Marcus August

Marcus August (Ah-goost)
Age: 18 | Gender: Male | Height: 6' | Weight: 160lbs.
Level: 11
HP: 148

Classes: Ace Trainer / Type Ace (Dark) / Underdog
Str: 16 [+3]
Dex: 10 [+0]
Con: 25 [+7]
Int: 10 [+0]
Wis: 8 [-2]
Cha: 8 [-2]

Ace Trainer: Enhanced Training, Improved Attacks
Type Ace: Type Training, Improved Type Attacks+, Type Soul, Elemental Sync, Move Shift
Underdog: Everstone Finder, Hidden Strength x, Everstone Improvement, Forceful Technique

Money: 50P
Ribbons: Cool Contest Ribbon.
Items: Chople Berry, Poké Ball x12, Potion x10, Antidote x3, Parlyz Heal x3, Awakening x3, Burn Heal x3, Ice Heal x3.
Accessory: Null-A Level 20


Marcus & his Pokémon

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