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The Pantheon

The main everyday gods of the Pantheon are the Olympians; these are the several gods, headed by Jupiter, the current King of the gods. They often move amongst mortals in their avatar forms, and sometimes even mate with them.

They are noted by their domains and Legend Forms:

Jupiter King of the Gods
Legend Form: Thundurus T
Domains: Sky, Leadership, Fate, Storms
Symbols: Eagle, Wolf, Oak, Lightning Bolt

Juno, Queen of the Gods and Sister of Jupiter
Legend Form: Mespirit
Domains: Marriage, Sky, Motherhood, Emotions
Symbols: Crane, Peacock, Lotus Staff, Crown, Cow

Neptune, King of the Sea and Earthquakes
Legend Form: Tornadus T
Domains: Oceans, Storms, Destruction
Symbols: Seahorse, Trident, Dolphin, Pine Tree

Apollo, The Oracle
Legend Form: Latios
Domains: Prophecy, The Sun, Medicine
Symbols: Swan, Raven, Mouse, Lyre, Laurel

Artemis, the Huntress
Legend Form: Latias
Domains: Hunting, Children, Nature
Symbols: Bow & Arrows, Deer, Wild Boar, Cypress

GUGb2hQ.jpg Mars, The Brutal
Legend Form: Entei
Domains: War, Destruction, Manliness
Symbols: Dog, Vulture, Spear

Minerva, The Heroic
Legend Form: Suicune
Domains: War, Strategy, Counsel
Symbols: Owl, Crow, Helmet

HESHZue.jpg Venus, The Beautiful
Legend Form: Meloetta
Domains: Desire, Love, Beauty
Symbols: Frog, Apple, Dove
uh3Abec.jpg Vulcan, The Blacksmith
Legend Form: Heatran
Domains: Forge, Fire, Creativity
Symbols: Fire, Donkey, Hammer, Anvil

Dionysus, The Drunken
Legend Form: Manaphy
Domains: Drunkeness, Madness, Parties
Symbols: Leopard, Serpent, Grapes, Wine

Demeter, The Fertile
Legend Form: Shaymin L
Domains: Agriculture, Harvest, Nature
Symbols: Gecko, Wheat, Swine, Cornucopia

Mercury, The Messenger and Guide to the Undead
Legend Form: Raikou
Domains: Travel, Athletics, Trade, Luck
Symbols: Tortoise, Sheep, Winged Boots, Traveller's Cap

Pluto, King of the Underworld
Legend Form: Landorus T
Domains: Wealth, Death, Bad Luck
Symbols: Owl, Dog, Scepter

The Great Heroes

There are 10 Great Heroes from Myth that Serve as the Testers for your Mighty Task. They are each powerful in their own right, though some outclass others. Not all the Heroes however, are "good" per say, as some favor Pluto.
  • Heracles, The Strong
  • Odyssesus, The Voyager
  • Theseus, The Founder
  • Perseus, The Cunning
  • Achilles, The Warrior
  • Atalanta, The Swift
  • Orpheus, The Prophet
  • Midas, The Greedy
  • Helen, The Beautiful
  • Bellerphon, The Proud
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