The ancient region of Mediterria is said to have been the location of the original birth of place of Time and Space itself. This ancient region is shrouded in myth and legend, such as Half Man/Half Tauros like beast, and gods that cavort with mortals on a regular basis… However as a resident of the Mediterria region, this is every day for you. Whether you are a slave, royalty, or a commoner, you know that the gods are among you and a few of them favor mortals as their own…. Such as yourselves. The Olympians have herald you for the coming of some great event coming to the land of Mediterria, but you do not quite know what it is yet. However! They have sent you a task… A scroll or parchment has come directly to wherever you reside, from the Messenger of the gods himself.

To the Favored of the Gods,

Today, on this day in the brilliant sun, we, the gods, are calling upon you in a task we have not called had to call on for years. There is a great calamity at hand coming to the land that threatens to unravel the mortal sphere, and threatens to change the world as you may know it. As such, a great weight does indeed rest in your hands. But, before you can have the necessary tools to stop this calamity, we have given you a great task: There are 10 Heroes out there, of lore, who will now serve as test for you to overcome, may they be with brute force, or cunning, they must be passed and the Heroes must acknowledge you as fit for The Great Task. In time you'll come to understand what exactly you must do, but for now, seek out the heroes the best way you can and do as you must. And do not forget to purge the wicked from every corner.

May the Future be Corrected,

The World of Mediterria


Athens: The Capital and Location of the Mighty Temple of Olympia. Several Heroes reside in Athens.
Satyr: A town on the Edge of the Forest. Bellerphon resides here.
Sparta: Island City In the North. Achilles currently has taken Post Here.
Zebes: Located in the South in the center of the Continent, Midas rules here.
Crete: Located up North, this Port town is one of the Largest Cities. Perseus makes his home here.
Archea: Scholarly City near Zebes. Theseus' mighty Labyrinth is found near here.
Telemachus: Located up North on the Western part of the Continent, Odysseus returns here to speak with his Son often.
Atlantis: City located in the sea, protected by Neptune's powers. Atlanta the Swift can occasionally be found around this area.


  • Tentative start date is ???
  • Trainers are starting at level 5. You must also pick a good from the Greek/Roman Pantheon to be Favored from.
  • You will start off with a single Pokemon that you have gotten from your travels that is level 15 with a single egg or tutor moves, and another will be gifted to you from the gods.
  • I'll probably allow some class change amendments as well, on a class by class basis.
  • Starting Items: 2000 PY, fluff stuff,
  • Class Changes: Certain Science focused Classes might need to be re fluffed or removed.
  • More Info as I actually do more work


3? / 5

Player Character Favored God
Domovoi Aulus Mergus the Seer Venusu
The Bmw Virgil Lycus the Blacksmith Vulcan
Kuji Kleon Ambrosius the Broldier Mars


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Pokedex 1.02

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