Level 2 Grass Specialist

Name: Lugh Rowan
Age: 20
Height: 5'07"
Weight: 123 lbs.

HP: 58
AP: 4/4

Defensive Trainer

Hit Points: 54
Attack: 4
Defense: 11
Special Attack: 4
Special Defense: 11
Speed: 2

Initiative: 2
Movement: 5
Evasion: 2
Accuracy: 0

Qualities and Traits

Quick: +2
Subtle: +2
Insightful: +4
Focused: +5

Skill Traits Solarpunk, Gadgeteer
Movement Traits N/A
Special Traits
Abandoned Tinkerer: "Dad left me this lab for a reason. I just have to figure it out…"

Status Menu

Orders / Moves
Struggle (AW AC4, 1M, Normal DB1, No Effect)

Tinkerer Effect: When you resupply, you gain x3 Scrap. As a Camp Action you can craft any of the items below for the amount of scrap indicated. Items created this way last until until your next resupply.
1 Scrap: x1 Poke Ball, x1 Fishing Lure
2 Scrap: x1 Climbing Gear, x1 Dark Vision Goggles
3 Scrap: x1 Small Melee Weapon
Type Specialist (Grass) (Static) Select a Pokemon Type as your Aligned Type. You gain the Keystone Feature that is also aligned to your chosen type, and a secondary Feature aligned with your chosen type.
Wild Venom (At-Will, Free Action, Trigger when your Pokemon hits a foe with a Grass move) The Foe becomes Poisoned and your Pokemon gains the “Leech” Buff. This Buff may be expended when your Pokemon hits an adjacent foe with an aligned-type DB4 or lower attack to grant that Move the Drain keyword. Each Pokemon may trigger this Talent only once per Scene. Bonus: Your Pokemon of your Aligned Type gain a +2 bonus to all Effect Ranges.
Idyl of Sunlight (Bind 2 AP, Order) While this Talent is bound, the target maintains localized Harsh Light in a Burst 1 around them. If your Pokemon is Shaken, you may unbind this Talent and spend the bound AP when the target hits with an Aligned attack to automatically that trigger attack's effect ranges.
Power That's Inside (Bind 2 AP, Order) Select an Ability your Pokemon could learn from another Ability Set. Your Pokemon gains the selected Ability while this Talent is bound.
Sudden Sabotage (2 AP, Special) Your Pokemon may activate Sudden Sabotage during their turn as a Minor Action to use a Status-Class Move that targets foes or has the Buff keyword. A Pokemon can activate Sudden Sabotage only once per Scene.



Equipment Effect
Wealth 0P

Loadout (5/5 SP)

Permanent Gear

Consumable Items
Poke Ball x5: Catches Pokemon.


Overland 5
Naturewalk Turt
Skill Trait Twig
Strong +4
Insightful +3
Charming +2

Abellio (Abel): Male Turtwig Type: Gra.png Held Item: Ivy Charm: The user may activate this item once per Scene when hitting with a damaging Grass-Type Move to put that target in a Vortex.
Level 2, Tier 1 HP: 46/46 Evasion: +0 Accuracy: +0 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Melee Striker Static +1 Movement. Make a Struggle Attack on a melee miss.
Grass Pelt Scene, Minor Action The user gains two ticks of Temporay HP. Bonus: +5 DR when standing on grassy rough terrain.
Rock Head Static The user ignores the Recoil keyword when attacking. If the user moves at least 4 meters in a straight line towards a foe before attacking that foe with a physical attack, they may add a +2d6 Bonus to the Damage Roll against that foe.
(Shell Armor) Static The user is immune to Critical Hits, and gains +5 Damage Reduction against AOE damage.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 7 +3 10
Defense 6 +4 10
Special Attack 5 +0 5
Special Defense 5 +4 9
Speed 1 +0 1
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Tackle AW 2 Nor.png DB2 Phys.png M, 1T, Dash Pushes 1 square.
Leafage AW 3 Gra.png DB2 Phys.png 4, 1T On 16+, the user gains +2 Evasion and +5 DR against ranged attacks for one full round.
Bulldoze AW 4 Gro.png DB1 Phys.png Burst 1 N/A
Withdraw AW Nor.png Status.png Self, Move Action The user becomes Withdrawn. While Withdrawn, the user becomes immune to Critical Hits and gain 15 Damage Reduction. However, while Withdrawn, the user is Stuck and Blinded. The user may stop being Withdrawn as a Move Action.
Bulk Up Scene Fig.png Status.png Self, Buff The user gains the Bulked Up buff. While under the effects of Bulked Up, the user gains a +5 Bonus to Physical Damage Rolls, and +2 Evasion against melee attacks. The user may expend Bulked Up when hit by a physical attack to resist it one step further.
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