Marco Pascal

Name: Marco Pascal
Age: 23
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 108 lbs (WC 3)

Level: 9
Trainer EXP: 3/10
Milestones: 5

Physical Evasion: +2
Special Evasion: +2
Speed Evasion: +1

HP 18
Attack 5
Defense 10
Special Attack 5
Special Defense 10
Speed 5
Acrobatics Untrained (2d6) Intimidate Pathetic (1d6)
Athletics Untrained (2d6+2) Stealth Novice (3d6+4)
Combat Untrained (2d6) Survival Untrained (2d6)
General Adept (4d6+1) Pokemon Pathetic (1d6+1)
Medicine Expert (5d6+1) Technology Expert (5d6+1)
Occult Novice (2d6+1) Guile Untrained (2d6+1))
Perception Novice (3d6+1)
Charm Untrained (2d6) Focus Novice (3d6)
Command Pathetic (1d6) Intuition Untrained (2d6)
Overland 6 Power 4
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Background Slave-turned-Bookworm
Description The life of a slave leads to desire for something more.
Rank Up Tech Edu, Perception
Rank Down Command, Intimidate, Poke Edu

Name Freq AC Type Damage Class Range Special Effect
Move Frequency AC Type Damage Class Range Effect
Name Frequency Effect
Ability Frequency Effect

Overland 4
Swim 2
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 1
Naturewalk(Grassland, Forest) Pokémon with Naturewalk treat all listed terrains as Basic Terrain.
Threaded [[size smaller]]Pokémon with the Threaded Capability may make a Threaded Shift as a Shift Action. A Threaded Shift is when a Pokémon targets an object and shoots a strong, thin line of silk, or extends a vine from themselves, and then quickly retracts that silk, or vine, pulling itself towards the object if the Pokémon is lighter than the object, or pulling the object towards the Pokémon if it is lighter than the user. Threaded has a range of 4 meters. If you target an unwilling Pokémon or Trainer with threaded, Threaded requires an AC 6 Status Attack to use.
Underdog This capability denotes Pokémon who qualify for the Underdog Class’s effects. They are Pokémon species with a Base Stat total of 45 or less.
Wallclimber Wallclimber Pokémon often have suction cups, hooks, or other means of easily scaling walls or other vertical surfaces. They may travel along a wall or ceiling at a rate of half of their Overland Capability.
Zapper The Pokémon’s Struggle Attacks may be Electric-Typed if they wish. They may also add their Special Attack instead of their Attack and have the attack deal Special Damage, if they wish.

Kite: Male/ Joltik Type: Bug/Electric Tutor Points: 1/2
Level 12, 143 EXP Held Item: HP: 43/43/43 Injuries: 0
Ability Usage Special Effect
Compound Eyes Static The user gains +3 to all Accuracy Checks.
Silk Threads Static Connection - String Shot. Whenever the user uses “String Shot”, the target becomes Slowed until the end of their next turn.
Modest Nature (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 5 +2 7
Attack 3 +0 3
Defense 5 +5 10
Special Attack 8 +4 12
Special Defense 5 +5 10
Speed 7 +4 11
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
1d6 3d6 2d6 4d6 2d6+2 2d6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
Advanced Connection 1 Choose an Ability with the Connection Keyword that the target has; the Connected Move no longer takes up a Move Slot for the user.
Inheritance: Camouflage
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Leech Life At-Will 2 Bug 1d8+6 Physical Melee, 1 Target After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target.
Spider Web Scene x2 - Bug - Status 5 Spider Web cannot miss. The target is Stuck and Trapped. If the user is freed of the Stuck condition, they are freed of Trapped as well.
String Shot At-Will 3 Bug - Status Cone 2 Targets have their Speed CS lowered by -1. If this lowers their Speed CS to -6, or if their Speed CS was already at -6, the target is instead Stuck.
Thunder Wave Scene x2 - Electric - Status 6, 1 Target Thunder Wave cannot miss. Thunder Wave Paralyzes the target. Targets immune to Electric Attacks are immune to Thunder Wave’s effects.
Screech EOT 2 Normal - Status Burst 2, Friendly, Sonic All Legal Targets have their Defense lowered 2 Combat Stages.
Feint Attack EOT 4 Dark 2d6+8 Physical Melee, 1 Target Feint Attack cannot miss.
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