Nam Glitchback

On the first day, everyone is living their regular life and enjoying the great summer weather. Human pursue their hobbies and pokemon roams the land. None of them realize at first that something is wrong with the sky. The sky gradually darken as the clock hands approach noon. Everyone just assumes it's the cloud, but when they look at the sky, there's no cloud blocking the sun. How strange, the sun look a bit green, but no one should look at the sun for long, so they leaves it as an afterthought. In a canyon far away, a Xatu stares silently at the sky, waiting for the inevitable.

On the second day, the sky becomes… Colorful. Both pokemon and human begin to notice anomaly in the sky. They wondered if today is the solar eclipse or some sort of cosmic phenomenon that scientists can explain. Investigations from all agencies begin. Human send airplane, flying pokemon, and drones explore the darkening rainbow sky, but many did not return. Night falls, and no one can figure out what is happening. Only the wild howl of Absol can be heard in the far distance as the night passed by.

On the third day, everyone can finally sees strange things in the sky.

They are… Millions, no, trillions of various shapes, textures, and colors now fills the sky. Moving at an esoteric pace, these messes of colors descend onto the earth at an increasing speed. The cloud it touches takes the form of a random shape such as upside down red colored tree, a duck Pokemon, or even a cloud that doesn't act like cloud. Something also falls down the from the sky, it is all the things and people that human sent from the prior day. Now many are falling back down to earth. Some regained their flight and safely landed. Thankfully, a large scale operation to rescue the falling were quickly ensemble within the first hour as the human was prepared for something like this. What they retrieved, is weird.

Most people lost of their grammatical ability to speak properly while some can only screech out in unknown noise like "G̡̧̩̘͎̞̳̟ͧ̌̕ö̡̩͈͕̯͕͒̚ ͆̓̀͏͈ṫ̵͕̗͇̫̻̖͍͙ͦ̌̂̕o̴̜̫̬̥̼ͮ̉̃ͯ̂́̀ͅ . A trainer's pidgeot experienced a crystalline transformation that turn its body into mineral rocks that weighted its wings to the point of losing its ability to fly. The pidgeot however, can speak human language. It retold the tales of their wonderful adventure into the wonderful rainbow sky until its wing turned into rock and falls. It's then proceed to coo at high places every morning. The bodies of those supposively fallen to their death were resurrected in a fantastic glitching spectacle of weird fireworks effects, and they all revived into something different, alternated in some way that is not original. Their change are [redacted].

No one can figure out what is happening. The scientist dub the world alteration phenomenon as Glitch Storm, named after the similar static effect one sees on a glitches tv screen. In a far away barren land, a few groups of men and women lay defeated in the group, torn and injury shows through on their uniforms. Each cursed at their inability while the leader mourns in regret for not able to prevent this catastrophe. Tears flow down on his cheek as the Glitch Storm descend and washed the world anew.


This will be a comedy glitch world post-apocalyptic game based on the horribly translated Vietnamese Pokemon Crystal game, played with all PTU, PMD, and homebrew supplements like PTUKao. Player can be a normal human who is somehow immune to the Glitch Storm and trying to make sense of the world. Pokemon gain human speech and human intelligent that allows them to take classes. You are one of the denizen in the firth day of this new world, your motivation should be trying to figure out the cause of this crisis and attempt to fix/control it.

The game starts on [Undecided date] and will be played weekly on [undecided time] over IRC with Roll20 for combat. It will involve equal amount of exploration, combat, contest, survival, and social interaction, but the emphasis will be comedy. I will alter the content of the game to fit what the player want to do in game. If every take combat classes, then this could become a combat focus Jojo Bizarre Adventure instead. The tone will be comedy, the joke won't always be amazing, and everyone should focus on having fun interacting with the world.

You are welcome to power game, but be prepare to be disappointed at the lack of challenging encounter because everything are design with comedy in mind. This is a game about having fun rather than 'become the very best' and I value creative solutions over high number output. If you want to have creative competition, then I recommend contest because it will be very strange and not follow the game mechanic.


- All PTU1.04/1.05, PMD, and homebrew supplements like PTUKao allowed.

-Pokemon players will start off at Pokemon Level 10 and Career Level 5. They will have 5,000 poke to spend on equipment to start. Type change and other alteration upon approval.

-Pokemon player may be any species so long as it is not legendary or larger than Large size pre-evolve. You won't want to stand outside because you can't get in a house.

-Trainer players will start off at Trainer Level 5 and one lv 10 pokemon. They can only have one swappable pokemon at all time because pokeball doesn't work anymore. They will have 5,000 poke to spend on equipment to start. Pokemon type change and other alteration upon approval.

-You gain a Trainer/career level every even session and Pokemon gain a level every odd session.

-Everyone starts with one free [Training] Feature as per 1.05 rule.

-Occult Knowledge renamed to Glitch Knowledge. It will be use for translating unintelligible conversation and figuring out the logic of certain glitch physic.

-Glitch Bender will not be available until mid-game as they should be the most powerful being in the world that can alter the world using their Glitch Knowledge.

-Mutation to Glitch Pokemon will not be available until late mid-game as they would become legendary tier.

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