Merchant Mons - A game of trading and capitalism

Merchant Mons is a game based off of Recettear, which focuses on a young girl opening an item shop to climb out of the mountain of debt hanging over her. While this game doesn't have mountains of debt or cute drunken fairy-like creatures, the party will have to work together in order to survive and maintain their shop - the last bastion of hope in the dreary economy.

Hoenn has gone through a rough time. The economy is in shambles - Devon company ceased to exist a decade ago after they were found to have been cooking the books from the beginning. Other giant corporations soon followed, leaving the pokemart industry more or less dead to rights. Profiteers from the world over saw the opportunity and set up shop all over the region, including the lot of you. Thing is, none of you were prepared for the cutthroat market this new frontier would demand. You don't have anywhere else to turn, so your only option is to pool your resources and do everything you can to survive.

-Trainer Level 10
-Choice of 3 level 20 pokemon or 4 level 15 pokemon. no egg moves allowed. If you take breeder at character generation, one pokemon can have one egg move.
-Mystic Redux and Magical Girl are allowed. other homebrew classes will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
-The party has a starting cash pool of 5000*the number of trainers in the party. This money is the business' starting capital and represents ALL of the party's available funds. If the party wants to buy anything - be it pokeballs or potions for personal use; or assorted items to resell; or pay for class features and pre-reqs - it comes from this main account.


Character Sheets:

Session Logs


Community Items

34 Pokeballs
3 broken Pokeballs
10 Potions
5 Super Potions

1 Leaf Stone
1 Level 14 Roggenrola
1 Level 25 Trapinch (SHINY~)
2 Level 28 Yamask (Modest, Mummy)
1 Level 30 Charmeleon (Lonely, Blaze)
2 Heart Scales
1 large bone (associated with cubone family)
1 reaper cloth

Seen List

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