Add half of your Attack stat to Special Moves and vice-versa.
Quirky Nature (+2 S.Def, -2 S.Def)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 7 +12 19
Attack (+1) 19 +17 36 / "50"
Defense 7 +0 7
Special Attack (+1) 13 +15 28 / "46"
Special Defense 7 +0 7
Speed 12 +8 20
Initiative 20 +5 25
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
4d6 6d6+2 4d6 5d6+1 3d6+1 3d6
Improvements / Edges
Top Percent, Innovation (Break), Attack Unlock, Vengeful, Twisted Power (E), 3/5 Vitamins
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Water Shuriken At-Will 2 Wat.png DB2 S.png 6, 1T Five Strike / Priority - The target takes +2d6 Damage on all damaging attacks 1 full round
Bullet Punch (E30) At-Will 2 Ste.png DB4 A.png M, 1T Priority
Feint Attack EoT - Dar.png DB6 A.png M, 1T Cannot Miss
Lick At-Will 2 Gho.png DB3 A.png M, 1T Lick Paralyzes the target on 14+
Pound At-Will 2 Nor.png DB4 A.png M, 1T -
Toxic Spikes (E20) EoT - Poi.png N.png 6 Hazard - Lay down 8 meters of Toxic Spikes within range
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