Minamino Yumeko

Rewards to input: (15 +3 plot, 19 scan), http://pastebin.com/fjEgQ3EU

Name: Minamino Yumeko
Age: 13

Yumeko stands 4'11" in height. She has long, black hair that is often set straight and reaching her back, and deep brown eyes. She can often be seen wearing kimonos made of average quality (usually in light shades of blue, green, red, or yellow) and she carries herself according to the proper etiquette of her time. She wears a hair ornament that was given to her by her parents- a hair pin that resembles a phoenix in flight. She also has a bracelet of prayer beads given to her by Shizuka.

While Yumeko does her best to help out in the household and listens to her parents. If there is something that she has a strong interest of, however, it is of folklore and the supernatural. Yumeko is an avid collector of such stories involving gods and ghosts, enjoying stories about these matters where others of her age would be afraid.

Yumeko is usually quiet when around guests, speaking only when spoken to. This sometimes gives the impression that she is a shy girl. When it comes to work or her interests, however, Yumeko can be assertive and expresses her thoughts the best she can.


Dream World:
Because of Yumeko's interests with stories about gods and the supernatural, she often dreams of seeing such entities in person. After meeting with Shizuka, she always imagines herself as a priestess in her dreams, being 2-3 years older than she really is. Her outfit is similar to the one worn by shinto priestesses, white and red in color, but a little fancier due to the dream image she has about the occupation.


180 Imagination Units

Equipment Folder


  • Lv20 (P15/S5) Gaia Staff ( Subtype - Blast ) - A wooden staff forged from the bark of the Tree of Life; imbued in this seemingly ordinary hunk of lumber lies great power.
  • Lv20 (P15/S5) Hero's Bow ( Subtype - Pierce ) - A set of bow and arrows that look like they were made for a kid. Simple and easy to use, even in the hands of an amateur this weapon is swift like lightning, and equally dangerous to boot.
  • Lv15 (P15/S0) Star Rod ( Subtype - Blast ) - A rod made with a star that fell from the sky and empowered with cosmic energy.


  • Lv20 (P15/S5) Mystic Gown A gown sewn with the fabric of time itself. Needless to say, this gown has been through some other kinda supernatural shit. :3
  • Lv15 (P15/S0) Clouded Mind A vapor formed from the vitriolic thoughts of one’s inner mind.
  • Lv16 (P15/S1) Audino Snuggie An Audino-themed blanket with sleeves. It's cute, adorable, and has healing properties!

Owned Count: 18

Active Lineup:
Mimu, Ukon, Sora, Yuuei, Gurume, Reimaru

Inactive Lineup:
Haruko, Kameshiro, Chomper, Plantern, Threepeater, Tsukiyo, Shizuka

Campaign: Pokaesop
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