Michael Humbridge

This is a character for Pokaesop

Name: Michael humbridge
Age: 23
Sex: Male

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quick summaries
Born without the ability to walk
Got Malto at age 6
Parents were rich business people; died in a car accident and left him the estate; he was 15 at the time
Likes superhero comics and would like to be one himself
Has never had any real friends other than Malto and his parents.
Other kids refused to associate with him because him parents were their parents bosses and feared him. would be polite to him mostly but no connections.
Doesn’t flaunt his power, didn’t force friends
Dreams of a life without all his current responsibilities and the freedom to make friends and go where he wishes, not bound by a chair.

Classes: Martial artist/Black Belt/Aura user



Equipment Folder


  • Lv20 Hands of Heaven and Hell ( Strike Weapon ) - A pair of caestus worn by a ferocious fighter torn between good and evil. His internal struggle was made real in these two glove-like weapons.
  • (15 Plot, 5 Personal)
  • Lv15 Nerf Bat (Grass-Type Strike Weapon) - A wooden baseball bat created by BitchCo. Guaranteed to cripple your foes or your money back! … Of course, you got this for free, so you wouldn't get any money back for it, so there's not really any point in returning it… But that's besides the point!
  • (15 Plot)
  • Lv20** Fists of Fury (Strike)** –A pair of brass knuckles which draw upon all violent and malevolent emotions the wielder ever felt.
  • (15 Plot, 1 Scan, 4 midgamebonus)
  • Lv15 Mythril Fold-Up Chair (Strike)
  • (15 Plot)
  • Lv15 Bottomless Bag of Rapiers (Pierce)
  • (15 Plot)


  • Lv20 Power Bracers - A pair of leg bracers that exert an empowering force upon the wearer. Keeps your shins scrape-free AND imbues you with supernatural leg strength!
  • (15 Plot, 5 scan)
  • Lv15 Growlithe's Faux Chest Hair (Fire Type Armor) - This MANLY armor will make you feel POWERFUL! Like you could CRUSH your opponents! Also comes in Scarf form for the ladies who want to look classy AND kick ass at the same time!
  • (12 Plot, 1 owned, 1 scan)


Malto the Lv47 Stoutland
Ninjamolga the Lv30 Ninja Emolga
gangrisu the Lv29 GangsterPachirisu
GentleBear the lv 30 URSARING
Master Chow Lv 15 Mienfoo
TROMBE Lv 15 Ponyta
DeniachooLv1 Denio
Spikefisk Lv 20 Stunfsk
Artilileep Lv 29 Lileep
Broski the Lv25 Terrakion

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