Medigun Rules


- Instead of having to pay monies, you have a certain number of energy points you can spend daily. Only skills with a frequency of At-Will have costs; I will let Daily skills such as Won't Die on Me be free and be limited only by their frequency.
- I'll give the SpecOps features that are limited by uses a point cost instead.

Skills and Point Costs

Skill Class Cost
Acupressure ??? 30 points
Detain SpecOps 50 points
Herbs* Medic 10 points
Restore Strength Medic 100 points
Riot Control - Poison SpecOps 50 points
Riot Control - Stun SpecOps 30 points
Stabilize Medic 50 points
Sleep Powder SpecOps 10 points
Smoke Screen SpecOps 10 points
Thunderbolt ??? 50 points
Treat Minor Wounds Medic 10 points
Treat Wounds Medic 20 points
Treat Major Wounds Medic 30 points
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