Vital Info

Name: Maya Malam
Age : 27
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2''

Job: Entertainer/Red Mage




Level 10 (Not done)
EXP: 0/5
Destiny: 5 (out of 10 total)
HP: 190/190
MP: 190/190

Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 1 0 1
RES 5 2 7
DEX 18 FTH +2 20
MND 15 0 15

Force: 2
Finesse: 7 (8)

ACC: 6
AVD: 10 (12)
ARM: 27
M. ARM: 52

HP/level: 14+5=19
MP/level: 4+15=19
Weapons: Arcane, Brawl, Concealed, Ranged, Blade, Reach
Armor: Light, Medium, Shield
Skill Points: 24+14


Skills and Abilities


Acting 6
Athletics 3
Awareness 4
Lore: Everything 4
Negoitiate 6
Perform 8 (10)
Synthesis (Tinkering) 6
Vehicles 5


1: Fashionable (Gain one Accessory slot. Can be taken up to three times)
1: Mime (Spend a standard action to copy anything an ally did this turn, must use Acting in place of skills rolled. Must have MP or items to actually use the ability, and no miming things that cost destiny)
2: Power Chord (1/Session, Standard, target suffers (2d6+perform) * level non-elemental M.Arm damage. The target must roll Force or Finesse versus your Perform check. On a failure, they suffer knockback and all of their equipment is disarmed.
4: Fashionable (Another accessory slot!)
6: Charismagic (Dex for all weapons, Mnd for all spells!)
8: Grand Summoner (Ramuh)
10: Spellblade

Limit Abilities:

Opus (Spend destiny for +4 skill bonus that lasts until user is unconscious, OR animate an object)


Weapon: Gilgaganker (Tier 4, Huge/Reach, ???)
Shield: Alchemist Buckler (Tier 3 Shield, Alchemist, +7 Arm/M/Arm)
Armor: Long Robes (Tier 4 Light, Shadow-Proof)
Accessory: Siren Bracelet (Tier 1 Accessory, Water Ward)
Accessory: Scale Mantle (Tier 3 Accessory, Fortified)
Accessory: Guard Bangle (Tier 6 Accessory, Auto-Protect)

Current Inventory:

4879 gil

Shiva's Shooter (Tier 2 Ranged, Ice Strike, Earth Ward)
Basso Profundo (Tier 2 Ranged, +2 Perform)
Purse (Generally all sorts of mundane things, but ran out of useful things since Bottomless Pockets is gone!)
Hook??? (Tier 1 Concealed)
Empty flasks (For water)
Rope, 10 feet
Sewing Materials (For making capes or boots or bracelets, whatever, Tinkering tools?)

5 potions
9 Ethers

Limit Breaks

"{By the strength of my voice and will, I entreat you to wither. Fading Cry!}"

Power Break (4 points), Magic Break (4 points), Poison (2 points). The enemy's strength is whipped away by Maya's holy words, halving their physical and magical damage, Force score, and healing power for four rounds, then invites an opposed Force roll to inflict Poison.




(For Cyndane's sake)
Mage classes, like Time Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, whichever. Entertainer is good, too. Plants, mermaids, birdgirls, centaurs, and pixies are preferred forms. Things like that.

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