Fujishima Miyuki


Name: Miyuki Fujishima
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Hair: Blonde (dyed)
Eyes: Red


Awesome messenger bag
Totally boss Lumineon hoodie
Resonance Scepter: +1 damage stage, Magic Bounce
440 monies
Ice Shard TM
Flying Pursuit TM
Flash Cannon TM
Glacier Badge
Rising Badge
Runaway Badge
Mineral Badge
Spirit Badge
Storm Badge
Warp Scarf: Clothing Item, allows the user to use the move teleport as a daily, and backdoor code becomes Daily/8.
Prob Control earrings
Terror of the Night: static, IL - Healing items you consume recover 1/4 of the HP they would normally, overriding any other multipliers. Whenever you deal damage, you regain HP equal to half the damage dealt before defenses are applied, rounded up. (Black suitjacket, black slacks, red-lined cape, white gloves)
Solar Power sundress
Raging Heart: Weapon base 6 damage, con-based use of any beam daily
1x Soulbond Mirror (swap use of Metronome Burst for use of reflected person's abilites 1/day)


Togekiss F
Level 43
Exp 65500
Serene Grace/Super Luck
Capabilities: Overland 5, Surface 6, Sky 14, Jump 5, Power 3, Intelligence 4, Aura, Guster


1 Charm - Normal
1 Growl - Normal
5 Metronome - Normal (PP UP)
9 Sweet Kiss - Normal
13 Yawn - Normal
17 Encore - Normal
21 Follow Me - Normal
29 Wish - Normal
33 Ancientpower - Rock
37 Safeguard - Normal
41 Baton Pass - Normal

Aura Sphere
Air Slash
Thunder Wave

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