Metal Gear Mons


Premise and Background.

An "What if" world where the game protagonists never left home, the world is currently divided by many factions, criminal or not, struggling for power and territories. The player characters are a small band of mercenaries from the Braviary Security Company acting on "Contracts" given by those factions, and can even grow up to be major players in the conquest game.

Known factions:

Team Rocket- Major criminal syndicate, owns almost all of the Kanto/Johto region. Currently aiming to expand business to other countries.
Aqua Cult - Pirates who own the flooded eastern part of Hoenn. Want to flood the western part.
Magma Cult - Bandits controlling the dried up western part of Hoenn. Want to dry the eastern part.
Galactic Survivors - Owners of what still remains from the Sinnoh Wasteland after the Mt. Coronet disaster.
Plasma Empire - Controls the entirety of the Unovan continent.
League Remnants - A secret group formed by the remaining Pokémon League members on most territories, their goal is to reinstate their former influence.


During the game, the players will earn (or lose) reputation as they make their name on the mercenary world. Higher reputation with factions will earn better backup, rewards and gear on missions, while lower reputations might result on you being sabotaged, sent to suicide missions or supplied with fake stuff! While faction reputation deals with your relationship with the individual factions, general reputation deals with your popularity and fame with all possible contractors.

Ways to win reputation:

Clear Missions
Save or help members of the faction
Defeat members from rival factions

Ways to lose reputation:

Fail or betrayal during missions
Defeating members from own or friendly factions

Current General Reputation: +10 (Bonus Item for everyone: Walkie-Talkie.).
Individual Faction Reputations:
Galactic Empire: +10 (Friendly)
Team Rocket: +15 (Friendly)
Beige Smugglers: -20 (Hostile)
Thieves contractor?: -10 (Unfriendily)


Unova - After 5 years being dominated by the dictator Ghetsis, it's becoming an industrial superpower, although some areas are overrun by Wild Pokémon after they were deemed to be "untouchable" by normal trainers.
Sinnoh - Most of the territory became a complete wasteland after the Distortion World catastrophe engulfed Mt. Coronet and the surrounding cities. The rest of the region is under complete anarchy.
Hoenn - After the Aqua/Magma first war, the region has been suffering terrible droughts and floods, while the truce between the two cults starts to fall apart…
Johto/Kanto - Lawless territories, in which gambling, theft and smuggling became common, and crime reigns on the streets.
BSC Isle - The Island where your company is stationed. Map.

Character Creation!

-Characters start in level 10 and can have either two Level 20 or three Level 17 Pokémon.
-All Homebrew classes are permitted!
-15000 P in starting funds.
-Breeders can get one Egg Move of their choice.
-Loyalty 6 to divide on your starters!
-Talk to me in IRC for more information about TMs you can buy and stuff!


-Trainer X-Webmetz
-Hunting Houndoom-CounterBeard
-Lonely Cowboy- Thores
-The Veteran- castfromhp
-"Supplier"- KujiUn


Mission 1: Unovan Smugglers The Baron, Trainer X, Lonely Cowboy and Soviet Stone uncover and defeat a devious group of Pokémon traffickers!
Mission 2: Cinnabar Island Thieves HARU, Hotaru, Hunting Houndoom and The Veteran track and fight three thieves who took a mysterious prototype Pokémon of Team Rocket!

Base Map:

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