Maus Riverbed


Name: Maus Riverbed
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs.


Funds: 7030P

Weapon None
Armor None
Accessory None


Species: Murkrow
Level: 30
EXP: 26400/27500
Obtained Level: 1
Loyalty: 4
Special: Unbreakable Bond

HP: 66 / 66

Type: Dark / Flying
200% Damage: Electric, Ice, Rock
50% Damage: Dark, Ghost, Grass
0% Damage: Ground, Psychic

Gender: Male
Ability: Super Luck (Critical hit range is extended by 2)
Hold Item: Shell Bell (Once per day, heals HP equal to half damage dealt)
Nature: Naughty (+Attack, -SpDefense)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 4, Surface 1, Sky 6, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Stealth

Stat Base Added Total
HP 6 6 12
PA 11 7 18
PD 4 2 6
SA 9 7 16
SD 2 3 5
GO 9 4 13
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Assurance Battle Dark 2 Melee Phys 2d8+6 If target has already been damaged this round, does 4d12+16 instead
Lv Astonish EOT Ghost 2 Melee Phys 1d10+4 18-20: Flinch
Lv Haze At-Will Ice Field Weather (Non-overwrite). 30 second duration. Combat stages are set to 0
Lv Night Shade Battle Ghost 6 Ranged Target loses HP equal to half user's level
Lv Pursuit EOT Dark 2 Melee Phys 1d12+6 Interrupt (Optional): When an opponent flees or is recalled, you may interrupt. If used as an Interrupt, 3d10+12 damage instead
Lv Wing Attack At-Will Flying 2 Pass Phys 2d10+8
Egg Mirror Move Center Flying Ranged Use the Move that the target used during their last turn
Tutor Heat Wave Battle Fire 4 Burst (3) Spec 4d12+16 18-20: Burn
TM Return Battle Normal 2 Melee Phys 4d12+16 Can only be used if Loyalty is high

Next Move: Taunt (31)

Campaign: Altho's Wanderers

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