Magister NPCs

Lerumo Locals

qKYswxH.jpg Tatiana Yurievna Nabatova
Regalia: Failnaught
Info: The steadfast and trusty Ms. Nabatova is the advisor for the Valiant Star students. For the most part, she is hands off and allows the students to self-govern, and the house is small enough that she is rarely pressed to step in. However, when pressed, Ms. Nabatova is a harsh, if fair, arbitrator, and students avoid dragging her into conflicts. When she isn't mediating or overseeing expeditions into the Pit, she provides thoughtful, practical minded advice to students who seek her out. Though Ms. Nabatova has a cold demeanor, she does her best to help each student in her care, and alumni often request her advice via letter and telegram.

Previously: Takanashi Susumu
Info: Publicly, Peregrine is one of the Academy's most fearsome combat instructors, a master with a blade who can eke the potential out of even the simplest of Regalia. He is reserved and detached, offering his advice only when he deems prudent, and he keeps his affairs private. His accent suggests he is from Edoland, but Peregrine rarely deigns to discuss his history before arriving at the Academy. Even among the other faculty, he is referred to only by the alias Peregrine (sometimes 'Professor Peregrine', as though it might be his surname), which is also the name of his Regalia - a plain, single-edged sword with a silver tassel and no cross guard.

To Kestrel, he is known as Takanashi Susumu, a Magister once employed by a daimyo who become the accidental patriarch to Kestrel and the other urchins of Raven's Row in Thaden. Susumu used what remained of his wealth to provide for the children, and gave them as much of an education as he could. He taught Kestrel the basics of Magistry and left the Regalia Murakumo, famed blade of Edoland, in Kestrel's possession when he abruptly left Thaden. Kestrel made a scene during his first year when confronting Peregrine over their history, and his promotion to Valiant Star has fueled the rumor mill.

uuju8slhg7911.png Galpopo Galpo
Regalia: Birdseye
Info: As the current Canary Director, Galpopo acts both as a liaison for the Academy's kobold population and as a teacher for the unique paths available to kobold students. Though she may not look it, she is one of the oldest members of faculty, and she is familiar with the sorts of politicking that happens behind the scenes, and in ways to circumvent the bureaucracy to get things done. She is soft spoken and small in stature, even for a kobold, and uses any inkling that she's being underestimated to her advantage. Of the current staff, it's said that Galpopo is the one most familiar with the Pit of Despair, having lived among the kobold bands there as a child before spending decades investigating its depths as part of the Academy's Canaries. She possesses the Regalia Birdseye, apparently passed to her by an Awoken colleague before his death. Birdseye is a hunting rifle almost too big for Galpopo to hold, but it lives up to its name nonetheless.
rRFA7pO.jpg Captain Sidorov
Regalia: Shamshir
Info: As Captain of the Guard, Sidorov is the commanding officer for the Academy-led garrison that oversees the entrance to the Pit of Despair. He is a respected, veteran Magister with a love of derring-do that has been tempered by years of service as a mercenary adventurer. Sidorov is well-loved by the Academy's guards, whom he often plays a fatherly role for. He was critically injured in an encounter with the Black Knight, but survived the battle thanks to the efforts of some brave Valiant Stars.
bvlrZ3U.png Tsezar Filippovich
Regalia: Munnin
Info: Tsezar is the Head Librarian at the Academy, a position he recently took over after his mentor's retirement. He has a great love of books, and a love of organization, which makes him well-suited to his new position. Beyond keeping the library in order, Tsezar is also the sponsor for the Academy's book clubs, plural, including both a Novel Club and a Periodical Club. Despite his large size, the Head Librarian is known as a soft-touch with a gentle heart. Rumor has it that he has a Regalia that magically sorts books back onto their proper shelves.

Other City-States

OoeZWI3.png Jennifrog
Title: The Speaker of Rusalka
Info: A Frog from the Pit of Despair who has accompanied the party back to the surface, where she now lives at the Academy. Through her connection to the Tear of Rusalka, Jennifrog is the high priestess of Rusalka worship among the Frogs and is able to hear the goddess's voice. While Illyuanka gestated in the Pit, she was also able to hear Illyuanka's voice, which drove her to drink herself into a stupor. Since Illyuanka's defeat, Jennifrog's connection to Rusalka seems to be restored, and she is attempting to use the Tear as a Regalia. She is curious, like most Frogs, but far braver than her brethren. When separated from the Tear and outside the Pit, Jennifrog turns to stone.

Divinities & Adversaries

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Element: Light
Domains: Justice, Mercy, Healing, Life, Order
img_4504.jpg Leshy
Element: Earth
Domains: Plants, Animals, Fertility, Fortitude, Harvest
440px-Rusalka_Bilibin.jpg Rusalka
Element: Water
Domains: Sailing, Travel, Change, Love, Fortune
Samodivas-dancing.jpg?resize=640%2C480&ssl=1 Vila
Element: Air
Domains: Knowledge, Art, Law, Music, Dreams
domovoi.gif Domovoi
Element: Fire
Domains: Hearth, Forge, Industry, Commerce, Health
slavic-challenge-chernobog-by-alchera01-da1h7lr.png?1531719860 Chernobog
Element: Darkness
Domains: Vengeance, Power, Decay, Death, Chaos
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