Welcome to Mürdërländ, a region that's been growing in popularity around poke'earth lately, both for its odd and misleading name, and what's going on within its borders. Trainers from all over have been attracted by their new, revolutionary league structure, and more and more international organizations are seeking interest in the land. You, the players, are either natives of this land or traveling trainers, at your discression, here to make a name for yourself. However, things in Mürdërländ…really are kinda weird.

Mürdërländ is about THE POWER OF ROCK AND METAL and THE SOUL OF THE TRAINER, HIS BAND, AND HIS POKEMON. It's a fairly tounge-in-cheek campaign in a region highly obsessed with heavy metal and rock music, and its gyms, cultures, and cities are based around it. The PCs are members of a band, as well as trainers, and are traveling the region to make a name for themselves, while fending off criminal organizations that seek to TARNISH THE METAL. However, behind the campiness, the champion's role in the region is…a bit more serious then one would think.



Jonah "Fuzzy" Dashing - Gents

Charles - Botherer

Ivano Smith - YellowYoshi

No name - Zuphyr

Yvonne - BB

Townships, Paths and Cities

Official Matches

These are a lot simpler then they sound. Gym and league matches aren't much different from normal campaign gym battle with simple no trainer interference. The difference here is, each of the players has an instrument, and this instrument lets them do things during their turn in a match that does things in favor of their pokemon on the field.

To explain a bit more, league matches in Mürdërländ are both a rock off between two bands, and a pokemon battle at once. During trainer turns, the teams simply do actions gifted by their instruments, and the crowd reacts to these in a manner similar to a pokemon contest. Based on the overall fanfare for a team, events happen on the field. Some interesting, some mundane, some OH JESUS WHAT JUST HAPPENED. The general goal of a gym battle is still to KO the enemy's line up, but the crowd and the trainers will help goad them to victory.


Seen List



Session 1: Making The Band
Session 2: Bar Shenanigans, and First Gym Rumble!
Session 3: A BRAND NEW CARRRRR, Joltik hugs and everyone is to sleepy to playyyy

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