Matthew Pemberton

Burden: Abiding
Aspiration: Get my Art in the Louvre
Synergy: 3

Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 5
Initiative: 6
Willpower: 5

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
-1 -2 -3
Plasm: 12/12
Per Round: 3


Root: Servant
Bloom: Gardener

Root Touchstone: Bloody Bandage
Bloom Touchstone: Dirty Paintbrush


Intelligence • • • o o
Wits • • o o o
Resolve • • o o o
Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics • • o o o
Computer o o o o o
Crafts • • • o o
Investigation • • o o o
Medicine o o o o o
Occult o o o o o
Politics o o o o o
Science o o o o o

Skill Specialties:
Painting (Crafts)


Strength • • • o o
Dexterity • • • o o
Stamina • • o o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Athletics • • • o o
Brawl o o o o o
Drive o o o o o
Firearms • • • • o
Larceny • • o o o
Stealth o o o o o
Survival o o o o o
Weaponry • • o o o

Skill Specialties:
Sleight of Hand (Larceny)
Revolver (Firearms)


Presence • • o o o
Manipulation • o o o o
Composure • • • o o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken o o o o o
Empathy • o o o o
Expression • • o o o
Intimidation o o o o o
Persuasion o o o o o
Socialize • o o o o
Streetwise o o o o o
Subterfuge o o o o o

Skill Specialties:


Name: Jester of Blades
Remembrance Trait: Weaponry
Rank: 3

Virtue: Patience
Vice: Cruelty
Ban: Will never turn down a game of cards
Bane: The Joker Card
Crises Point: Misfortune -Be the victim of freak circumstances — nearly hit by a car that runs a red, pickpocketed in the street, or similar.

Power • • • • • o o o o o
Finesse • • • • • • • o o o
Resistance • • • o o o o o o o

Key: Chance - Dexterity
Resonance: The Key of Chance is resonant when the Bound is risking something important, like a treasured belonging, a friend, or her life on a single action. It also has Resonance when the subject of the Haunt is a machine with at least three moving parts capable of inflicting lethal damage (e.g. a gun, an industrial press, a wood chipper, etc.)
Doom: The next time your character makes a roll with a +3 or greater bonus, roll a chance die for that action instead and resolve this Doom. If the action succeeds, it counts as an exceptional success.

Boneyard o o o o o
Caul • • • o o
Curse o o o o o
Marionette o o o o o
Memoria o o o o o
Oracle o o o o o
Shroud o o o o o
Tomb • • o o o

Remembrance: Driving a dagger into the heart of a Lord, his face obscured. Flight through a castle with floors of marble. A knight, in gleaming golden armor, who was not supposed to be here, driving an axe into his head.

Merits and Haunts


  • Revolver, hvy (2 damage, 35/70/140 Ranges, 6 Clip, -2 Init, 3 Str, Size 1)
  • Reinforced Clothing (Rating 1/0, Str 1, Def 0, Speed 0, Covers Torso, arms, legs)
  • Item 3
  • Item 4
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