Lymia's Dumb Stupid Homebrew Man

Level Up Moves
1 Inhale
1 Splash
5 Water Gun
9 Pound
10 Low Kick
15 Bug Bite
18 Double Kick
24 Triple Kick
32 Rest
37 Double-Edge

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor

TM List



HP: 6
Attack: 9
Defense: 9
Special Attack: 9
Special Defense: 6
Speed: 7

Name: Kirby
Type: Normal
Basic Ability 1: Levitate
Basic Ability 2: Gluttony
Adv Ability 1: Twisted Power
Adv Ability 2: Protean
High Ability: Copy Ability

Evolution: Kirby

Height : -
Weight : -

Diet : Omnivore
Habitat : -
Gender Ratio: 75% M / 25% F
Egg Group: Fairy/Amorphous
Capability List: Overland 2, Swim 1, Levitate 4, Jump 3/5, Power 2, Inflatable, Guster
Skill List: Athl 2d6, Acro 5d6, Combat 3d6, Stealth 1d6, Percep 3d6, Focus 2d6

Move: Inhale
Type: Normal
Frequency: Scene x2
AC: 2
Damage Base 4: 1d8+6 / 11
Class: Physical
Range: 2, 1 Target
Effect: Choose up to three moves on the target's move list, excluding Sketch or Mimic. For the remainder of the encounter, those moves replace Inhale on the user's movelist. Afterwards, the target is Vulnerable until the end of their next turn, and you may move the target to any space within 2 meters of the user.
Contest Type: Cute
Contest Effect: Unsettling

Ability: Copy Ability
Scene - Swift Action
Triger: The user hits a target with Inhale.
Effect: Connection - Inhale. Replace Copy Ability with any ability the target has until the end of the encounter.

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