Lucian's Pokemon Storage

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Overland 11 → 10
Swim 4
Sky 2
High Jump 5
Long Jump 7
Power 6
Mountable I

Loptyr, Dodrio ♂ Type: Nor.pngFly.png Evasion: +1/+1/+6 Edge Slots: 2/6
Level 50, 3645 EXP HP: 138/138 Injuries: 0 Size: Medium (4) Held: Thick Cloak
Training Regimen: Focused Training (+1 Accuracy, +2 Skill Checks), Boost: +2 Accuracy Digestion Buff:
Ability Usage Special Effect
Run Away Static You cannot be Trapped and do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity by Shifting.
Trinity Static The Move Tri Attack gains additional properties.
Polycephaly Static Swift: You may make a Struggle Attack. Struggles made in this way are resisted by one step.
Vengeful Static Gain +1 Acc and +5 Dmg against foes that have hit you with damaging attacks since your last turn.
Proud Nature (+1 Hp, -2 S.Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points (+3) 11 +15 26
Attack (+1) 19 +26 45
Defense 8 +0 8
Special Attack 5 +0 5
Special Defense 7 +0 7
Speed 11 +19 30
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
4d6+2 4d6+2 3d6+2 2d6+2 6d6+2 2d6-1
Improvements / Edges
Top Percent, Innovation (Break), Drill Run VM, Attack Unlock, Vengeful, Overland (E), Accuracy Training (2E), Tri-Attack (E), 4/5 Vitamins
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Brave Bird (E30) Scene x2 2 Fly.png DB14 A.png M, 1T Recoil (1/6) - The target is Pushed 2 meters
Dive Bomb EoT 2 Fig.png DB13 A.png M, 1T Risky (1/8) - Target takes +2d6 Damage from all damaging attacks for 1 full round.
Drill Peck At-Will 2 Fly.png DB10 A.png Dash -
Drill Run (T) At-Will 2 Gro.png DB8 A.png M, 1T Drill Run is a Critical Hit on 18+
Pursuit At-Will 2 Dar.png DB4 A.png M, 1T Can be used to Interrupt a Fleeing Target (+5 Move), dealing DB8
Mirror Move (E20) Scene x2 - Nor.png N.png 6, 1T Illusion - Copy the Move last used on the target's turn
Tri Attack (AC) EoT 2 Nor.png DB10 A.png 6, 1T Inflicts a random Status on 16+ (1: Paralysis, 2: Burn, 3: Freeze)
Alternate Effect: Nor.png A.png M, 3T Make a different attack roll for each target (T1: Freeze, T2: Burn, T3: Paralysis)
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