Mori Kotori


Name : Mori Kotori
Age : 28

Level 40 Arcanist / Glamour Weaver / Fortress / Snarlyman Roughneck

Skills and Attributes
Acrobatics: Untrained (2) +1
Athletics: Expert (5) +3
Combat: Virtuoso (8) +1
Intimidate: Master (6) +1
Stealth: Pathetic (1) +1
Survival: Pathetic (1) +1

Guile: Pathetic (1)
Perception: Adept (4)
Occult Edu: Master (6)
Edu: Untrained (2)

Charm: Adept (4)
Command: Untrained (2)
Focus: Expert (5) +2
Intuition: Novice (3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 189/189
HP 33
Attack 5
Defense 30+5 (+18 DR)
Sp. Attack 36
Sp. Defense 15 (+18 DR)
Speed 5 (4)

Injuries: None
Digestion Buff: Lum Berry


Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (AW AC3, Fairy DB6: 2d6+8, special, melee)
Leer (AW AC2, Friendly Cone 2, -1 Def CS)
Disarming Voice (AW no-miss, Burst 1, DB4: 1d8+6)
Dazzling Gleam (EOT AC2, Cone 2, DB8: 2d8+10)
Draining Kiss (EOT AC2, Melee 1 Target, DB5 :1d8+8, heals half damage)
Sweet Kiss (Scene x2 AC 6, 6m 1 target, confuses; on miss gives -2 acc for 1 round)
Aromatic Mist (EOT, Burst 1, allies gain +1 SpDef CS)
Moonblast (EOT AC2, 6m 1 target, DB10: 3d8+10, -1 SpA CS on 15+)
Iron Defense (EOT, +2 Def CS)
Protect (Scene x2, avoids attack)
Endure (Daily, free action, stay at 1 hit point)
Slack Off (Daily x2, regain 1/2 hit points)

Magical Axe: One-Handed Melee Arcane
Secret Force (EOT AC4, Melee 1 target smite, DB8: 2d8+10, deals physical damage)
Magic Burst (Scene x2 AC2, Friendly Burst 1, DB10: 3d8+10, foes hit cannot use AoO for 1 round)
Fire Punch (AW AC2, Melee 1 Target, DB9: 2d10+10, burns on 19+)

Soul Investment:
Energy Blast (EOT AC3, Close Blast 2, DB8: 2d8+10, +1 SpA CS on 16+)
Spirit Lance (Scene x2 AC2, Line 6, DB10: 3d8+10, deals +3 damage for each target beyond the first)

Capabilities: Overland 7, Swim 3, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 8, Tremorsense
Abilities: Battle Armor, Magic Guard, Discipline, Flash Fire, Pride
Action Points: 7/13 (2 Bound for Stalwart Bastion, 2 Bound for Enchanting Transformation, 2 Bound for Soul Investment)



Head Mythril Hairpin +5 Defense, +2 Focus
Body Kotori's Regalia Heavy Armor (+10 DR, -1 Speed CS), grants Flash Fire
Main Hand Soulfire Blade One-Handed Melee Weapon, grants Pride, Fire Punch, Magic Burst, and Secret Force
Off-Hand Mystic Aegis Heavy Shield (+2 Eva, ready for +15 DR and +6 Eva)
Feet Stonesense Boots +2 Athletics, +1 Overland, +2 resist Push, gain resist roll vs Moves' Push effects, grants Tremorsense
Accessory Soul Bond Gloves Shell Bell effect, can be used to analyze materials by touch

Cute plushies
Magical trinkets

Hyper Potion x2
MooMoo Milk x2
Revival Herb x2
Full Heal x2
Leftovers x2
Leppa Berry x1

Growth Log (Odd Levels)

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 3: Fortress [Def], HP
Level 5: Magical Burst [SpAtk], HP
+SpAtk points
Level 7: Passionato Harmony [SpAtk], HP
Level 9: Recoup Energy [SpAtk], HP
Level 11: Authentic Thaumaturgy [SpAtk], HP
Level 13: Lucky Clover Grand Finale [SpAtk], HP
Level 15: Stalwart Bastion [Def], HP
Level 17: Wall of Iron [Def], HP
Level 19: Guardian’s Punishment [Def], HP
Level 21: Slow or Steady (Battle Armor) [Def], HP
Level 23: Glamour Mastery (Magic Guard) [SpAtk], HP
Level 25: Soul Investment [SpAtk], HP
Level 27: Unstoppable Will [Def], HP
Level 29: Roughneck [Def], HP
Level 31: Malice [Def], HP
Level 33: Mettle [Def], SpDef
Level 35: Tough as Nails [Def], SpDef
Level 37: Defender [HP], HP
Level 39: Shield Bearer [Def], HP

Growth Log (Even Levels)

Level 2: Adept Focus, Novice Athletics, SpDef
Level 4: Novice Perception, SpDef
Level 6: Expert Occult, Adept Charm, SpDef
Level 8: Adept Athletics, SpDef
Level 10: Adept Combat, SpDef
+SpAtk points
Level 12: Master Occult, Adept Perception, SpDef
Level 14: Expert Combat, SpDef
Level 16: Master Combat, SpDef
Level 18: Virtuoso (Combat), Def
Level 20: Novice Intuition, Def
+SpAtk points
Level 22: Expert Focus, Def
Level 24: Smooth, Def
Level 26: Novice Intimidate, Def
Level 28: Intimidating Presence, Def
Level 30: Adept Intimidate, Def
+Signature Move (Protect) [HP]
Level 32: Expert Intimidate, Def
Level 34: Master Intimidate, Def
Level 36: Expert Athletics, HP
Level 38: Categoric Inclination (Body), HP
Level 40: Power Boost, HP
+Walk it Off [HP]

Team: 4N3DGvH.gifHiCMBaM.png5tLZyTn.gifDiRaWZv.png

Pact Beast Descriptions
Kanayago - Bound in the Trial of the Furnace. | The Pyre-Flame. My fate belongs to her now, and I have no regrets about my decision. Bathed in her flames, I have mastered the art of creation, but I have also gained the conviction to tear down and destroy, if necessary.
Fukinsei - Created from tamahagane left over from the family smiths' work. | Asymmetry. The principle of true balance requires irregularity. It takes no effort at all to create something equal and symmetrical on all sides, but then how can you call what you've created a balance? Fukinsei has been a lifelong companion and experiment; how much more can I add to her without disrupting the delicate balance I've created?
Seijaku - Created from bronze in the quiet moments between other projects. | Tranquility and solitude. A bell that cannot ring. True serenity can only be found in the midst of everyday activity. Finding peace atop a mountain or within an isolated retreat is trivial, but an active pursuit of stillness within the hectic routine of life takes effort. I feel at times Seijaku truly wishes to reach out to others despite his nature, but I've given him no voice with which to do so. Perhaps that is a bit too sad.
Shizen - Created from plants and pottery in the Mori family gardens. | Naturalness. Paradoxically, a sense of naturalness in craft is rarely accidental or born from raw nature; it takes directed creative energy to replicate what the cosmos does so easily. Or perhaps our world is less spontaneous than we believe. More than any of my other creations, Shizen requires my constant direction and instruction. Not force, however, but guidance.

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